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Tests of cooler bags

tested a cooler bag from Hello Kitty

For those who often go to the countryside and travels in the summer, a cooler bag can become a true friend – at any heat drinks will remain cool and products – fresh in it. The editors tested several models of cooler bags and it is ready to share impressions.

For those who often go to the countryside and travels in the summer, a cooler bag can become a true friend – at any heat drinks will remain cool and products – fresh in it. The editors tested several models of cooler bags and it is ready to share impressions.

The tested instance is a cooler bag from Tupperware Hello Kitty series! 

Tthis bag-cooler has a wide bottom, zipper virtually around the perimeter and a long handle on carbines (which can, if desired, be unfastened). The inner surface of the bag is the silver color, and it maintains a constant temperature.

To appreciate the benefits of this bag-cooler in action, we have come up with a clever trick: to compare the behavior of the products when they are transported simultaneously using the bags and without it. In order not to trust only just sensations (and it is practically impossible to determine the difference of a few degrees by hand), cooking thermometer has come to the rescue. So, one fine morning, I bought in the store 2 bottles of cold water and 2 packs of ice cream in a waffle cup. I put in a cooler bag first water and ice cream and I sent to a regular paper bag second pair. And I went to work.  Our products had to go through 35 minutes in a hot and stuffy subway and yet a total of 15-20 minutes on the street. Measurements with a thermometer showed the following results: the temperature of water from the package was 14.5 degrees, and the cream showed minus 4.5 degrees of cold. The ice cream was already melted slightly on view. Then we measured the temperature of the contents of the bag – cooler: the temperature of the water was 8.5 degrees, the temperature of the ice cream was minus 6.1 degrees (ice cream looked much better than in the first case). The result was impressive.

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ice-cream in cooler bag

There is in the left – ice cream, which was transported to the bag cooler , and in the right – from the usual package

In general, everything is fine in this bag, except, perhaps too bright design. Go on a picnic with this accessory or give the child to school – it is an ideal option, but something less conspicuous would be combined with office clothes. Although, of course, my complaint to the brightness is quite personal: unlikely many people need to take with you to work bag – cooler. After all, this thing is designed first and foremost for a comfortable stay and trip to countryside, that is why its bright color is quite justified.

This bag – is a dream of any traveler, and here’s why! The equipment of Coolfort has two lids. The first lid is common and easy (with it, the foods will simply keep its original temperature – cold or hot), and the second one has two wires: one is for the ordinary sockets and the another – for car cigarette lighter. On this cover there is a switch with two positions, so that the bag – cooler is able not only to cool food and water up to 18 degrees (a temperature is indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions), but also to warm up to 68 degrees. Advantage bags is also the fact that the 2 liter bottles can easily be put into it. Total volume Coolfort CF-0525 is equal to 25 liters.


In reality the bag was really quite necessary thing. On a hot day, my friends and I decided to go on a picnic. I have all advertised the bag, and it was decided that the drinks “lie” on me. In the evening I bought 20 bottles of soft drinks 0.33 liter. All night they were cooled in a conventional refrigerator, and in the morning I started to pack them. I put 15 bottles in the bag. In order to the cool temperature was kept as long as possible, I put in a bag in advance frozen bottle of water 0.5 liter volume and then I went to the car. Carry bags, clogged  with bottles it turned out no easy task, besides the elevator was broken down in my house. My friend volunteered to help. It turned out that the plastic handle of the refrigerator is not very well designed. In the middle it has a single piece detail and hold in your hand refrigerator alone is comfortable, but hard. If you try to carry a refrigerator with a partner, your hands hold the side part of the handle, and they have uncomfortable grooved edges, which immediately dig into fingers and palms. But the bag has a long strap, and it can be worn on shoulder.

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cooler bag Hello Kitty series

Having packed stuff in the car, I turned the bag into the cigarette lighter socket, and we hit the road. When we arrived at the place, the drinks were the same as they were in the bag. After I replaced the cover – in fact in nature there is no outlet, and a usual cover facilitates the weight of the refrigerator.

As a result, within 6 hours, we spent a picnic, drinks remained cool, and it can not but rejoice! The only negative facti is a handle, to carry the bag alone is not very convenient. Also, I did not have a cold battery (plastic bags and boxes – bricks filled with salt heat capacity solution), so we had to freeze a bottle of water, and it “stole” extra space in the refrigerator. It is better to put in Coolfort CF-0525 GY already cold drinks, because this is no ordinary home refrigerator, and in order to cool room temperature water, it could take long hours. But this bag copes with temperature maintenance for 100 points from 100! That is, if you put in it the frozen food, and connect to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and drive 800 km, the food will keep the temperature. The containers (preferably square) with a meal perfectly fit in your bag if you plan on traveling in the car.


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