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10 Effective Diets for Quick Weight loss: Time is Less Than Choice!

The most effective diets

A lot of women want to know: is it really existing effective diets for quickly losing weight? Or, is it only a myth and a trick of dietary supplement producers? Sometimes you need to put on your favorite shorts or instantly transfigure yourself before the most important celebration in life… Do diets exist for this case? Definitely – yes!

The Most Effective Diets for Quickly Losing Weight

Use rules during making choice of diets for quick weight loss:

  • dietselect a diet with available to you basic food product, because the majority effective diets with a fast result are formed on one food product;
  • you have to like food products of diet, otherwise it will be more difficult to follow the plan of the diet;
  • choose a diet where dishes are easily cooked, because you will be seduced by food in kitchen.

There is some tried diets:

  • various monodiets;
  • various types of kefir diet;
  • diet of celebrities, for example, Hollywood diet or diet of Larisa Dolin;
  • Protein diet is popular in our days. Also popular diets, such as: diet of Dyukan, Kremlin diet, low-carb diet.

10 Effective Diets for Quickly Losing Weight

  • Hollywood diet is popular among stars of foreign countries. This diet will help to you lose 7 kilograms during two weeks. You have to pay attention to amount of sugar, salt, grease and exclude bread.
  • Cabbage diet is a very effective: you will be able lose 5 kilograms of weight during 7 days. Dishes of this diet are tasty and without fats.
  • Japanese diet can give good result in weight loss to 8 kilograms during two weeks. It bases on seafood, but all dishes must not have salt.
  • Brazilian diet bases on vegetable, fruits and vegetable soups. You will be able lose 4 kilograms during seven days.diet of fast weighting loss
  • Interval diet or with a period of three days. Duration of this diet is 9 days, but it is divided on three stages and three days. You have to eat rice, potatoes and vegetables at this period. It is permitted drink only clear water during diet. You will be able lose 7-9 kilograms, but it necessary careful and pay attention to condition of your health.
  • Buckwheat diet has a period of one or two weeks. You will be able weight loss for 4 or 8 kilograms during such diet. Buckwheat pap is your only dish in this diet.
  • Soup diet is formed on various soups, including cream soup. Such soup exclude bread, potatoes, pulses, butter and spices. It is permitted add a little bit of salt. You will be able lose 4 kilograms during 7 days.
  • Top model diet has period of 3 days. You will be able lose 3-5 kilograms. Diet is hard because you eat only one egg, 300g. of curds, drink only water and without supper.
  • Kefir diet has a period of 7 days and it will help to you lose 4-5 kilograms. Drink one and a half liter of non-fatty kefir.
  • Diet with squirted juices base will provide fast weight loss, but it is complex to follow it. Fresh from orange, grapefruit and lemon juice must be drunk three times a day. Drink water the rest of time. You will be able lose 3 kilograms in 3 days.weighting loss
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The Most Effective Diets for Quickly Losing Weight

Express-diets are the most efficient among the great variety of diets with a fast result. Duration is 5 days. Amount of food reduces strongly, also dinner is absent. It can be diets with one food product too for example: kefir, juice or certain fruit. The menu of express-diet look such as:

  • breakfast: chicken egg, tea without sugar;
  • the second before afternoon: non-fatty curd and kefir;
  • dinner: 150g. of steamed fish with vegetable salad, lemon juice and fruit but without butter;
  • supper: tea without sugar.

Days of limited intake is one of the most effective diet of fast weighting loss. You will be able lose 4 kilograms during this three days of limited intake. The first day is an entry into diet, the second day is a starvation, the third day is an exit from diet. Diet is being formed like this: Limit greasy and carbohydrate food in your nutrition preparing for a starvation. Exclude cereals and pulses. Drink only green tea for breakfast. Eat for dinner fruits and vegetables without salt. Skip supper. Drink only water and green tea without sugar after 7 o’clock in the evening. The second day is a starvation: you can drink only  3-4 litres of water. The third day is a gradual exit from diet. Eat the same food as the first day, then gradually add non-fatty protein food and back to a usual mode of nutrition.

10 effective dietsAlso you may make potato days. You will be eating only boiled potatoes without addition of spices. You will be able lose 2-3 kilograms. Diet with bananas and milk is also most effective. You will be able lose 3 kilograms during 5 days. Daily diet consists of two bananas and 3 cups of milk.

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Example of the Most Effective Diet of Fast Weight Loss

“Glycoprival diet of models” is one of the most effective diets too. It is possible to lose 5 kilograms during three days, depending on metabolism and weight. The next menu:

  • breakfast: egg in a bag;
  • 3 hours later: 150g. of non-fatty curds and tea without sugar;
  • repeat the same intake with curds and tea in a 3 hours;
  • exclude supper;
  • drink water than more than better.

diets of quickly weighting lossThis diet reminds a low-carb diet. Carbohydrates in diet and amount of protein are absent in «model diet». Low-carb diet is not so hard variant but efficient and gives fast result:

  • breakfast: 30g. of non-fatty cheese, a slice of rye bread and green tea without sugar;
  • dinner: boiled haricot, a piece of rye bread, 200g. of non-fatty curds and tea without sugar;
  • supper: 100g of boiled chicken breast, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, green tea without sugar.

The large variety of diets makes the choice of effective methodology for weight loss more difficult. Nutritionists advise select variety of day-long (sometimes for three days) diets with one food product. Diet of 6 petals and diet of Margarita Koroleva are formed on such principle. First of all consult with a doctor about contraindications before choosing particular diet. Exit from any diet must be smooth, otherwise excess weight will come back very quickly.

quickly weighting lossPerhaps you will consider our list of effective diets insufficiently complete. Also you may add to this list: softest pumpkin diet, nutritious and easy chicken diet and helpful for the body curd diet. Now you have a great choice! Also add tea for weight loss. It will not only energize and accelerate the metabolism, but such tea will make any diet much more effective.

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