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Tips to Gain Weight In a Healthy Way!

tips to gain weight for ladies

Very often women complain about their excessive weight, go on a diet and envy other ladies who can seem to eat whatever they want and stay slim.

As a matter of fact, most slim ladies do want to put on weight. How can they do that?

In general there are few women who want to gain weight as compared with those who have to diet to lose weight. “Such women have a more difficult task to cope with,” Elena Tikhomirova, dietitian of SM “Clinic” says. “To gain weight is more complicated than to lose it”.

How to Put On Weight For women? Causes of Thinness

First of all it is necessary to know that thinness can be unhealthy as we lose weight due to this or that disease: thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus of the 1st type, tumors or parasites. If you suddenly started to lose weight for no reason, consult a doctor even if you feel good, Elena Tikhomirova advises. You will be diagnosed to learn more about your condition.

Causes of thinnessIf you are a petite woman, 170 cm in height and your weight is no more than 50 kg, it testifies that you have a quick metabolism. To check it, do calorimetry test in specific medicinal and sporting institutions. One breathes out air, and a doctor measures oxygen and carbon dioxide amount in the ratio and evaluates the metabolism.

“A lack of weight, fatty and muscular tissues is a problem of asthenic people (in order to define your somatype, measure the girth of your wrist,” Elena Tikhomirova says. Such people have thin bones and small muscles.

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Besides, petite women are often wrong to believe they are too thin. If you want to know whether you have problem or not, it is possible to calculate your bodymass index. “If it is less than a norm and your ribs, hip bones and backbone are noticeable, then you have a bodymass deficit, including fatty and muscular tissues. It can be confirmed by a dietitian or in a fitness club. If you want to solve this problem, you will be required to follow a diet and exercise regimen,” Elena Tikhomirova comments.

Best Way to Gain Weight? A Balanced Diet

Obviously, a diet should be caloric in order to gain weight.

So, what products should one eat to gain weight and stay healthy?

How to gain weight?A thin lady should eat twice as much as anyone else in order to gain some weight. That means, she needs to eat 2000-3000 and sometimes even more calories!!!!

It is quite difficult to digest too many calories at once, that is why one should have: a breakfast, dinner, super, 3 snacks after each main meal. The last food intake should be no later than an hour and a half before sleeping: eat something liquid, crumbled, sweet curd or puree.

It is necessary to choose caloric products and exclude fast-food. Start eating fatty fish, nuts, seeds, vegetative and natural butter (not margarine!), cheeses of high quality production, dairy products of normal fat content, pork, poultry, lamb and beef meat.

Elena T. advises to eat any sort of bread, including white bread. Eat spaghetti, any cereals, boiled and baked potato for side. For dessert – dried fruits, biscuits, chocolate, nuts-and-honey bar, (natural product: 100 gm contain 600 calories). All candies are perfect to be digested with milk and cultured milk foods.

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to put on weightA menu should contain fatty, protein and carbohydrate products. For example: Breakfast-eat fried eggs with bread and butter or some sandwich.  You can choose porridge with butter and a piece of cheese. Drink a portion of a whole milk. Dinner – a big bite of pork (baked one) with spaghetti and rice. Supper – salmon with spaghetti or vegetables, “Eat vegetables, fruits and verdure little by little at each food intake,” Elena T. advises. Add oil in the salad and porridge. You can have a snack with nuts, dried fruits (100 gm contain 500-600 kcal.)

You can try sport diets (gainers) even if you do not do fitness. Protein cocktails supply your body with proteins and carbohydrates (600kcal.) to be digested perfectly. You can drink them before and after training (to let your body expend its energy, but not its resources), when you snack and at night.

thinnessYou can prepare such cocktails by yourself, using 16-18% of curd, milk and 2 bananas.

Increase caloricity of rations gradually. If yesterday you ate yogurts and an apple, then today don’t eat chops, chocolate and sandwiches at once. In order to gain weight, the whole food amount should be divided into 3-4 days. Your doctor may prescribe you pancreatic ferments to maintain pancreas.

Drink enough water (up to 40 ml for 1 kg of bodymass). It is necessary for all processes of a human’s body, including fatty and muscular tissue growth.

Workout Regime

If you want to have a beautiful figure and gain weight at the same time, one should practice active workouts; however, some of them may also harm you.

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Elena Palaguta, fitness-instructor of “Zhitnaia World Class” explains than one should avoid aerobic loads, dances, bodycombat workouts, jogging and swimming.

ways for gain weight“It is better to visit a weight room for weightlifting exercises 3 times a week. Moreover, it is very important to take a rest and get enough sleep during the intervals. You should have a short warm-up before weightlifting exercises, it is better to use running track about 10 minutes,” Elena Palaguta advises. Train yourself slowly, using average weight; do each exercise 8 times, repeat each of them 2-3 times with intervals.

Elena comments that exercises in the morning provoke good appetite in the seconds half of a day. As to tiredness after evening work-out, it suppresses the hunger for supper.

Elena Palaguta also strongly recommends trying Body Pump exercises for those to have average weight and desire to put more weight on. Such loading makes your muscles retain water and you get beautiful and tones up body as a result.

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to visit a sauna or solarium. If you do this, never drink water before such procedures as it speeds up metabolism and you lose weight in that case.

diet for gain weightFollow these principles to build a perfect body. Don’t give up!


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