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Insomnia. Causes and Treatment


Sometimes you drop from tiredness but you can’t fall asleep. Many people of different ages suffer from insomnia; even children are prone to this problem.

If it happens rarely, then such problem doesn’t harm our body, however, in case you have chronic tiredness and insomnia, then you need to treat this malady.

Causes of insomnia

Some people can’t fall asleep at once as they start thinking about plans for the next day, discuss their quarrels with husbands or ponder over some conversation they are going to have in the nearest future – in a word, we do everything possible to make our brain work hard.

As a result, we can’t sleep till the very morning. Nervous tension or active mental activity don’t let our brain relax – it causes insomnia. In fact, in the evening one should stop thinking about any troubles and disappointing thoughts they have.

insomniaApart from nervous tension, a person can’t fall asleep because of muscle tension. If you have pains in your back because of sedentary life – style, then you will never have a calm sleep. A painful syndrome disturbs one’s sleep the same as other types of pain, such as toothache and headache.

Nowadays people consume more stimulating drinks and this is also a reason of insomnia.  It is necessary to stint yourself in robust tea and coffee drinking 4 hours before going to sleep. Don’t drink any carbonated beverages, especially cola and energetics. All of them contain high dosage of caffeine, which is a brain activity stimulator.

Another problem of bad sleep is one’s digestion: too rich supper with lots of fats or proteins requires up to 6 hours to be digested. That’s why one need to have supper no less than 3 – 4 hours before going to sleep.

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At the same time it’s not recommended to go to bed on an empty stomach. Such condition and your thought about food won’t let you to drift off. People who don’t eat after 6 P.M have lots of discomfort on this point.

Another reason of your bad sleep is unknown atmosphere, uncomfortable pillow and mattress. Moreover, stuffiness, air dryness, bright light and noises won’t let us fall asleep too. In short, each person wants to be relaxed in the evening and go to bed in silence.

Causes of insomniaIt should be known that to small physical activity affects your sleep as you don’t expend your energy; sometimes you don’t want to sleep at night on weekends  – thus we disrupt our biological clocks and “sleep” command doesn’t work as a result.

How to get rid of insomnia?

Apart from the factors to affect one’s sleep, one should resort to some tricks, psychology and folk remedies.

First of all, you should feed your flood with oxygen. Train your body and let your brain calm down. Have a little walk with your friend or dog before going to bed so you could distract yourself from daily routine.

If such walk is impossible, then air a room 1 hour before sleeping till 18 – 20 degrees. In summer, turn on an air conditioner (18 – 20 degrees is a perfect temperature for sleep). In addition, you can use a humidifier or damp some towels and hang them in a bedroom.

If you suffer from insomnia, use one more method to calm down: a small fountainlet with puff of smoke or murmur of water. Listen to these sounds; you can also reed some book or watch your favorite melodrama or comedy film.

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treat insomniaA strict regimen is very important if you suffer from insomnia. Even if you have a weekday, you should go to bed between 22 – 23 hours.

Reasons of insomnia and methods to treat it

It’s recommended to take a bath in case of sleep problems. Add to warm water aromatic oils, such as lavender and lemon oil.

A sachet at your bed – side

Place a sachet at your bed – side with dry herbage: mint, organum, St. John’s wort or chamomile. Their flavor calms down and relieves the stress.

Aromatic massage

Lavender oil is a perfect remedy to treat insomnia – apply it on temples and massage them before going to bed.


Take them 1 hour before sleeping: use a dill seeds tincture or hop cones, but don’t forget about a glass of milk with honey or tea with mint and lemon.

tea with lemon

Other methods

Mozart and Vivaldi music is very helpful in case of insomnia. Imagine that you are on a seacoast and try to abstract your mind from all of your thoughts.


Of course, there are so many medicaments against insomnia. Unfortunately, they have many side effects and should be prescribed in the most acute cases. These preparations become addictive with the course of time.

Drugs with sedative effect are less dangerous – take motherwort or valerian tincture (Persen or Novo – Passit).

It is forbidden to consume alcohol (a glass of wine or beer have a relaxing effect and become addictive).

Thus, insomnia brings a lot of discomfort, but if you aren’t concentrated on this problem, you will definitely have a better sleep. Don’t program yourself in advance!

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