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The Best Temporary Hair Dyes

Temporary hair dyes

Temporary hair dye is the best solution for any type of hair. It will be useful for blondes to get rid of undesirable yellow tone and help brunettes or girls with natural hair color to get healthy hair gloss and make their hair shade brighter. That’s why every large cosmetic brand which specializes in hair products tries to produce its own line of temporary hair dyes. PinkyCloud has analyzed the market of beauty products and chosen the best temporary hair dyes which can make your hair color gorgeous.

What is Temporary Hair Dye?

using temporary hair dyesTemporary hair dyes(shampoo, balsam, masks) have two benefits: they take care of your hair and have a tinting pigment which makes your hair shade darker or lighter. The effect can last for several weeks depending on the tinting power, your hair structure and and how well you follow the instructions during your hair dyeing.

Both girls with natural hair and with color treated one can use temporary hair dyes. Hairstylists say that everybody who wants to change their color or try a new one, make their shade lighter or correct the undesirable one can take semi-permanent hair colors. Unlike the usual hair dye tinting pigment in such a hair color doesn’t enter the hair shaft, but covers only the outer layer. We suggest you making a safe experiment and trying the best temporary hair dyes we’ve chosen for you.


How to Use Temporary Hair Dyes

The list of the best hair dyesThe tinting power of the dye depends on the concentration. Such semi-permanent colors contain oxidants and ammonia. That’s why don’t be too severe on them. Of course if you’re a natural blonde, you can use the color of dark chestnut and get a good result, but not vice versa. Nevertheless you’d better take the shade of the hair dye close to your hair color.

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Have a careful look at the instructions. Coloring shampoo should be applied twice. First time apply it onto your hair without touching your scalp and then massage it into your hair. Leave it for several minutes and then wash it up. Then repeat the procedure and increase the application time of your shampoo. Of course, everything depends on your preferences. If you wash it off at once, the effect will be slight. But if you keep it for too long, you can get quite an unexpected effect.

Temporary Hair Dyes for Blonde Hair

L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver ShampooL’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

The most popular semi-permanent color products are created for blonde hair, because it’s a real hair rescue which helps you to get rid of undesirable yellow tint. With the help of such beauty products you can get cold, iron-grey, ash-blond or gold colors. Most temporary hair dyes has a purple pigment which effectively help with removing yellow tint.

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo suits natural blonde or color treated hair. It can give your hair a healthy gloss and make it brighter. It can also give grey hair subtle shading.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Silver ShampooSchwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo contains cold blue and purple pigments which accentuate blond color. The shampoo composition has mycroproteins of Moringa oleifera seeds. People say that they have wonderful healing properties and can protect your hair from negative environmental impact. But be careful when using it for the first time as the shampoo is rather strong.

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Silver SilkSilver Silk

Silver Silk also adds your hair a silver color. It contains silk proteins, panthenol and allantoin which improve your hair structure, give it healthy gloss, nourish, strengthen and protect it during blow drying. Silver Silk is one of few shampoos which also includes in its composition the extract of cornflowers. And they has natural blue pigment.
One more cosmetic brand “Sexy hair” has created a line of semi-permanent colors called “Simple sexy”. They suit fair, grey or blond hair. Its composition also includes natural components such as betaine, cluster bean extract, сіtric acid and natural coloring pigments.

Semi-Permanent Colors for Dark Hair

Estel Solo TonEstel Solo Ton

Coloring shampoos give your hair a wonderful shine and change your natural color. It can make hair a bit darker or lighter. If you want to add your hair red shade, apply your coloring shampoo and leave it for a bit longer than usual.

The beauty company, Estel, offers you to try their balsam, Solo ton. The line has 18 different colors. There’re cinnamon, brandy, chocolate, chestnut tints for brunettes or mahogany, cherry red, garnet shades for those who like deep red hair colors. The product contains mango extract which moisturizes, nourishes, repairs and protects your hair.

L'Оréal Professionnel Gloss СolorL’Оreal Professionnel Gloss Сolor

The line of L’Оréal Professionnel Gloss Сolor includes deep dark shades such as dark purple, chocolate, red and beige, gold tints. Such a shampoo gives your hair a healthy gloss and accentuates its natural beauty.
Hair Color Products is a line of beauty products produced by Dutch brand “Keune”. The line has coloring shampoos and mousses. And if shampoo is a usual thing, a mousse is quite a new beauty product. In fact everything is rather simple, but requires a bit of carefulness. Apply the mousse onto your hair dried up with the towel, spread it all over your hair length with the comb or your hands and wash it up!

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Some More Useful Advice

Girls with blonde hair can use coffee as a natural temporary hair dye. After washing your hair you can rinse it with the mixture made of 2-3 coffee teaspoons and pure water the amount of which will depend on your hair length.

What are advantages of using temporary hair dyes?If you want to get a wonderful hair gloss, use henna. Some time ago we knew only one shade of henna, flame-red. Nowadays you can buy numerous kinds of it – colorless, beige, blond, dark brown, garnet, rich-brown, chocolate. But don’t forget that after henna you can’t use any hair dyes including coloring shampoos.

Read the instructions and reduce the application time when you use any new beauty product for the first time. Have a careful look at the reaction of your hair and change the application time to get the best result.

We’re sure you’ll soon appreciate temporary hair dye products. Try new brands, examine their lines of beauty products, make your hair colors gorgeous and feel beautiful.


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