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Learn to Meditate. Useful Tips and Tricks

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Today we are going to learn all about meditation. This is a technique everybody can master at home.

This article will show you all the nuances of meditation: time, preparedness, correct position, and advice on how to enter and exit the meditation. Today you can try some of the techniques provided in this article. Mediation is a technique of consciousness relaxation, setting free from worries and stresses, bad thoughts. If you mediate regularly you can improve your memory and find peace and happiness.

First of all you need to do some physical training: yoga, Quigong, travelling, gymnastics or dances. It’s recommended to take a shower and put on comfortable clothes. Some people wear special clothes for meditation. Create a needed atmosphere by means of candles and aroma. Some people prefer to meditate in silence, the others like to listen to calm music. You can build a hand-made altar with flowers, pictures of Saints and objects from holy places. The main thing is to have everything to relax you.


Various traditions and cultures recommend different time – Qigong tells about balanced moment of yin yang at midnight and midday. Yoga advises sunset and sunrise. Well, it’s not so important. Calmness is very important in this procedure.expanding consciousness


They say a real specialist never stops meditating. Of course, if you are a beginner you need a little practice. People believe that if you look to the east, then you can mediate without problems. It’s recommended to mediate at the same place and time.


Traditionally, the best position is Podmasana. Both feet are upwards, but some people find it a bit difficult and uncomfortable. You can try semi-lotus or crossed legs in Turkish style.

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It’s important to have a relaxed backbone. Beginners use a middle-rough pillow (full of buckwheat). If you cannot sit in this position take a sit on a chair. When you don’t move, blood circulation is slow and you feel cold. That’s why you should cover yourself with a plaid. Palms upward and lay them on your knees. Lower your chin and close your eyes. Smile a little and touch the root of mouth with your tongue.secrets of the meditation

  • Continuation

Start mediating from 5 minutes and increase its duration till several minutes each day. In fact you should spend one hour for meditation. The main thing is to feel the meditation. In this case people don’t think about the time.

  • Process

It’s very important to meditate calmly and without bias watching your internal and external world which the reality. It’s necessary to set yourself free from thoughts and fantasies.

Well, it’s very hard to be distracted from the reality as you may fall asleep. Your consciousness is not ready to be full of energy and relaxed at the same time. But one should keep meditating to reach this result. A real deep meditation gives a large supply of energy!

technique of consciousnessNow you are relaxed and can follow you thoughts, feelings and sensation, voices and aroma around you. Don’t react to these feelings. Imagine your consciousness is a clear sky or a stream full of deciduous leaves. Everything comes and passes. You just watch. If you have some thought, don’t think it over. Leave it.

  • Noises

It’s better to sit calmly within the whole meditation. If you are forced to do something, your movements should be soft. Don’t lose the contemplation. Watch your movements in this case and go back to meditation. If you noticed that you are thinking over some thought for several minutes, then leave it and keep meditating.  Such moments come and pass. But you need to do these exercises to train your muscles of consciousness and attention.

  • Result

The mail sign of a progress is long-term moments of inner silence. After a time you will get rest, ease and heavenly joy. If you follow all rules then you get more love and spontaneous creation in your life more and more. There are a lot of techniques to meditate quickly you are going to know about later.

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Start practicing meditation after simple daily technique of relaxation. Take a Shavasana position or sit in a position of Lotus. Relax all parts of your body.  Start from the right foot and order your mind to relax all parts of your body: the calf of your right leg, then the knee. Then move up (thigh, buttocks, belly muscles, hand, forearm and shoulder) till you get an absolute relaxed body. Pay proper attention to face and neck muscles (forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, chines, back surface of your neck).

meditationNow it’s time to correct our breathing. Close the right nostril and take a breath through the left one. Hold your breath and count till 3. Exhale all the air. Reap this exercise with the left nostril. Do it 4 times and then close your eyes and find unrelaxed zone to work with.

Imagine warm and bright light. Feel this energy to penetrate your body through the back of your head and spread out along your body. You can imagine healing white light to digest toxins and negative energy from your cells.

Repeat the next statement: “This warm energy protects me. I inhale this light and connect with godlike energy. I’m worthy of this healing light. It cures me and I will keep it for the rest of the day. I feel happiness, health and peace”.

Practice meditation before going to bed. Repeat this practice for 3 weeks.


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