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How to Choose the Best Glasses Based on the Shape of Your Face

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The shape of your face. Master-class by PinkyCloud

On the day and at the hour, when an eye doctor prescribes a woman her first glasses, she faces a serious problem. How to choose a frame so that it will be both practical and stylish. They need to be comfortable so that they won’t ruin their usual way of living and won’t give you any additional complexes? The most important thing is proportions. Frames shouldn’t be too big or too small. The most appropriate shape is the one that is almost invisible on your face, melts into it, and just accentuates its beauty. PinkyCloud is going to tell you how to choose the right frames for your face shape.

Scientists have proved that the shape of your glass frame can greatly change the appearance of the whole face – the most important thing about it, is that these changes should bring you only positive results.

Even the most insignificant detail, like a metal bridge that connects two lenses, for example, can play the key role in creating your casual look. That’s why you need to consider every nuance.

The first and main rule is that the shape of fashionable frames should contrast the shape of your face. There are seven main face shapes: oval, round, oblong, square, heart, pear and diamond.

  • Oval face shape

If you are lucky enough to have an oval face shape, practically any type of frames will suit you. Frames can be of the same width or a bit bigger than the widest part of your face. You don’t have any other restrictions in choosing glasses.

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glasses for oval faceOval Face: Anne Hathaway

  • Round face shape

A face with no major corners at the jaw has some advantages and disadvantages. Being just about equal in width, it requires visual correction – and here frames can help with that. Ladies with round faces should give preferences to angular frames, the width of which is visually more than their height. Prolonged and narrow angular frames or neat frames of rectangular shape – are the best variants.

glasses for round faceRound face: Ashley Olsen

  • Oblong (long) face shape

A narrow and prolonged face needs volume. The best way is to choose taller frames of rectangular shape with big bridges and lenses of an expressive character. Butterfly style frames, with wings up and out slightly at the top, which retuned in fashion last season, will suit ladies with long face shapes. Decorative details at the temples will also make your face look broader. Stay away from rectangle frames, since they make your jaw line seem even more massive.

glasses for long faceLong face: Liv Tyler

  • Square face shape

People with square face shape have their forehead, cheek and jaw lines of the same equal length and the lower part of their face looks even more massive. That is why the main purpose of the frames is to soften these square angles as much as possible. The best frames shapes for this shape are the frames with soft lines, delicate oval shape frames. A dramatic cat eye style is an ideal companion of a square face.

glasses for square faceSquare face: Demi Moore

  • Pear (triangle) face shape

Narrow near the forehead and broad at the cheekbones and bottom, the pear face is a rather widely spread face shape. Such a face needs balancing out, which can be achieved with the help of half-rimmed frames without lower part. Glasses with thicker arms and decorative details on the upper rim as well as butterfly style frames are the best variants.

  • Heart (Inverse Triangle) face shape

The opposite of a triangle shaped face, inverse triangle faces—commonly known as heart shaped faces, on the contrary, are narrow at the bottom. The most difficult for choosing frames, this face shape needs neatness and accuracy. Do not choose heavy, massive frames. The best match to a heart-shaped face with wide forehead is a light round rimless or half-rimmed frame that is wider in the lower part.

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glasses for heart faceHeart face: Eva Longoria

  • Diamond face shape

Diamond faces are peculiar with pronounced cheekbones, narrow foreheads and narrow jaw lines. Oval frames with wide upper rim help to balance out your face proportions. Frames with round lenses, the so-called “grandma’s glasses” will also look good on such a face.

glasses for diamond faceDiamond face: Jennifer Aniston

The colour of your eyes

The colour of your eyes is also important when choosing the perfect frame. Sometimes disharmony in colour matching can spoil the whole look. The colour of frames can also accentuate natural beauty of your eyes.

  • Hazel eyes: purple frames, classic tortoise, red or of a coffee tint – these are the four main companions of the most popular eye colour.
  • Blue and grey eyes: it’s better to pay attention to brown frames or frames with navy-blue or steel elements on the arms.
  • Green eyes: green eyes match, strange as it may seem, green frames, orange or burgundy.
  • Yellow eyes: frames of emerald colour give more sparkle to light-brown eyes.

Blondes had better choose blue, green or black frames with golden or silver elements. Brunets will look good in frames of steel tints. Red-haired girls should pay attention to olive, bronze and blue frames, and those, who are not embarrassed to show their grey hair, are free to choose frames of any colour with the exception of yellow and grey.

So, the main rules for choosing the right frames are:

  1. The size of your frames should be proportionate with the size of your face. If they are too big, they’ll cause optical distortion; if they are too small, they will limit peripheral vision.
  2. The shape of your frames should contrast the shape of your face, and by no means, be of the same shape.
  3. Frames shouldn’t be wider than the widest part of your face.
  4. Frames shouldn’t be very tight, press into your nose, leaving marks on it. But, on the other hand, there’s no use in loose frames – glasses shouldn’t slip down your nose.
  5. Upper rim shouldn’t be higher than your eyebrow line, and lower rim shouldn’t touch your cheeks
  6. Arms shouldn’t be too tight on your head – as in most of the frames arms aren’t adjustable, make sure, they sit comfortably on your nose.
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Choose those glasses that you would like to wear!


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