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How to Apply Makeup: Master-Class from PinkyCloud

How to apply makeup

You may think it’s quite easy. Apply a bit of blush, mascara and a lipstick and you’re ready for new adventures. But you’re wrong. If it were so easy, the multimillion cosmetics industry wouldn’t be so crazy to create new sophisticated products. On the contrary, day after day cosmetic companies try to invent something quite new to help you achieve the beauty ideal and discover new techniques of applying cosmetic products. Despite the dynamics and constant development of makeup art there are some basic rules which can always be helpful for you to get perfect results.

Basic Rules of Creating Beautiful Makeup

  1. Always moisturize your face in the evening before going to bed and in the morning before applying make-up. Moisturized skin is a base for your face beauty, skin resilience and fresh look. Besides it will be much easier for you to apply any cosmetic product onto moisturized face skin.
  2. Make up your face in front of a clean mirror in a well-lit room. Otherwise you won’t notice your mistakes and will look funny in other people’s eyes.
  3. Never use other people’s cosmetic products, especially a mascara or an eyeliner.  You can easily get an eye infection and as the result a lot of unnecessary problems upon the slightest contact with an infectious agent.Applying the mascara
  4. Don’t use your mascara more than three months after the opening day. During these three months bacteria penetrate into the mascara tube and accumulate inside it. They dry your mascara out and can cause eye itch or some other unpleasant problems. That’s why it’s a big mistake to shake the mascara before applying it. Thus bacteria from the bottom of the mascara tube move onto the wand applicator.
  5. Applying the mascara you should know that a large amount of it onto the tips of your eyelashes doesn’t give you the desirable volume and length, but you can get the necessary effect by painting your eyelashes at the roots. Begin applying the mascara by running the wand applicator from the left to the right at the root of your eyelashes and only then apply mascara over the entire length. Don’t forget to remove the excess mascara and formed lumps. You can do it with the help of a special eyelash comb or just dry the wand applicator out with a tissue and comb your eyelashes with it.
  6. Use eye pencils and eyeliners in a proper way. If you heavily line your eyes they’ll look unnaturally.  Besides, putting it on evenly can be rather difficult. It requires certain skills and practice. If you are not good at applying eyeliner, it is better to just skip this step.applying your foundation
  7. Choose the right color for your foundation. It can be rather tricky to get it right. Have a careful look at your skin, determine your skin type and tone and then follow the cosmetic products’ instruction. Liquid powder foundation will be good for oily skin. It’ll even out your skin tone and mattify it. Compact powder foundation suits skin with acne problems. It has the good coverage power which can hide every skin problem. Oil rich moisturizing foundation do a lot of good to the dry type of skin. So try several tones in daylight while choosing a suitable color of foundation. It’ll help you to buy the best one.
  8. The shade of your powder foundation and makeup base should be similar to your skin tone. If you were born with fair skin, you can’t make your skin chocolate brown even using the most expensive cosmetic products. In any case skin creases and other sensitive parts of your skin betray you and show your natural skin tone.
  9. Before applying your foundation onto your face, use any day cream, leave it for 5 minutes and then remove the excess cream from your face with a tissue.
    Every type of skin foundation has its own method of application. The usual cream foundation can be applied with your fingers, but it will be better if you use a special applicator. to moisturize your lipsPut some of the cream foundation all over your face, eyelids and lips with light tapping motions. Spread the substance starting from the middle of your face. Give special attention to the areas at the hairline, near your ears, the wings of your nose and jaw line. Blend the cream foundation especially well onto these areas.You can use special elastic sponges to apply compact powder or powder foundation. Such sponges are usually made of rubber. In this case don’t spread the substance, but carefully rub it into your face. Wash the sponge and dry it out after each usage.
  10. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips, especially in winter or being in a room with dry air or using a lipstick and a lip pen. Even if your lips don’t tend to dry out, the usage of oil rich lip balsam or lip gloss is necessary for their health.
  11. It’s a big mistake to think that your eyeshadows should be similar to the color of your clothes. Don’t combine pink or orange dress with the same eyeshadows, it will look vulgar and tasteless. You can choose eyeshadows of the same color with your dress if the latter is neutral: white, black, brown or grey.
  12. to apply eyeshadowsYour blush shouldn’t be much darker than your skin tone. You can choose the shadow of the blush maximum twice as dark as your skin tone. Otherwise your makeup will be funny and you’ll look like a dancer in the circus. The main rule of applying blush is to do it with even round motions in the direction of your cheeks and at the distance of two fingers from the wings of your nose.
  13. It’s very important to blend eyeshadows and blush. They shouldn’t hit the eye or look uneven. Use special brushes to blend them. A fan brush will be good for applying blush and you can use a bit hard, angled brushes for eyeshadows.
  14. Don’t be lazy and don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. If you neglect this rule it will hasten skin ageing process and lead to other unpleasant problems. The makeup which you don’t remove from your face dries your skin and wears it out in the sensitive areas – under your eyes, on your eyelids and in the corners of your lips.
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