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Dangerous Exercises and Their Healthy Alternatives


Some exercises are not suitable to do, even for athletes, because they are anatomically incorrect. They are actually dangerous exercises! Here we have identified the 10 most harmful exercises you can do and the 10 healthy alternatives to them.

exercises that kill your body

1.Dangerous exercises: thrust of a vertical block behind the back

thrust to the chest

gymThis exercise, while great for building your shoulder muscles, can be a killer for on your shoulders if you pull the bar behind the head.

The fact is that when you raise your arm up to shoulder height, the distance between the acromion, the end of the scapula and the rotator cuff, is reduced. With repetitive movements, the acromion rubs against the tendon, which can lead to the syndrome of “swimmer’s shoulder.” Only people with flexible arms are capable of performing the thrust of a vertical block behind exercise correctly. Even worse, if you hit the bottom of the neck with the bar, you can easily damage the cervical vertebrae.

Safe: thrust to the chest

Do the classical thrust to the chest – it works just as efficiently on the latissimus dorsi muscles and is much safer.

2.Dangerous: military press behind the back

Anatomically, this exercise is similar to the thrust of a vertical block. However, with this exercise the spine undergoes a compression load. Lowering the bar behind your back, you risk damaging the shoulders, as well as with the thrust of a vertical block.

military press behind the back

Safe: classic military press

Do the classic chest press. Remember this exercise is very complex, so you should speak to an instructor for advice.

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classic military press

3.Dangerous exercises

: thrust to the chin

Another harmful exercise on our list affects the fragile shoulder joint. Thrusting to the chin causes the nerves to pinch in the shoulders, which can cause chronic pain.

 thrust to the chin

Safe: dumbbells

You can take dumbbells and raise your hands to the sides, or raise them in front of you. Do not go overboard with the weight!


4. Dangerous: leg press at an angle less than 90 degrees

This exercise can turn into a super-harmful one when you bend your knees less than 90 degrees. This requires you to round your waist and push your pelvis forward, which can hurt your back and knees. If you do not want to become a regular visitor to the surgical department of your regional hospital in a couple of years, do the safe alternative exercise.

leg press

Safe: classic leg press

Try adjusting the platform that your are lying on. You may be able to find an anatomically correct position. Press to form the knee joint into a right angle – it’s easier and safer.

5.Dangerous exercises

: Smith machine squats

This is one of the most common mistakes of the beginners in the gym, who think that squats on the Smith machine are safer than with free weights. The problem is that people can not squat strictly vertical, and the machine puts them firmly in the frame. Because of this, the back and knees are affected.


Safe: classic squats with a barbell on your shoulders

Do classic squats with free weights inside of the rack. Ask your instructor to show you the right technique, it is very important for this exercise. It is better not to do a full squat, but limit it to 90 degrees.

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6.Dangerous: squats on the Hack machine

Squats in this machine are just as harmful as the exercise in the Smith’s machine. The Hack machine brings your knees forward, forcing the femur tends to get out forward, relative to the lower leg tibia. Replace Hack squat machine with the classic barbell on your shoulders.

turns with a bar on the shoulders7.Dangerous exercises

: turns with a bar on the shoulders

This rare exercise is recommended for the development of the oblique abdominal muscles. Turning the axis of the body with the weight on the shoulders hurt the spine: the vertebrae fray during this exercise.

Safe: twisting

Try twisting on your side. You can twist on the back not by straight line, but slightly to the side – this will create the necessary load.


twisting in gym

 twisting on your side

French press8.Dangerous: French press

For a couple of years, the French press was responsible for transform any healthy person into a handicapped due to a large load on the elbows. It is better to use our healthy option to exercises for the triceps, which helps to raise much more weight.


Safe: narrow grip bench press

This exercise works on the triceps much better due to the fact that you pick up more weight than during the French regime.

9.Dangerous exercises

: twisting with his hands behind the head

When you lift your body from the ground, you help yourself pulling your head with clasped her hands. It can harm the cervical vertebrae.

Safe: twisting with hands on temples

Just remove your hands from behind and easily hold your head at the temples. You can even cross your arm over the chest.

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10.Dangerous exercises: lazy cardio

Do not make our life easier during exercise on cardio and do not lean on the rails – you are breaking your posture and carry the load on your shoulders and back.

lazy cardio

Safe: cardio without handrails

Try to work out with your hands-free or only lightly touch the handrail to check your heart rate.


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