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The 90-Day Diet

90 days diet

Experts claim that the 90-day diet lets followers lose up to 55 lbs within three months and improves metabolism.

The Principles of the 90-Day Diet

Each “cycle” of the diet should be repeated every 4 days. The first day is a “protein day,” the second is a “starch day,” the third is a “carbohydrate day” and the fourth is a “fruit day.” After these four days are completed, the cycle starts up again. The 17th and 54th days of the diet are known as the “unloading days.” On these two days you can drink only water. After that, the cycle resumes as normal.

This diet encourages followers to eat three meals a day. Breakfast should be consumed no later than 12.00 P.M. and the last food intake of the day should be no later than 8.00 P.M. It’s recommended to drink a lot of liquid, namely water (no less than 2 L or 8 glasses a day). You can eat as much as you want, you can even drink coffee (but only without sugar). Fruit and vegetable juices are considered food; and alcohol is absolutely forbidden.

reakfast no later than 12.00 A.M

If you stop your diet at any point for any reason, you can always start it up again at any time from the first day of the cycle.

It’s important to do intervals between food intakes:

  • A protein day: no less than 4 hours;
  • A starch day: no less than 3 hours;
  • A carbohydrate day: no less than 3 hours;
  • A fruit day: each 2 hours.


Breakfast is always the same: 2 fruits and a glass of berries before 12:00 P.M. You can combine whichever fruits you like so long as you are careful not to overeat. Choose any fresh and dried fruits, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetable juices, but be sure to pay close attention to sugar content in the juice you drink: it should contain only small amounts of sugar. Fresh lemon sap is another tasty and useful drink.

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2 fruits and a glass of berries

A protein day

Dinner: boiled, baked, steamed meat or fish with trimmings or steamed green vegetables without oil. It’s possible to replace the meat with 2 eggs, curds or seafood. It’s recommended to drink 300 mL of transparent broth with a bit of whole grain bread after hard food. On a protein day you can eat dairy products as they refer to the protein food. It’s forbidden to consume different types of proteins.

Snack: ½ of dinner without broth and bread. Eat the same dish at dinner and as a snack.

A starch day

Dinner: rice, bean, lentil or potato (steamed or boiled), practically without fat, 1 bit of bread, vegetable salad. You may boil vegetables in broth you like.

Snack: ½ of dinner without bread.


A carbohydrate day

Dinner: macaroni, spaghetti with tomato sauce or pizza with tomato dressing or vegetables, steamed in tomato paste. You can also eat biscuits, crackers, dough without yeasts (like matzoh), pancakes without milk, eggs, hordeolum, buckwheat and other cereals.

Snack: It’s best to stick with homemade baking, one cake, three biscuits, 3 scoops of ice cream. It’s very important to consume a bit of dark chocolate. If you don’t like sweets, then you can eat a portion of pizza or saltine crackers.

Ice Cream

A vitamin day

Dinner: Eat fresh fruits and dried fruits, fruit puree, fruit soups, baked fruits, compotes. It’s possible to combine fruits and vegetables.

Snack: One can eat 100 gm of salt, non-fried nuts and seeds, divided into 4 food intakes.


Before you go on any diet, please consult with a dietary specialist or your primary care physician first.


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