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Belly Fat Be Gone!

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Looking at all the slender young girls on the beach, I decided to get rid of my belly and to regain my former harmony; I have found a technique that enables you to remove belly fat in just two weeks!

How to Lose Belly Fat

The desire to remove belly fat  and to take care of myself in general came to me a few months ago during my holiday in Greece, when I noticed that my husband could not resist looking at slender girls in bikinis sunbathing by the pool. Of course, at first I did not think about my belly, it just annoyed me, because if it were a few years ago, none of them would come close to me; I was very beautiful then with long naturally blonde hair, and in perfect shape. I wanted to start a scandal, but then I calmed down and critically examined myself in the mirror. I had to admit that my beauty was still there, but the belly was a potbelly. I could, of course, attribute this to the birth of a child, but many of my friends safely returned to their pre-baby bodies and wore open bathing suits after childbirth. I had relaxed, calmed down and enjoyed my full life, not noticing the subtle hints of my husband. Yes, it was time to lose the belly fat.

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After returning home, I began to work methodically through ways to get in shape and to remove this huge belly, talking to those who solved this problem and knew how to lose belly fat. All of them told me in different words to cleanse the bowel. It turns out that over time, the intestine begins to accumulate a large number of different toxins that decay and start to leave nasty things in the body. To guard itself from this rubbish, the body simply has to protect the stomach, liver, reproductive organs with the help of water and fat, which serves as a buffer, taking all these poisons on itself and allowing our body to function properly. Elementary, my dear Watson, that’s where the belly comes from. To remove the belly, it is not necessary to practice any diets or hunger strikes. It is important, as I understand, just to help the body bring its cleaning system back to normal, and then it will handle everything itself.

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How can we cleanse the bowel? Enemas, my dears, enemas. If you want to remove belly fat, you need to put aside concerns and worries about the method. To lose belly fat we need a normal, one and a half to two liters, but not forty liters with two tubules, which various salons and offices tell us about – they only wash away the microflora. Enemas cleanse the bowel, removes the waste, and therefore the body itself begins to reset the size of the belly, deducing the unnecessary protection for the digestive organs, the liver and the spleen fat and water protection. I did enemas every day for two weeks and lost weight and inches off of my belly consistently. The composition of the enema – one and a half liters of water and a dessert spoon of salt. In an effort to remove the belly with the help of an enema, in 14 days I lost 13 lbs and 3 inches. For those who for some reason cannot use this method, you can drink salt water – it’s a long process, but if you are not in a hurry, why not give it a try!


Exercises to Reduce the Belly

To remove belly fat, you need to exercise. Not so much to remove the belly fat, but to tone the muscles, to raise the tone of the stretched skin and cause it to shrink. Our skin is not rubber, and if you remove the belly fast, using the enema method, it just won’t have time to get back in shape, which means it is very likely that without sports activities you will have marks on the skin, which look not very pretty. To avoid this, it is necessary to aim directly at the problem. If you want to go to a fitness center, I advise you to try everything connected with water – water aerobics or swimming. At home, there are two exercises striking right on target. Everyone knows them – those are abdominal exercises and a hoop. The hoop warms up your waist muscles; dramatically increases blood circulation and, therefore, helps the metabolism in the muscles and skin. Besides, the hoop will allow you to prepare your stomach muscles to do rather intense abdominal exercises.

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There are no secrets in abdominal muscles exercises; I used to put my feet under the couch and exercised fifteen minutes a day. Women, remember, that to remove belly fat and maintain the skin tone, it is not necessary to go up high, like the men do, there is no point, forty-five degrees from the floor is enough; what is important is the tempo and the number of repetitions. You might die, but try to do fifty repetitions at one time. That way you give the skin the necessary load. If the muscles are strong and fifty is too little for them, do a hundred, it is important that the last 15-20 repetitions are done by force. When you do this, rise and use the hoop again, and repeat it three times. Alternatively, use the exercises offered by the magazine.


To get more benefits and better results when doing these exercises, I advise you to use a fitness belt. The belt creates a greenhouse effect on the skin, so the heat that is produced during exercise is maintained and a warming effect is enhanced. This means that weight loss will be faster in the abdomen. In addition, the fitness belt will give you another bonus – tighten the skin and make it elastic in the abdominal area.


We all wish we could do this without dieting; but to remove belly fat, you have to change your diet. Exercise will make your stomach beautiful, but if there is a layer of fat, no beauty is visible. To remove belly fat, you need a diet rich in fiber – this is a very big topic, so, according to the magazine’s request, I made a special article on nutrition for anyone who wants to remove fat from the stomach. A link to this article is at the bottom, in the announcements, and is called “Great Diet for a Flat Stomach” – I recommend it – I tried it out on myself.

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Losing belly fat and diet

Other Methods

Are there any more productive ways that will allow you to remove belly fat as soon as possible? Definitely yes. This is, primarily, baths, wraps and massages. They all contribute to the fact that the fat in the abdominal area gets destroyed, contributing to  a trim waist and a beautiful figure. By the way, these techniques can be applied to any part of the body where you need to lose some inches, and due to this universality they can bring you even greater benefits.


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