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Test Drive: handy nothings for your kitchen

test drive kitchen gadgets

This time we decided to test several unusual appliances for kitchen. Some of them were featured in our culinary overviews. It is time to test in practice if they are truly able to make our life easier or are just fancy toys.

From the editor. Buying home appliances is a delicate issue. Even if you had enough money to buy all the existing assortment in a store, there would be a different problem: where to keep all this wealth and then what to do with it? It so often happens that toasters, food processors, blenders and coffee makers are actively used only for the first couple of months, and then are left forgotten in a closet. We decided to correct this misunderstanding and launched a series of articles “Testing appliances / utensils.” We are not going to tell you about the variety of devices (with the same good job and sales consultants), we will try and then explain how useful they are, how to apply them and which miracles they are capable of . You will have to decide for yourself if you could live without these wonders.

This time we decided to test several unusual appliances for kitchen. Some of them were featured in our culinary overviews. It is time to test in practice if they are truly able to make our life easier or are just fancy toys.

Appliance to be tested: Pluck Egg Separator by Quirky

From press-release. An egg separator Pluck is a simple yet incredibly handy appliance for separating egg whites from yolks. First break all eggs into a bowl and then pluck all yolks with scientific presicion with the help of the Pluck, which acts as a pipette.

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Pluck Egg Separator by QuirkyIn practice. In our advice “Simple way for separating egg whites from the yolks” we spoke of the special appliances. But tthe egg separator by Quirky is something special. You can watch it in action in this video.  The seperator is easy to handle (comparisson with a pipette is very accurate) and what’s more important, it’s no bother washing it ( of cause if you do it immediately after use). You can even speed up the process by catching several yolks at once. The only disadvantage that I was able to find is that you have to press upon the end of the pipette. If you squeese at the place where the plactic part is attached it would just fall out. Egg separation method that involves a plastic bottle might seem more economical, but in reality you will have to buy a new bottle each time to keep it sanitary. You can wash the seperator by Quirky as many tmes as you need.

Appliance to be tested: Stem Citrus spritzer by Quirky

From press-release. The spritzer is made for fast spraying your food with citrus juice taken immediately from the fruit. You no longer have to cut and squeeze the entire fruit as you used to do. You just press with one finger and your favorite food is sprayed by the citrus juice in a blink of an eye. All you have to do is just press the spritzer nozzle on the citrus juicer.

Stem Citrus spritzer by Quirky

In practice. Looking at this device you would have never believed that it really works. However, the pulveriser can really spray. Another thing is that it does not work perfectly: some “puffs” come blank and when you start squeezing the lemon, the juice flows right down your hands. As the result your skin burns after all the manipulations. The press-release says that the spritzer can be used to avoid cutting and squeezing the entire fruit. However if your task is to keep the fruit whole, the pulveriser does not solve it anyway. After it was stuck inside a lemon you would not want to cut it into slices: they would look ugly. To my mind, this appliance is mostly a toy to amuse your guests and yourself. I would hardly seriously contemplate using it in my kitchen.

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Appliance to be tested: corckscrew “Verseur 4-in-1 wine opener” by Quirky

From press-release. The Verseur corckscrew can manage degustation of a new sort of wine with a barmen’s craftmanship. First, Verseur allows to easily extract a corck from any bottle. As this would not surprise the connoisseurs, this multi-corckscrew was elaborated with a special doser. With its help you can effectively and gently pour the wine in glasses with no difficulty. To safely store remaining wine you can use the universal stopper, which is also a part of the Verseur.

corckscrew “Verseur 4-in-1 wine opener” by QuirkyIn practice. I have already had a corckscrew, that worked on a similar principle, so I would not call this model a revelation. However it looks more reliable and works very technically if compared to mine. To crown it all, it has two pleasant bonuses: a doser for a bottle and a replacement stopper ( to use in case you have lost the original one). It would not be a shame to give such corckscrew as a gift while using it is simply pleasureable.

As it is possible to convey working specific of these appliances through photos, we have captured the testing process on camera and made a short video. This is truly the “first contact” with these appliances and there were no preparational training before filming. So everything you see is true.


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