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15 Makeup Options For Halloween

makeup halloween

There are only 10 days left until the infernal holiday! We picked 15 great ideas for Halloween makeup for you. Start practicing!

What makeup should I do for Halloween?

Killer Doll

You will need: a light foundation, gray or brown eye shadow, false eyelashes, liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and red lipstick. To complete the image work on the knees and elbows, circling the joints with a pencil.

killer doll

Angel or Demon

A makeup option for Halloween for advanced users! First put white foundation on the area of the future ornament, and then with a damp brush put black shadows on the closed eyelids and eyebrows, and then with dry gray shadows or pencil make strokes on the chin and lips.

Angel or demon

Let’s Play Decadence

Maybe not as striking as in the previous version, but it is much simpler: white base, black liner – nothing more is needed!

Let's play decadence


To do make up for Halloween in this style, close the eyelid and start to apply liquid eyeliner completely in neat touches. The secret of success is to let each line dry out before crossing it with the next one. And always use a good stable foundation, otherwise it will smear.


The Alien

Nude lipstick, two shades of foundation – tan and very bright, and the classic smoky eyes makeup as a base. Interesting “changeling” – the use of light color, where usually dark is recommended, and vice versa, gives an amazing effect of an unearthly face.


Infernal Gypsy

First, draw the outline using a dark green liner and a red lip liner and then shade. Takes a long time, but it is not very difficult at all.

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Infernal gypsy


A great option for a light party or celebration in the house with the older generation. In order not to shock the audience too much, make a bright eye makeup, blacken the tip of the nose, and using white shadows cast up a face with white specks. Isn’t it cute?



Sophisticated color transition of shadows on the eyelids, of course, is the defining feature of this image, but if you do the traditional smoky eyes, the image will not lose too much. But do not save money on the false eyelashes: they are fundamentally important in the make-up for Halloween for girls.



To make the division between “paradise” and “hell”], use a masking paper tape. Tone half-face white, draw the contours of the teeth and eye socket with eyeliner, then cover the eye socket black shadows. Only when you stay happy with the result, proceed to the classic make-up in the second half of the face.



Neutral matte lipstick and glossy lip gloss of a desired shade: it is a piece of cake to repeat this image!


Bride of Chucky

Put the blush with circular motions, but take pale pink color, not red or peach. Carefully circle the eyes with eye liner. From the corners of the mouth down draw lines of white, neutral and dark pencil (available on line). Rrrr, babe!

Bride of Chucky


Draw eye contour with gray pencil, put enough green shadows, use a darker shade on the folds of the neck and under the cheekbone. Pins are attached to the skin with adhesive tape, put over lipstick, and no one would guess. False eyelashes – and the image is ready!

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Creepy Clown

The most theatrical version: here be sure to wind the strand on the forehead, like a forelock. The rest is simple: white even tone and the pattern with black eyeliner. Heart on the nose draw with lipstick, the same as you used on the lips, and go play with children. Sweet-sweet children.

Clown Girl

A Tiger, Not a Kitty

Very sweet and not a terrible option for blondes: bright liner around the eyes and cat “muzzle”, illustrated by a light foundation and black pencil for eyelids. Rawr.


Cheshire Cat

An option for those with a steady hand: over a white base it is necessary to draw a smile; clearly, there is no right to make a mistake. But, if you make it, you definitely will be the most memorable guest at the party!

Cheshire Cat


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