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Forget the Beauty Salon, Learn How to Style Your Hair at Home

styling hair at home

A perfect hairdo should adorn a girl’s head every day, but not everybody has the opportunity to visit a beauty salon or invite a good hairdresser to her house every morning, so it makes sense to learn how to style your hair at home.

Tips to help you quickly make a hairdo

  • You should style only hair that is clean.
  • After washing your hair, make sure to rinse it with cold water. This will help the scales on the hair close quickly, making them more smooth and shiny.
  • Do not comb your hair sooner than 15 minutes after washing, also do not immediately blow-dry your hair.
  • Apply styling foams and gels starting at the nape of the neck to avoid having the ends of the hair stick together.
  • Sit in front of a large, well-lit mirror.

There are many ways to beautifully style your hair at home using minimum time and without the professional hairdressers’ tools.

Cool hair styling with your fingers

create a hairdoCool hair styling with your fingers  is the most gentle type of styling which does not damage your hair and requires just a mirror, a comb, and 5-7 minutes of time. This method allows you to style short and medium length hair in waves of various width. It is also suitable for creating hairdos for long, straight hair. It is called “Cold” because you do not use a hair dryer to create the style. Our hands, a little bit of styling gel and a comb are our only assistants.

Hair teasing and back combing

These styling methods also require a mirror, a comb and hairspray to fix the hairdo. Teasing is done by thoroughly whipping the hair along the whole width and thickness of the strands  both from the inner and the outer side of them while backcombing is done only on the inner side. Hairstyles created this way keep their shape for a long period of time.

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Styling with hair curlers

styling with hair curlersHair styling with curlers is perfect for hair that quickly absorbs moisture and quickly dries, easily taking the desired shape. You can buy curlers of various sizes, which will allow for the creating curls of different shapes. You have to wear curlers for at least 3-5 hours, depending on how pliable your hair is. It would work even better to apply the rollers before going to bed so that in the morning you will have to spend only a few minutes for creating a beautiful hairstyle.

Styling with hair wavers

Hair styling with curling irons is more harmful to the hair than with curlers, but women do not always have several hours to use curlers or the desire to wear them in front of their housemates. Besides, sometimes  hair does not keep the shape very well when cold curling. Using curling irons, you can curl your strands into the desired form in several minutes, and then fix them with the hair spray.

Hair styling with the blow-dryer

The most common way of styling hair at home is to use a blow-dryer, which straightens the hair at the roots and makes it easy to style in the right direction. Legendary celebrity’s hairdos are made exactly with this way of styling. If you want to give your hair some volume, direct the blow-dryer upwards and then comb your hair into the desired hairstyle.

styling with the blow-dryerImportant! To make sure that blow-drying would not harm your hair, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not blow-dry wet hair, they should be dabbed with a towel before that.
  • Before blow-drying apply special products to protect your hair from static electricity.
  • It is also necessary to apply a styling product, preferably a spray, that can quickly and deeply get into the hair structure.
  • It is better to dry your hair if you previously divided it into small strands.
  • Keep the blow-dryer above your head to keep the hair shiny.
  • Hot air is particularly harmful to hair because the hair tips might begin splitting. So do not be in a hurry – it is better to dry and style your hair under a stream of warm or cool air.
  • Do not blow-dry your hair every day, and use it as little as possible during a seashore vacation. Combined with the southern sun and the sea salt, this styling method might seriously weaken your hair.
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Specifics of styling long hair at home

styling long hairSome people believe that styling the long hair requires too much time and skills, but actually, it is no more difficult to create a hairdo with long hair than it is with short hair. Hair should be washed, rinsed with cold water, dried with a towel and have a styling spray or mousse applied to it. Divide your hair into strands and dry each of them at the roots, directing the air flow upwards. Take a round brush and dry the entire length of your hair, gently curling it  with the brush and moving from your nape to the forehead. Then comb your hair along its full length paying close attention to the tips, and whip lightly with your fingers, giving your style a finished appearance.

Specifics of styling medium-length hair at home

You can beautifully and quickly style your medium-length hair with a blow-dryer and a round brush. Hair should be washed, rinsed with cold water, dried with a towel and  have a styling spray or mousse applied to it. Divide hair into strands and curl each of them on the brush, starting from your nape. It would be better to use gel that will create the wet hair effect and give your hair shiny and healthy appearance.

Specifics of styling short hair at home

styling short hairStyling short hair requires no less attention and effort than long. But if you aim to create a hairstyle with great volume and complex shape, it is possible to forgo a blow-dryer, curling irons and curlers and use only your fingers and comb. Various foams and mousses  will help to give your hairdo a natural look, and then you can additionally fix the locks with a styling gel. This allows you to quickly create a unique hairstyle. If the result of styling your short hair does not suit you, it’s time to visit the hairdresser, to improve the shape of your haircut or try to choose a new one.

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