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Chicken Pox in adults: an Acute Disease

Chicken pox in adults

Have you ever been ailing from a chicken pox? Ask your parents about this as probably, you may need to be inoculated. Fortunately, nowadays such vaccinations against chicken pox are available. These measures are necessary when your children go to kindergarten as far as there is a high possibility to catch this disease.

It is very important to be inoculated if you’re planning to get pregnancy. This disease is very dangerous within the pregnancy as it may affect the fetus! A baby can get an acute affection and malformations.Chickenpox During Pregnancy

Chicken Pox and Children

This disease is widely spread in kids, more so than in adults. That’s why this virus is considered to be a disease of kids. Adults can catch it if they have never been ailing from this virus before.

A chicken pox is rather shifting and can be transmitted via the air, affecting each person who has never faced with it before. Moreover, children can be infectious 2 – 3 days before the rash appearance, thus they can infect you very easy.

Adults, instead of little children, suffer from this disease in an acute form. And the older the man is, the more serious problems are.

Virus Characteristics

The chicken pox virus refers to a herpes family. It can be easily transmitted by the air and one can easily be infected at the end of an incubation period, standing in an elevator, or just walking down the corridor.

Besides, you should also be careful with adults who have a herpes zoster, which is a virus of the chicken pox.

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Very often, this virus occurs in closed communities, such as, military barracks, sanatoriums, old aged homes or hostels. In this case, such communities should be closed for quarantine.Chicken pox and children

Symptoms Chicken Pox

Many people start complaining from the very beginning, but there are some cases when people suffer from poor condition 2 days before the main rash appears and fever.

The first sigh is a sharp temperature jump up to 39 ˚ – 40 ˚ degrees and 1-3 large red spots. In addition, these symptoms are attended by headache, fatigue and ache in joints.

Large spots transform into bubbles with liquid, which become dull and encrust. This rash shows up within 3 -4 days and itches. Thus, a person can’t sleep. Adults have an acute form of rash, comparing with children, as fat as, the spots cover the whole body and face.

A process of the rash spread is attended with a fever and one should take proper measures to reduce it.  Moreover, many of these elements appear in mouth and nose; also they form painful sores. If these sores are placed on genitals, then it causes an additional discomfort while urination.

Lymph nodes react to the chicken pox in adults, especially parotid and cervical ones. They become larger and more tensed. As to visceral organs, they stay in a normal condition within the disease.

chickenpoxUnfortunately, the chicken pox develops into pneumonia, meningitis with its side effects and sores on cornea, which is the most serious disease complication to lead to a partial visual disorder or a complete loss of sight.  Moreover, it is very dangerous to scratch the wound as you may infect it. In addition, such actions results in scars, long – term healing and bacterial complications.

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How to Treat the Chicken Pox in Adults?

It is forbidden to visit hospitals within this period as far as you may infect the others. You need to call a doctor and avoid any contact with other people until you have dry crusts.

If your baby caught the chicken pox and you have never been ailing from this disease, you should be closed for quarantine for 21 days.

If you have a light form of this disease, you need to treat the symptoms – apply antihistaminic agents to ease the itch, local therapy to prevent the infection – use antiseptics, calamine lotion.

Chicken poxDon’t forget about the hygiene. Take a shower without sponges. The recommendation, which rejects any kind of taking a bath or a shower, is not actual anymore. Such restrictions were implemented because of public bathhouses. Also, you don’t have to use brilliant green agent on vesicles. Apply colorless antiseptics.

In case of acute forms, you can take antibiotics, instead of antifever and antihistamine, to protect yourself from bacterial complications, such as pneumonia.

How to Protect Yourself form the Chicken Pox?

If you have never been faced with this disease before, there is a high risk to catch this virus. A lot of vaccination centers may offer you an appropriate vaccine against the chicken pox. A simple hit at shoulder protects you from this virus for 5 – 6 years. This measure doesn’t lead to any side effects. Such remedy also saves a lot of your money in case you won’t be able to work in this period.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide which method to use in order to be healthy!

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