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10 Practical Small Gadgets For the Kitchen. Culinary Discoveries for August

Kitchen Accessories

The editors enthusiastically studied the Internet and selected 10 small things, which have pleasantly surprised them in August.

From the editor. There are no useless tools when it comes to the kitchen. It seems that you can peel the potatoes with the usual knife, but do it using a special peeler is much easier, more pleasant and graceful. It seems that it does not matter from what dishes to eat, but even the most ordinary soup seems as delicious as the restaurant one in a beautiful bowl. We can give examples to infinity. The truth is this: it is just not worth it to ignore the achievements of scientific and technical progress. No one calls for the immediate run to the store too buy a whole range of lovely stuff. To get started, just take a look. Perhaps in one of our surveys, you will find some kind of charm that will make your life a little easier.

The editors enthusiastically studied the Internet and selected 10 small things, which have pleasantly surprised them.

The Brewer Cup

The best way to please the tea connoisseur is to serve his favorite drink in the brewing Magisso Tea Cup. With its help, every guest will be able to taste to control the tea strength, just by tilting the container to the side when the drink is ready. The cup is quite roomy and removable filter for tea leaves is easy to clean. Besides its stylish Scandinavian design does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a great find for a light and pleasant tea drinking!the brewing cup Magisso Tea Cup

Rug-Bowl for Bread

The baking of bread by the traditional way at home can be much nicer if we use the multi-functional bowl by Lekue. This container transformer is not only for the dough kneading, but it is good for its “lift”, and also serves as a form for baking. To do this, you just need to button elastic sides and place the bowl with the finished dough in the oven or microwave. This “bread bin” saves time and space in the kitchen, as well as gets rid of washing dirty dishes, because the whole process of cooking takes place in the same container! The cup-shaped design will keep the loaf from drying out in the oven, and special air vents provide a crisp golden crust.the multi-functional bowl by Lekue

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Bread Maker for Baking Round Bread

Those who are not used to messing around with the dough will appreciate French bread maker La Fournee RZ710 by Moulinex, which itself kneads and bakes favorite round bread. Novelty is equipped with a unique kneading mechanism imitating the movement of the hands of a baker, and a special recipe book that is included in the kit will tell you how to make delicious bread and pastries from the available ingredients. This bread maker is ideal for any family, because it is able to bake breads of different sizes (500, 750 and 900 grams). For the most demanding gourmets in the bread maker there are  three degrees of baking of the crust.bread maker La Fournee RZ710 by Moulinex

Smoking Bags for Grill and Oven

Delicious smoked fish, poultry or meat – is cooked in a matter of seconds! Just put the product in a smoking bag SAVU, close it and put it in a preheated oven or on the grill. There is any manipulation with the marinade, adding salt and spices, since Finnish chef who knows a lot about smoking, has already tried for you. Packages made using only natural ingredients: Finnish alder wood, sugar syrup, salt and spices. The three options are available: for poultry and meat, fish and vegetables.Smoking bags for grill and oven


Summer is a time for fun parties. Forget about the traditional cutlery and surprise your friends with funny thimbles, with which you can catch almost any snack directly from the dish and send to your mouth. The manufacturer strongly recommends that you put a couple of thimbles in the pocket, going to visit your friends or to a banquet (in case if you do not get a fork). Multicolored thimbles – forks are sold in sets of 12 pieces, each of which is for the greater convenience is individually packaged.Thimbles-fork

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Decanter-Fat Separator

Decanter- Fat Separator OXO is a very useful thing in the household, especially for those who follow the figure. To use it is very simple: pour the broth or sauce in a container-separator, and all the fat very quickly rise to the surface. When the nonfat contents completely settles, just open the filter and pour it into another bowl. For the better convenience, the decanter is equipped with measuring scale, in order to you could calculate easily the fat content of the previously poured in the liquid. The device can be washed in the dishwasher.Decanter- Fat Separator OXO

Fruit Antibacterial Bowl

Storage of seasonal fruit – is a particular problem. The original invention from Yanko Design –  is a stylish bowl for fruit with antibacterial blue backlight Fotofresh TM tecnology, will help extend the shelf life of fruit at least twice (in comparison with the traditional method of storage). Special blue wavelength inhibits and kills bacteria, without affecting the nutritional value of the fruit. With such a bowl, you can forget about the refrigerator!Yanko Design bowl for fruit

Mini showcases for storing fresh herbs

In order to keep a fresh bunch of dill, you can stick it in a glass with water, cover with a plastic bag and put in the fridge. Then we can only hope that the construction will not get lost somewhere between the product and will not tip over against inadvertent movement. The point is changing dramatically, if you have a mini-showcases for the greenery of the Prepara. It is so easy to store fresh herbs there: you only need to pour a little water in a jar-base and to put in the green then just to close it transparent cap. Now the mini-showcases can be placed on the refrigerator door and the hostess for sure will not forget about them!mini-showcases for the greenery of the Prepara

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Barbeque Portfolio

It is much easier get out for a countryside trip if you have a set of folding barbecue by Iris. It is easy to clean it, collect, move. The set includes a folding pallet of refractory carbon steel and stainless steel grille. This is probably the most portable model in existence today. And besides, it is one of the most cost-effective.folding barbecue by Iris

Spilar Apple Slicer

Apple Slicer — it is a practical thing for lovers of apples from Jessica Battram, which is a small disc in the form of a spiral, made of stainless steel with built-in blade. It is enough to install the device at the top and rotate it so long as the apple will not need to be completely peeled.Spilar Apple Slicer


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