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Friend’s Birthday Surprise

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Birthdays are special and everyone wants them to be the best and something that they can remember for a lifetime. Birthday’s make the person feel better. They become more upbeat and their mood is generally happy. With birthday’s being so special, it falls to the birthday boy/girl’s friend to give a gift that will create those memories. If you are looking to make your friend’s birthday surprise the best one yet, you need to prepare for a big one.

To pull off the surprise of a lifetime, you can’t be afraid to use the powers of your imagination and fantasy. In this article, we provide a number of great surprises that will help make your friend’s birthday surprise interesting and memorable.

An unusual surprise for a friend’s birthday

One of the best ways to create a memorable birthday for your friend is to throw them a party. Invite all their friends, cook a delicious meal and surprise them with the plans at the last moment. Select a location for the holiday. Focus on the financial ability and the preferences of your beloved friend: cafe, restaurant, country house. If it is possible, organize a party there.

To create your friend’s birthday surprise, you need to find a place to throw the party. Focus on your friend’s preferences as well as your ability to afford the location. This can be a cafe, restaurant, club or a house. If you are able to, plan to have the party at your friend’s home. You can arrange some kind of theme party in retro style, glamour or soiree.

Once you have found your location, you need to send out the invitations. Be sure to include the attire required and what time the event starts. Do not forget to order or bake a beautiful cake with candles!
surprise for a friend's birthdayIf your best friend is single, but you know they have a crush on someone, try to invite them to the party. As their friend, you know their tastes in food, clothing, beverages, just about everything. You should have no problem putting together a great party for your friend’s birthday surprise!

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Extreme Surprise Birthday

When choosing a birthday surprise for your friend, you need to be sure to include what she is passionate about. If she likes to travel or do sports, you can arrange for her to travel somewhere to gather. Go with friends or just agreeing in advance that she will not plan anything. The main thing is to surprise and delight her. You can arrange a skydive or bungee if she is a lover of extreme sports.

In order to create an extreme surprise, everything must be done spontaneously, without giving time to recover and give up.

An excellent option would be the day of reincarnation. If your friend has always wanted to change her appearance, to improve her health and physical appearance, buy her a gym membership and go there together. Or, you can sign up for dance class. You can arrange a meeting for her with a great stylist. Pick someone who will help her reinvent herself and provide tips on how to keep herself beautiful and attractive. Any pleasant surprises that you can give your favorite girlfriend will be a great surprise for her!friend's birthday

How to organize your friend’s birthday surprise?

When you are choosing what kind of surprise to give your friend, be guided by their character and daily behavior.

If your friend is a romantic at heart, you can arrange an unusual evening. Buy a few balloons and help her release them. You can arrange candles on the sidewalk that spell out congratulation. If your friend is on the modest side, order a professional photographer to create a portfolio. This can help your friend become liberated and beautiful, as well as providing her pictures for her to remember the special day.

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To figure out the best surprise for your friend, listen to them, Maybe they mentioned in a conversation something they have always dreamed of doing. Maybe she would like to visit a beauty salon, enrolled in a course to try a new profession, or to learn a foreign language. Give her the opportunity, make an entry fee or pay the first 5 lessons. A great surprise would be to create a video of all their friends together, wishing your friend a happy birthday.

You can organize a movie outing with a bunch of friends, go to a concert as a group or head to a beauty salon, before going out on the town.
Every girl wants a birthday they will remember forever. And you can play a big role by preparing a surprise for her. But, before you make a decision on what to surprise your friend with, be sure to consider who she is and what hobbies she enjoys.


  1. Very cute ideas! I have never been one to surprise someone with a birthday but this makes me want to now. I love the little card with the balloon. I remember a friend of mine made these cute baby shower invites a lot like the ones pictured above. Such cute ideas. Thanks for the tips as well!


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