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Chanel 2.55: A Cult Product


Legend says: Coco Chanel decided to create an ideal handbag after she grew tired of the reticule. A bag sporting a chain appeared on February 2, 1955. The quilted jockey jacket lends its stitching style .

Chanel 2.55 has many hidden characters. Vinous lining is from a schoolgirls’ clothes of cloister. Where she lived and studied. The chain entwined skin has origin of nuns. Storage of love letters with inside zipper pockets. The bag had a rectangular lock from the beginning. Chanel’s logo was added later.

The first 2.55 bags were made from lamb’s skin. The evening silk bag appeared later. Now you are able to buy a bag of any type and with any textile: from denim to python.


Some statistical information

Production of one 2.55 bag consists of 180 stages and takes around 18 hours.

Stitching of the skin takes 80% of the time.

6-15 people work on each accessory.

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The fiftieth anniversary of the cultic bag by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005 caused a reissue of Chanel 2.55. Name of Reissue 2.55 refers only to the limited issue of the bags. All Chanel’s bags similar to 2.55 draw women.

Hollywood stars, the royals and fashionable bloggers choose bag 2.55. especially relevant, are the variety of accessories on the market. What is the secret of this bag? The laconic design of a bag is appropriate for everyday life and red carpet.

Many choose 2.55 in black. Nina Garcia in her book “100 Things of an Ideal Cloakroom” advises one to expand their horizon. Chanel 2.55 is an undeniable classics, even in pink!

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