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The Best Day: Unusual Ideas for Weddings

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There are many attributes of a wedding: a white dress and wedding veil, a crowd of guests, the ransom of a bride, home with paper hearts and chamomiles, balloons on cars, a toastmaster in the restaurant, and a lock on a tree or bridge. Everything is good and many people celebrate their wedding following this scenario, but many couples have tired from this. People want something new and unusual. “Kleo” has chosen several interesting wedding ideas for those who dream make this special day really unforgettable (in a good sense).

First of all, you have to understand and accept the postulate: this wedding is your day. It is not the day of your aunt or uncle and even your parents, but only yours. You may say that it is not important. Couples stop thinking about an unusual wedding because of their relatives, which don’t understand and say, “What will aunts, uncles, brother and sisters say? They will think, that we don’t have money for usual wedding. What am i thinking about? So, wedding must follow by all rules!”

As a result: newlyweds want one way of celebrating their wedding but their family demands another way. Everyone is happy except newlyweds. Therefore, creative bridegroom and bride should tell to yourselves and surrounding people that wedding must please only them.

ideas for weddingIf you want to change all stereotypes, let’s choose unusual wedding scenario.

The Usual Celebration

You may change the usual wedding clothes on something simpler and even day-to-day, if you don’t like voluminous white dress and black suit. A denim celebration will be an excellent variant: you in a skirt from denim, bridegroom in jeans and both in identical white T-shirts. Ask guests, closest friends and relatives get dressed in denim suits too. Wedding photos will be jolly and bright. It will be especially beautiful in summer when everything blooms around  (of course, you will not go outside in such attires in winter). Pay attention to chamomiles when choosing a bouquet for a bride. These flowers will be the most appropriate. You may also buy a bunch of balloons with a different colors. They will make photos more vivid. Place for wedding is very important to. You may go to a park after a registry office. You may tell, that everybody spend the second day like this. Is it the end? Why do you need these two days?

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The «usual» celebrationTake a volleyball ball, rackets for badminton and find a peace of mind and body. By the way, such a variant doesn’t need much money unlike the usual and expensive wedding, which needs restaurant dress and limousine.

As in a Movie

If you both passionately like some film or series, you can make wedding in a style of certain movie. For example, couple from English town Kingswinford transformed themselves into heroes of the famous animation film “Shreck”. Bridegroom was a bloodthirsty ogre and bride was a Fiona (they even painted their bodies in green color!). Guests chose roles of pirate with one leg, Snow White, gingerbread man, a priest and other heroes of cartoon. Newlyweds Gibbs (39-year old) and Amanda (44-year old) asked guests transfer all money to fund of cancer treating, instead of presents to them. You will remember this special day for all life! Therefore, if you have a similar idea, throw aside all superstition and try make your wedding really bright. You will never forget this day.

wedding in style

You will remember this special day for all life!

Only Two

We already spoke, that wedding is a celebration of two loving people. Therefore, if you want spend such an important day face to face with your favorite person, it is not good to worry about the opinion of surrounding people. Do you want spend big sums on clothes (which will be hanging in a cupboard for the rest of your life) and restaurant food (which can be distasteful)? Therefore spend your money reasonably: buy tickets for an airplane, order a room in a hotel and go on real wedding trip. Select a country, basing on personal preferences. Somebody dreams about hot Maldives and lazy rest on beaches, but others dream about romantic walks along narrow streets of Prague. By the way, you may order a symbolic wedding ceremony by the local customs in almost every country. Of course, it will not influence your legal relationships and you will still need to visit the registry office. But you will receive unforgettable memories from the trip.Registration on open air

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Registration in Open Air

Choose registration in open air if traditions are too strong, but you want to add something unusual to the wedding ceremony.

Remember about wedding of your dream in numerous films: green field or picturesque lakeside, guests are sitting on beautiful chairs, bride is going with her father, to flower arch where the bridegroom has already waited for her.

You think that it will be hard to do, don’t you? Registry offices may do this too. Discuss this question with staff of an institution and get to know price in wedding agencies.. As a rule, this idea doesn’t require too much money and almost any couple may implement a dream.

wedding of dreamA wedding is a real place for fantasy. Don’t limit yourselves. You would think that this day wasn’t special and you expected more. You will be able to make your wedding really bright and unusual, if you are bold and have a good sense of humor.


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