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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your English Language

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People are so impatient in language learning. However, one must make some effort and use patience to acquire such knowledge.

Summer time is a perfect time to start express language learning. The hog’s share of success in any language acquiring is possibilities and a desire.

As to possibilities, it is already a proven fact that one doesn’t need any extraordinary innate skills to learn a language. In 2006, Richard Sparks exploded this myth and confirmed each person is capable of mastering any desired language. They say, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”

This article will definitely help you to reach your goals!

“First-person” Method

Many scientists in linguistics believe that the foreign language learning process by means of phrasebooks improves memorizing separate words and common rules to build sentences. Moreover, learning a language in the 1st person simulates subconsciously a definite situation instead of traditional method of a text narration and retelling. This method lets us use a language in practice.

Psychologists carried out the 1st person experiment in Russian comprehensive secondary school with advance study of English: primary school pupils received texts narrated in the 1st and 3rd person. Results indicated that 98% of students unmistakably repeated a text in the 1st person in a direct speech. The advantage of this method helps learners to get used to the text and favors new word memorization.

learn a language by yourselfWe advise carefully choosing a phrase book and study the topics one by one, learning attendant words at the same time. Study each topic for 2-3 days.

Formula for Success

Specialists derived a formula of words memorizing – 30 words a day; 5 of them are verbs. This method is for business people who want to get basic knowledge quickly. According to the formula, choose words in the 1st letter and change letters day by day. When you finish the alphabet, go back to “A” and so on. This method helps to create some definite rules to be systematized in time.

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We advise you to learn language constantly without days off.


The most pleasant and comfortable method of foreign languag learning is singing songs with the translation. According to this method you will learn language by cramming songs. Linguists believe this method really helps to master a language, especially, if a person also works with a text on grammar and stylistic points.

foreign language learningA big advantage is that you get a pronunciation masterclass as you repeat a text several times, practicing each word. The other plus are tokens you have learned and its style you may practice then in your day-to-day situations.

We advise starting from your favorite lyric in a singsong voice. For example, if you start learning Spanish, try «Besame Mucho» first or a perfect song – «Megustastu» in order to master pronunciation.

Dot & Dash

The main problem for beginners is that people try to hear each word and sound. Unfortunately, it’s wrong. Try to grasp the general key of information you get. In the other words, listen instinctively. This is the main secret of foreign language literal perception.

For example, it is impossible to count dots and dashes in Morse code on a low transmission speed; however a tonality helps to decode the information. A child is another example to be able to listen unconsciously that is why they learn foreign languages quickly when in another country.

We advise: relax and listen to foreign speech as much as possible. Try to grasp its melody, repeat phrases even without its thorough understanding.

effective methods of foreign language learningStart learning a classical audio-course with translation, repeating the texts at the same time.

Вon Appetite!

One of the proven and effective methods of foreign language learning is the submerge method of Berlitz.  According to this method, a target language is used only from the 1st day of studying. Thus, students and a teacher play up, for example, a dinner scene and describe in details settings, products, ask each other to pass something. The main idea is that a student repeats and memorizes key words first and then starts learning grammar. Berlitz believed that when using such a method we start understanding grammar intuitively. It refers to phenomena when a child learns and masters a language in a short period of time through listening to the target language only. Berlitz’s method helps adults to do the same things: they may play up dinner, shopping, walking scenes and etcetera.

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We advise finding 30 minutes a day if you learn a language by yourself. Learn words by topics (dinner, shop and airplane) and point to everything you can see around you, pronouncing it loudly. Do not quietly speak to yourself.

Remember, you are already a native speaker of your own mother tongue! This thought will definitely encourage you to conquer a summit in learning new languages.do you speak english


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