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Gas Vs. Electric Oven

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Today the cooks of the family prefer to buy separate ovens, which, judging by the reviews, have some advantages over regular cookers. However, the question remains: what kind of oven, gas or electric, is better? Until you understand the functional differences between the two, it is pointless to read the reviews on different ovens. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. They vary in price, ease of usage, functionality and safety.


The oven is a bi-product of the Russian stove and has been a great addition to a gas or electric cooker for many years. However, today many home chefs prefer to buy separate ovens, as their features and capabilities are far better than those of cookers with a built-in oven.

Oven types

Ovens are classified into different types depending, not only on the method of usage (dependent and independent) but also on the heating method. As well as cookers, ovens can be gas or electric. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and depending on your goals, habits and the size of your purse, you can choose either type. Therefore, it is difficult to say which oven is better, gas or electric. You need to familiarize yourself with the features and characteristics of each type and select the best option for yourself.

Gas Ovens

The main advantage of gas ovens is they are inexpensive to use. Many houses have gas lines already installed. Gas is cheaper than electricity, so it is more inexpensive to cook with this type of oven. Many people use gas ovens in country houses. They function with the help of gasbags, which are still cheaper than electricity.

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Sometimes a gas oven is the only option for those who have poor home electrical wiring. Reviews of electric ovens talk about their “intelligence”.

Gas ovens are usually chosen by the home chefs that are used to regular cookers. They know the capabilities of gas heating and can quickly learn to use a new appliance that works on the same principle. Gas ovens heat from the bottom, as the heating elements are located on the bottom of the oven. Home chefs value the simplicity as the main quality of these ovens.

The gas models have no unnecessary features, complex settings, and provide additional options for different kinds of pastries. It is easy to adjust the temperature of the oven and there is no need to wait long for it to warm up. The construction of the gas oven is simple and reliable, and it can last for several decades. If the power ever goes out in a home a gas oven can still be turned on for food uses.


Do not worry about the safety of using a gas oven. Modern models are equipped with gas controls and electric ignition, so it is easy and safe to use them. Also, special features, such as convection and ventilation, allow the dishes to get baked evenly from all sides. Gas ovens make no demands on the utensils: it is possible to put glass, silicone and metal trays in it.

It is also believed that food cooked in gas ovens is more delicious, as it is an analog of food cooked over the fire.

Gas ovens have their disadvantages. Firstly, cheap gas ovens do not provide a uniform temperature distribution, and the dish can burn slightly from one side and stay raw from the other. Secondly, even if there are special security features, there is still a risk of gas leakage, and the oven needs to be carefully monitored. If you buy an expensive gas oven with excellent protection and other functions, its price may be higher than that of an electric oven.
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Electric ovens

Electric ovens provide a very high accuracy and a wider range of temperature levels. These ovens can be warmed up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, gas oven provides the temperature of 445 degrees maximum. This allows you to vary your diet with unusual dishes that require high temperatures.

cooking with help electric oven Electric ovens are multi-functional. Equipped with multiple modes of heating, baking programs, convection, timers and many more. Features that allow you to vary the time and methods of preparation and provide the comfort and ease of cooking.

Electric models have a grill, food defrosting mode, pizza mode, steam mode and more. But for the owner, unaccustomed to sophisticated technology, it can be hard to deal with all the settings. But when you find that it has a self-cleaning function. You will not regret the time and nerves spent on the study of all the capabilities of the oven.

Such ovens are equipped with pyrolytic cleaning. While heating all the dirt and grease turn to ashes, or catalytic cleaning, when a special enamel splits the dirt. These ovens are more expensive than gas ones, both in the price of the oven itself and in the cost of use. But they are superior to gas ovens in many other qualities.

Choices should be based on habits and preferences. Buying an electric oven could be a problem if you have frequent power outages in your area or high electricity tariffs. Choosing a suitable model, compare prices and features, read descriptions and reviews of other buyers.

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