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Dyeing Secrets for Real Chocolate Hair Color

Chocolate hair color

Today, chocolate hair color is in trend due to its naturalness. In addition, not every woman will dare to radically change their image, be blonde or brunette. But a neutral shade of chocolate is perfect for a gradual transformation.

Whom Does Chocolate Hair Color Suit?

Shades of chocolate brown are a compromise between the blue-black and blond strands that fit most women. The only limitation is the age. The fact is that dark tones make you look a bit older. If at 20-25 years it only adds brightness, at 35-40 it becomes undesirable. So when passing through a particular age boundary it is better to forget about the dark strands. But if you are young and confident enough, the color of chocolate shade is exactly what you need!

“HAIR COLOR “milk chocolate” looks very advantageous with dark skin”

Natural remedies for coloringChocolate hair color is best combined with dark skin and brown or green eyes. If you are the owner of light skin and gray or blue eyes, you have to apply a bright make-up, otherwise your face risks being inexpressive and impersonal in the background of chocolate hue.

How to choose a shade of hair in chocolate tones to suit your type:

  • if your color type is “Autumn”, pick colors with red or reddish tint;
  • for “Winter” suitable shades are those of gray or black reflection;
  • for “Summer” and “Spring” it is desirable to take light colors, for example, the color of milk chocolate.

Tips on How to Obtain a Real Chocolate Color

Getting a chocolate hair color is not difficult; you only need to follow some rules. Before you dye your hair, you should consider the following points:

  • a perfect chocolate tone on blond hair can end with light blond strands;
  • previously dyed and bleached hair can get unpredictable color;
  • on too dark hair chocolate color will not be visible;
  • moving to the new color is desirable to perform gradually;
  • in advance perform a test on single strand of hair, and note the time for which you get the right shade.
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shade of chocolate colorWhen coloring hair, it should be noted that chocolate color on the light strands will have a shade more similar to the one depicted on the packaging of the dye. Buton the dark strands, especially previously dyed, the color of chocolate will not always work as it is expected.

In order to achieve the noble cold tone without red and reddish reflections, you need to choose from a palette of shades dyes of “black” or “hot” chocolate. However, the result may be too dark in color, sometimes with a black sheen. It is important not to overdo it on the strands, so not to get a result of a burning brunette. Of course, a few washes will help you lighten your hair, but the mood will still be spoiled.

When dyeing blonde hair in chocolate color take into account that the regrowth of the roots will not look so nice. In this case, you will need to constantly redye your hair. Brunettes who want to make a chocolate color need a color remover. On the dark strands, the dye can give only a shade of dark chocolate, which will become evident only in the light.

light chocolate hair colorIf you do not want to destroy your hair (which will lead to their fragility and dimness), do not trust cheap hair dye. Do not skimp on the health and appearance of your hair -the process of recovery is too time-consuming. It is best if the hair dye of “chocolate” color will be selected for you by the hairdresser – it’s his job and he knows how to not harm your hair. If you want to paint the strands at home, pick a coloring agent relying on the reviews of your friends, or on the forums.

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Natural Remedies for Coloring Strands in Chocolate Color

Give your hair the desired color without synthetic dyes. Basma, henna, coffee, cocoa will dye your locks a chocolate color safely.

To make natural colors of chocolate brown if your own hair is a chestnut shade you will need:

  • ground organic coffee – 3 tbsp;
  • 1 cup water;
  • henna – 1 package.

coffee and henna hair coloring“The amount of the ingredients for making natural dyes depends on the length of your hair”.

Pour 1 cup of coffee with boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes. Cool it to 50 degrees and mix with henna. Then carefully stir until it is smooth, without lumps. Apply the dye on your hair and wrap your head with a plastic bag and a towel. After 2 hours, wash off the dye.

The second method of dyeing is suitable for dark hair. To make a hair dye “dark chocolate” on your own, you will need:

  • Basma – 1 bag;
  • Henna – 1 package.

Dissolve the components of the hot water. For the color to be more even and complete, you can add to the mix a few drops of essential oil. For additional nutrition, add 1 tsp honey, castor oil / olive oil and a small amount of hair balm.

basma and henna hair coloringApply the mixture on the strands for 2 hours. Hair also needs to be wrapped with cellophane and a towel. Dyeing time can be adjusted depending on the desired tone of hair. The darker the chocolate color you want to get, the longer you need to keep the mixture on the hair.


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