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9 signs of pregnancy, which not everyone knows of

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Most of the symptoms that you have to run to the drugstore for a pregnancy test, and then – to the gynecologist (such as nausea, breast augmentation, thrust for “salty” and various food fads) are widely known. But these are not all of them. If you notice something of the listed below, or all at once – there is a high probability that the test will show two stripes.

  1. You’ve got a “mini-period”. Pregnancy does not guarantee that the next menstruation does not occur at all. Sometimes you think that the period has come, which means you are not pregnant. In fact, this is the secretion that occurs in the early stages. The difference is that the discharge is not so abundant, and in couple of days, it stops.What causes the bleeding? The fertilized egg is 5-10 days attached to the uterine wall, and this “docking” can produce a bit of blood. But this happens not to all pregnant women, and not only pregnancy may cause scarce bleeding. So watch out for the combination of symptoms.pregnancy ar first week
  1. The vertical line below the navel darkens. This strip of skin that goes through the abdomen, is called “white line”, or the linea alba. Hormones characteristic for early pregnancy may cause darkening of the skin at that location.
  1. The areola of the nipples during the first month of pregnancy may also darken. Nipples also enlarge.
  1. Cheeks darken. This phenomenon is called the “mask of pregnancy” and is caused by the same hormonal changes. Although this happens usually at a later period, in some women, this symptom may occur quite early. After birth, the skin color usually returns to normal.
  1. Cervical spasm. Spasms are the same like during menstruation, but there is no bleeding? Perhaps it is time to pee on paper stripes.
  1. Your sex drive has gone somewhere. In the first trimester of pregnancy it is common. Although reducing sexual desire may be caused by many other reasons – for example, depression.
  1. You began to see everything a little blurry. This side effect is very rare, and yet some women notice blurred vision during pregnancy.pregnancy signs
  1. You experience unexplained fatigue. During pregnancy, the female body is doing a tremendous job of creating a new life – no wonder that you are confronted not only with the brutal attacks of appetite, but also with a sense of incredible fatigue: pregnancy takes a lot of strength.
  1. But the weight can stay the same in the very beginning. Quite the contrary: some women at first lose it because of toxicity and because of the fact that the fat reserves are consumed for energy, necessary for the development of the embryo.
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