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5 Most Famous Books on Psychology


PinkyCloud chose the five best-selling books on psychology of the world that will help you understand yourselves and build relationships with loved ones.

The best books on psychology give answers to many questions that help us to understand the motives of our own and others’ actions, to understand the causes of conflicts and to improve your quality of life.

“Games People Play”, “People Who Play Games” Eric Berne

"Games People Play", Eric BerneAbout the author: the famous American psychologist, founder of transactional analysis.

Genre: psychology relations

Eric Berne developed the system of transactional analysis, which is based on understanding of the human mind as a merger of the three states of “I”: Parent (similar to the way and the behavior of the parents), Adult (an independent objective assessment of the situation and informed decision) and a child (a source of joy, emotions, creativity and spontaneous outbursts). “Games People Play” and “People who play games” – two cult books of the author, in which he described in detail the set of scenarios for analysis of everyday situations. This results in a collection of universal solutions for all occasions, which became required reading for millions of people.

“Three Essays on Sexuality” Sigmund Freud

About the Author: world wide psychologist, founder of psychoanalysis.

Genre: psychology of sexuality

In “Essays on the Psychology of Sexuality,” Freud explores the sexual relationship between men and women, and the phenomenon of bisexuality, as well as exploring the nature of the deviation and perversion, narcissism and the taboo of virginity. The first edition of the book caused an uproar from the Puritan community. A century later, the theses of the “Essays” seem scandalous to no one, but remain valid."Three Essays on Sexuality" Sigmund Freud

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“You Know Nothing About Men” Steve Harvey

"You know nothing about men" Steve HarveyAbout the Author: comedian and radio host, relationship expert, bestselling author of “Act Like a Lady”

Genre: psychology relations

Steve Harvey – destroyer of female myths and merciless critic of male fears. Professional education in the field of psychology Harvey relies only on a rich personal experience: three marriages and two divorces. In his new book, the author told about what men want at different ages (20, 30, 40 and 50 years), when it is better to keep the aisle and how to avoid routine family life. The book will be of interest to young girls and married women.

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey

"Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen CoveyAbout the author: speaker, an expert in the field of life.

Genre: psychology of personal growth

Personal growth guru Stephen Covey believed that man is always free to choose how to respond to a particular situation. Even in the most desperate situation, we always have freedom of choice. For the high-life author identified seven basic skills, including the ability to prioritize and be proactive, ready for creative interaction and other useful qualities. The book will help you understand yourself and understand how to improve your own efficiency.

“Self-Made Man. Tips for Those Who Want to Leave Their Mark” Tina Seelig

About the Author: lecturer at Stanford University

Genre: psychology of personal growth

Tina Seelig teaches to perceive the problem as an opportunity to help unlock the creative potential. The book will be of interest to budding entrepreneurs who are concerned about how to start their own business, where to find a profitable idea, what to work at better and how to spend their time and energy."Self-made man. Tips for those who want to leave their mark" Tina Seelig

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