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This Miracle Homemade Mustard Mask Can Stop Hair Loss in the First Application!

mask against hair loss

The miracle homemade mask.  Reviews about cosmetics.

Hello, girls!

Probably most of us, at least once in our life, have been faced with hair loss and I am no exception. I tried a million resources: luxury ampoules, oils, shampoos, masks, sprays, lotions, vitamins, proper nutrition, homemade recipes, but none of them worked.   Each hair washing was for me a torment, I just hated to wash your hair – heart ached at the sight of a heap of hair, leaving my head! Cleaning my apartment was also a torment – I could not properly wash the floors, because all around there was a lot of hair, I had to change the water several times. In short, it was a nightmare! I was angry with relatives, who said that my hair was everywhere…

This lasted two years until I found the recipe of this miracle mask!

hair lossA few months ago, with nothing to do and nothing already believing I looked through again the recipes for homemade masks for hair loss, there were plenty of those, but my attention was drawn to only one, which will be discussed. And it attracted me by the fact that the ingredients necessary for its preparation were in my home.

We will need:

  • 2 tablespoons dry mustard;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • 2 tablespoons of any oil (burdock, almond, olive, coconut, linseed, I even somehow added a sunflower raw pressured);
  • 2 tablespoons water.mustard mask

Preparation of the mask:

Add the necessary ingredients in any order and mix thoroughly. You should get a very good mushy texture, which is applied perfectly and does not flow. The resulting slurry is more than enough for the application.

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The application, duration and washout:

The mask is applied on the dry dirty hair by parting, I do partings through every centimeter. When the mask is applied I put a cap on my head, an old hat leave on the mask for 1 hour. The mask is washed off very easily, in order to wash it off I use shampoo.  It takes half the shampoo than I usually take (no wonder some people wash head with mustard). After drying, the hair does not emit any unpleasant odors, as it often happens with homemade masks.

There are some important notes!

  • The mask is made with the course: once a week for 4-5 weeks, then it is necessary to take a break.
  • For the first time it can burn – in this case, you should bear at least 20 minutes and wash off. The next time your scalp will get used and the dwell time could be increased.
  • If the hair is somewhat dry, the mask can dry a bit at the ends of the hair. In that case I advise you to apply on the roots the mustard mask, and on the ends, your favorite hair oil, then nothing will be dried.
  • Be careful when you wash off the mask! It is, though, washed away very quickly, but the contact with the eyes is not very nice.
  • The owners of a sensitive scalp, I would not advise such a mask or it is worth trying it on a small area.

homemade maskResult:

  1. After the first application the hair stopped falling out! If I was told by someone, I would not have believed them! It seems my hair fell out because of poor blood supply to the hair follicle, so the mask helped me. Causes of hair loss are different, so it can not help someone. But in any case it is worth a try, you will not lose anything. By the way, I tried similar warming up mask – I rubbed pepper vodka and I did mustard mask, but with the other ingredients – they did not help me, precisely this mask helped me.
  2. Just over 2 months have passed, and the result has held! And not, as with some loss remedies – as long as you do they help, and as soon as you stop using it it all falls out again.
  3. The scalp is less oily after such a mask, that for me it is a huge plus!
  4. The strong undercoat began to grow! How I’m glad! I remember I tried to discover it on my head, I thought, well, since the hair falls out, so maybe the new ones grow strongly? I began to separate strongly parting, looking this way and that, but I did not have the new hairs, they just did not exist … I remember when I was terribly upset about this. Now my undercoat sticks out from everywhere! What a joy to me!!!
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hair maskGirls, please note that this undercoat has grown for 2 months! Of course, I had heard that such masks accelerate hair growth, but it is so.   I can not tell you about the total length, as I just had cut my hair at that time.

Girls, I suggest you try, in any case, you will not lose anything, and suddenly it will suit you? And the price of this mask is cheap.

Thank you for your attention! I hope my post will help someone.


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