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Culinary boons of May. Interesting tools for cook

tools for cook

Juicer for berries with stones, glasses for optimists and pessimists, wine icicle. We found top 10 May handy things you for your kitchen you are going to know about right now!

Editors’ opinion. There are no small things in private life, especially in the kitchen. Of course, you can peel potatoes with a small knife, but it’s more comfortable to do it using a special vegetable peeler tool. It makes no difference which plate you use for soup, but if it has a beautiful design, your soup is tastier.

Thus, we don’t advise you to ignore any achievements of scientific-technical progress. There is no need to buy the whole assortment of new tools, just look closely at these products and probably this is exactly you need to simplify your daily life.

Tupperware Scoop without oven gloves and handholds

A unique Tupperware Scoop “from chef” is used without oven gloves and handholds. You can take it off right from a hot stove. The main point is that you don’t need oven gloves anymore – thanks to a special construction its metal handhold is always cold. As to a thick – wall bucket capacity, it becomes warm quickly and gets colds for a long time.

This smart vessel let the water boil sooner, moreover, you can switch off the stove in several minutes before you finish cooking. In this case, your dish is getting done by itself. Thus, you get a healthy food and don’t spend the extra electricity. In addition, a massive three – ply bottom and its closure let you cook using minimum oil and water.

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Tupperware ScoopPrice: 130.15 USD (for 2.8 l scoop volume)

Juicer for berries without stones

Summer is coming and it is a season of fresh fruits and vegetables. To get a maximum benefit from them use the Infiny Press Revolution from Moulinex. This revolutionary juicer squeezes juice from any vegetable and fruit, even pineapples and cherry with stones. Thanks to innovative Press Revolution technology, it squeezes 30 % more than other models and you get a smooth consistency.

Infiny Press Revolution from MoulinexPrice: 157.76 USD

Glasses for pessimists and optimists

Such glasses are perfect for a friendly party. Fill them with whisky and let you guests decide whether the glass is empty or not. However, if everything is ok at the party, then glasses should be full of drinks and even the most firm pessimists can see through rose-colored spectacles. These glasses are made of solid borosilicate glass and painted by hand.

Glasses for pessimists and optimistsPrice: 25 USD (for 2 glasses set)

Barbecue king

Many men cannot commit shashlik cooking to someone else, even if this person is their wives.

However, fresh meat and de-luxe marinade is not the only you need to cook this dish. First of all you need to know how to treat a brazier. Bosch is a novelty of this season. A special IXO Barbeque nozzle, which is set up on a screwdriver, lightens the fire by one click. This tool is made of a fireproof material and a hand – belt for more convenient and safe work. It also has a brightening which lets to cook barbeque even at night!  A standard packaging includes accumulator screwdriver (Bosch IXO), 10 standard bats, creative Barbeque nozzle and charger in a metal box.

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Barbecue kingPrice: 31.54 USD

Omelet in a pocket

There is nothing better than a French omelet for breakfast. Don’t worry about calories as you don’t need to fry this dish. If you need to get thin in a short time, try not to add oil to this dish – this omelet will be tasty anyway thanks to new device from Lekue. All you need is to put required ingredients to this machine, close it, put in a microwave and you will get a healthy and substantial breakfast!

LekuePrice: 16.43

Spoons for “Feed me” people

If you little gourmet doesn’t want to eat, don’t panic! Besides, it’s proven that such stubborn kids become creative and outstanding persons in future. Use a special Feed me spoon from Fred&friends Company to turn the meal into a funny game. These spoons are made of a solid plastic without polyvinylchloride; they are save for your child and it is easy to wash them. You may buy Feed me spoons in a form of duckling and young frog.

Spoons for “Feed me” peoplePrice: 11.58 USD

Wine icicle

Imagine that your friends came with a white wine bottle. Of course, you put it in a refrigerator to let it cook. However, if you don’t want to wait then there is another way: Corkcicle company produced a special cork – stem which looks like an icicle. Its stem is made of alimentary plastic with a special gel, which reaches the lowest temperature under freezing. All you need is to put this tool in a freezer for some hours and change its cork for a Corkcicle before to serve the wine.

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Well this thing cools any bottle-drink till the optimal temperature and adds a salt to your table!

Wine iciclePrice: 27 USD

Orange knife

Citrus Knife Colori from Kuhn Rikon is a real specialist in oranges. In spite of its small size, this nice folding knife is a perfect tool for citrus plants cutting. It grates the orange peel and slices it accurately.

The Citrus Knife blade is made of high – qualitative carbonaceous steel and is covered with solid enamel. Thanks to this construction, your knife remains clean. This is a perfect tool for fruit baking amateurs.

Citrus Knife ColoriPrice: 19.77 USD

 HUG Bowl (a plate without bottom)

Industrial designers often surprise people with some unusual decisions. This time they showed the world HUG Bowl from Elizabeth Cordes  – it has everything you need. Its materialized function doesn’t let fruits roll away as this plate is designed without bottom. It has minimum of details and maximum of elegant design.

HUG Bowl from Elizabeth CordesPrice: 115 USD

Rabbit – ice-cream

An ice – cream season is coming. Try to cook a fruit ice at home by means of unusual Bunny Popsicles moulds from Monkey Business. Pour out fresh juice or frayed fruits in a hat, add some sugar and put it in a refrigerator. When you and your guests are ready , say: “Abracadabra!”, and take out a fruit rabbit from the hat to the applause.

Bunny Popsicles moulds from Monkey BusinessPrice: 13.23 USD for 2 moulds


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