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Men’s Coats: Rules That Can Not Be Broken

how to choose a men coat

A coat is an indispensable attribute of modern dandies: as not only a practical, but also an extremely elegant piece of outerwear. Coats look equally stylish on men of any age. Men’s coats can complement a wardrobe in very different styles, combining well both with formal style, for example, the classic business suit, and with casual style, like ordinary jeans and a sweater.

Choosing a coat for a man can turn into a real problem – there are so many different style options, cuts, fabrics, and colors offered by modern designers and fashion brands. However, the men’s fashion industry has long established general rules of choosing a male coat and taking care of it.

men's coat in military styleFirst of all, choosing a man’s coat, you must remember one of the main rules of fashion, regardless of gender – style of your outer clothing should be combined with the basic style of clothing. Modern design models make it easy to follow this rule: for example, a connoisseur of the formal style, in addition to a business suit can choose a classic single- or double-breasted coat, but the owners of the wardrobe in casual style may give preference to the extremely relevant today military style or sporty style. Men’s coats in military style, for example, are included in the latest collection of the British fashion brand Burberry. Although modern men’s fashion is quite democratic, a winter jacket should never be put on top of a business suit: it is one of the most unforgivable mistakes in fashion.

Another recommendation when choosing a man’s coat – it is always necessary to take into account the height and the age of its future owner. For example, a long coat would look better on a tall man, than on a short one. In addition, grown men prefer long coats, but a model with a length of ¾ is a more youthful and democratic option that is perfect for young men.

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A coat is considered long if the length reaches the lower part of the leg. This coat, of course, much better protects from cold winter winds than a short one, but has the undoubted disadvantage – as soon as the snow begins to melt, the lower part of the long coat is constantly smudged with dirty splashes. A short coat, meanwhile, is more suitable for a man who drives a car.

single-breasted men coatFor men who do not try to keep pace with rapidly changing fashion, the best choice is a classic single-breasted coat. Such a coat never goes out of fashion and, moreover, is considered to be much more practical than a double-breasted version. Another plus of this style is if carefully matched by size and shape, the single-breasted coat visually makes you slim.

A double-breasted coat, meanwhile, is either becoming extremely popular with major fashion designers, or, on the contrary, goes out of fashion – everything depends on the next cycle of men’s fashion. Therefore, giving preference to a double-breasted coat, it should be noted that in the world of men’s fashion trends change with no less rapidity than in women’s fashion. In addition, you should once and for all abandon the fashionable high shoulders today – men’s fashion, especially in the area of outdoor clothing, is much more conservative and raised shoulders with special pads are not recommended.

No less attention should be paid to the fabric, of which the coat is made. Traditionally, the best material for a man’s coat is considered cashmere – it is not just very warm and the most effective protection against the winter cold, but also stylish and expensive looking. Additionally, you can choose the man’s coat out of wool or leather, as a youth version. The preferred colors of men’s coats are considered practical dark colors: dark shades of the coat can be worn for weeks without going to the dry cleaners. And although women can afford to try on a coat of a bright and juicy or a classic white color, for men it is not recommended to experiment with bright colors.

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men's coatFinally, the optimal length of a sleeve should reach the middle of the palm or the beginning of the thumb. This coat is best tried on over a jacket – if, of course, it will be worn just over a business suit.


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