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A blow is the most common cause of a black eye. No one is insured from this bad luck. So, how do you treat it? It should be noted that one cannot treat it in one day. But there are many ways to speed up the process of hematoma resorption. A heavy shock damages the integrity of skin tissues and causes a breakage of small minute vessels to distribute blood under your skin. Thus, a hematoma occurs and looks like a black eye.

First Minutes After the Injury

ice against black eyeTo get rid of a black eye it’s necessary to apply a bit of ice to the point of impact. In fact, the blood goes in hypodermic cellular tissue. A cold has vasoconstrictive effects and prevents blood spreading.

If you take timely actions, you can prevent hematoma development. Wrap up the ice in some fabric to avoid frostbite. You can apply Troxevasin or Heparin ointments in 15 minutes to ease the pain and edematic tissues.

Repeat doing the ice procedure each 2-3 hours after the injury within the first day. You can also resort to folk remedies to get rid of a black eye by applying a ground cabbage leaf to the point of impact. Another remedy is to mix vodka with water 1:1 and wipe a black eye as much as possible.

Medical Preparations

After a shock has gone it’s time to think about drugs to get rid of the hematoma. Iodine net is another effective remedy to remove a black eye if you apply it in the evening, as it has anti-inflammatory and warming effect at the point of injury. Moreover, it helps to ease decay products from tissues.

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It is important to have different effective and cheap medical preparations to treat a black eye, such as ointments, gels, made of medicinal herbs, thistle and leech extracts: A black eye off gel, cream to treat injuries, SOS, Heparine and Ratovnik ointments, resolving and recovery balsams “Spasatel”. They liquidate the results of hematoma and help to relieve painful sensations, reduce edema of tissues. If you want to get a quick result, apply these agents on a hematoma and wash it after drying.

how to treat hematomaIn case you don’t have any preparation you can also use the next folk remedies: decoction made of ledum and foalfoot 1:1. Take 2 teaspoons of this mass and boil it within 5 minutes. Let it draw during 2 hours and apply to the black eye each three hours. Grate black radish and horseradish root, then apply this gruel to the hematoma. Remove this compress in 2-3 hours and make another one. You can also powder several haricot beans and add some water. Apply it on a black eye and hold till a complete drying. Continue applying such compresses till resorption of a hematoma.

You can use a leaf of aloe. Just fix it with a plaster. Try to apply a leaf of grounded plantain to ease the pain. This plant has anti-inflammatory effect.

Use a grated bulb mixed with a spoon of powdered leaves of plantain to reduce edema of your face. Apply this gruel and hold it during 2 hours 3 times a day.

Try another method to treat hematoma! Take a normal beet and small root crops. Grate them and mix with a tablespoon of celandine and powdered aloe. Mix this gruel and let it draw for about 2 hours then squeeze out the sap and pour it out in a glass. Apply cotton balls damped in this mixture to hematoma every 2 hours and hold for 20 minutes. This method will help you to treat hematoma in 3 days.

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Anything Available

The most effective components to get rid of hematomas can be found in your kitchen. Take starch, add water 1:1 and apply on the black eye until the completely dry. Repeat this procedure every 3 hours to ease painful sensations and reduce edema.

to get rid hematomaTry salt solution (10 gm of salt and 100 ml of water). Such solution removes swelling and favors hematoma resolution. Take a soft cotton fabric and damp it in this solution. Apply on a hematoma.

Apple vinegar. Dissolve apple vinegar with water 1:1 and use it to apply a compress in case of large hematoma 2-3 times a day within 3 hours.

Important Facts

Apply some ice to the hematoma within the first 24 hours to narrow traumatized vessels. Thus, blood won’t go out under skin. The next day blood inflow to injured point is reduced. In this case you will need thermal exposure, such as hot-water bag, boiled eggs or salt. Start heating in case tissue swelling is completely disappeared.

If you don’t treat a black eye, it usually disappears in 10-14 days. Within this period, it can change its color from dark-red to yellow and brown. If you still have nosebleed after a blow, then bridge of nose is injured as it is rich in blood vessels. In this case don’t blow your nose as it increases a black eye. A hematoma under the eye can be red, dark-blue, violet, green and yellow. If it doesn’t change its color, you need to apply to a doctor since purulence of hematoma is possible.

How to Treat a Black Eye Immediately?

Even if you apply all possible methods to treat hematoma, it will need about 3 days to be resolved. Besides, a professional make up can hide all skin defects.

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black eyeYou can hide a hematoma defect by yourself using a special tone pencils, concealers. Use red shade to conceal green hematoma, brown spot can be concealed by pink pencil and use an orange shade to hide a violet hematoma.

Vessel Strengthening

During the black eye treatment, one should keep in mind that healthy vessels favor quick recovery. C, K, PP vitamins, diet of a full value and correct regime are required for rapid recuperation, especially for patients with weak vessels.

Carrot, citrus plants, apricots should be a part of your daily diet since they contain vegetable pigments to intensify C vitamin and strengthen vessels. It’s also desirable to take chestnut decoction 2 times a day for 2 weeks.

This article describes the most popular remedies of traditional and nontradiotnal medicine. Each year modern technologies become more and more advanced and pharmaceutical market produces new preparations.

The mail point is to follow the advice and recommendation of specialists to be able to resort to folk remedies too.


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