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10 useful things for your kitchen. Culinary boons of March


Elegant apron, herbage keeper, baking shoe, pizza monocycle…

We offer you 10 March useful things for your kitchen you are going to know about right now!

Editors’ opinion. There are no unnecessary small things in private life, especially in the kitchen. Of course, you can peel potatoes with a small knife, but it’s more comfortable to do it, using a special vegetable peeler tool. It makes no difference which plate you use for soup, but if it has a beautiful design, your soup is tastier.

Thus, we don’t advise you to ignore any achievements of scientific-technical progress. There is no need to buy the whole assortment of new tools, just look closely at these products and probably this is exactly you need to simplify your daily life.

Pizza monocycle

Everybody knows that it is much easier to cut pizza with a special knife (round roller), especially if this roller has some interesting design. The Pizza Cutter Man is made of solid stainless steel to cut a slice of pastry, appetizing pizza or crispy pie.

Pizza CutterPrice: 35 USD

A case with cutting boards

Four cutting boards are required in every kitchen: for raw meat, fresh fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits; also you need a board for heat – treated products. Cutting boards from stainless steel of Richard&Anthony Joseph will help you to cook healthful food. Thanks to a special case they take less space in the kitchen.

boards from stainless steel of Richard&Anthony JosephPrice: 86 USD

Herbage keeper

Herb keeper will help you to store verdure as much as possible. It holds stems and leaves vertically and dip cut edges to damp them. Such herb will never droop. Besides it keeps its aroma within several days.

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Herb keeperPrice: 21 USD

Bottle Opener

This tool is necessary to open bottles. It looks like a piece of iron we received from our grandparents. Thus, we offer you to buy a new romantic Heart Bottle Opener which will please your eye and you won’t be shy to pass it someone else later.

Heart Bottle OpenerPrice: 23 USD

Fascinate glasses

Massimo Lunardon, an Italian designer creates traditional items from glass: his products are very popular all over the world. This man has a glass factory in a small Italian township, named Bolzano, where he produces amazing glasses and tall wineglasses. A set of 6 glasses is really charming!

Massimo LunardonPrice: 60 USD

Flavor Injector

Flavor Injector for meat gives it a specific taste and succulence. This medical instrument is very useful and handy: it has a wide needle to suck up dense marinade or other liquid aromatic agent and send it in turkey or chicken trunks. There is nothing to be afraid of!

Flavor Injector for meatPrice: 19.95 USD

Traditional bottles

If you like culinary then you will need traditional glass bottles to store fresh juices, home – made olive oils and vinegars. A cork with metal clip lets to open and close bottles without any efforts!

traditional glass bottles to store fresh juicesPrice: 27.94 USD

Elegant apron

Any woman can be elegant in the kitchen even when she cooks! Buy an elegant apron from Jessie Steele. It accentuates woman’s waist with a coquettish drape of bottom level in a form of open flower; it has big pockets and trendy material in a retro style. These aprons are well – known all over the world: people saw them in “Desperate housewives” and “Sex and the City” serials. Jessie Steele aprons are also known thanks to Vogue and Elle journals.

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elegant apron from Jessie SteelePrice: 61 USD

Baking shoe

Tasty and nice baking is a real art! If you use special culinary accessories this process becomes much easier.  Try new Pumps from Birkmann, baking moulds for cakes and biscuits to get unusual dishes.

Varicolored glaze, baking dressing and melted chocolate will make a reality of your designer dreams!

Pumps from BirkmannPrice: 37 USD.


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