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Food Products Contain B Group  Vitamins

Food products contain в group vitamins

Nutrition must be not only tasty but useful! We heard this utterance many times. The human body is the most complex mechanism working on energy from food. Food gives us various vitamins, which helps us develop and resist diseases. Each group of vitamins is presented in certain foods. Magazine women of “Just Lady” will tell you about food containing В group vitamins.

First of all let’s sort out the term “vitamin”. Vitamins are organic compounds various in their chemical composition. We need them for support of usual vital activity. Vitamins take part in biochemical and physiological processes in an organism and  provide their usual work. The vitamins with an exception of some groups are not synthesized by an organism. Therefore, nutrition must be balanced. You have to make various menu, include food from different nutrition categories and create list of necessary vitamins’ complex. The result is a perfect health and energy of spirit. The daily rate necessary for usual operation of all life support systems varies from circumstances. Children, weakened people and pregnant women need to take more vitamins.B vitamin

Which Foods Contain В Vitamin

What does help to its better absorption? “В group vitamins” is the most proper name. This classification has several different chemical compounds, which were discovered by scientists in different time and with distinctive properties. B group vitamins: B1 vitamin, B2 vitamin, B3 vitamin, B5 vitamin, B6 vitamin, B9 vitamin, B12 vitamin.

  • B1 vitamin (thiamin)

Thiamin supplies brain with glucose, stimulates functioning of a nervous system, responds for the memory, normalizes acidity of an organism, increases resistance to infectious diseases. Nervous breakdowns and mental instability can be caused by shortage of B1 vitamin. Thiamin is easily absorbed by an organism. As a rule, we don’t have lack of it. “Enemies” of this vitamin: smoking, alcohol, a large quantity of carbohydrate food, strong tea and excessive heat processing of food.

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Food products contain B1 group vitamins: nuts, buckwheat, maize, haricot, asparagus, bread from wholemeal, potatoes, bran and yeast. This group vitamin contains in germinated wheat and barley grain.

  • B2 vitamin (riboflavin)

It participates in oxidative processes, protein synthesis, plays important role in cleavage of greases and absorption of nutrients. It stimulates formation of erythrocytes, an update of tissues and improves eyesight. Muscle fatigue and reduction of life tone are caused by shortage of this vitamin. Riboflavin is sensitive to sunlight, but it is not destroyed during boiling.

B2 vitamin (riboflavin)Food products contain B2 group vitamins: meat, bird meat, offals, eggs, fish, cheese, yeast. Riboflavin is contained in spinach and broccoli cabbage.

  • B3 vitamin (niacin)

Basic function of this vitamin is participation in biosynthesis of hormones and enzymes, which are responsible for cleavage of molecules and extraction of energy necessary for vital activity. Vitamin responds on our emotional balance. Insomnia, suppressed mood, irritability are the first signs that our body does not have enough niacin. It reacts bad on a thermal processing. Also it is destroyed under influence of alcohol.

Food products contain B3 vitamin: Meat, offals, eggs, yeast, nuts, seeds and green vegetables.

  • B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid)

It is contained in practically all food. It responds on tissue regeneration, participates in metabolism, protects skin and mucosae against infections. It is used in medicines and cosmetic remedies. Pantothenic acid soaks wonderfully into skin. The sign of pantothenic acid deficiency in a body is expressed in slow wound healing and often numbness of hands and feet.

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B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid)Such food products contain B5 group vitamins: cultured milk food, offals, cereals, green vegetables, nuts, yeast, yolks of eggs.

  • B6 vitamin (pyridoxine)

This vitamin is antidepressant. It participates in synthesis of serotonin (happiness hormone). Therefore, it responds on our good mood, healthy appetite and deep sleep. This vitamin stimulates formation of red blood cells, adjusts a metabolism of amino acids. Cardiovascular diseases are provoked by low content of B6 vitamin in the body. Pyridoxine decreases during nerve tension, atherosclerosis of liver, liver diseases and anemia. Vitamin is destroyed during long-term food storage and after intake of alcohol.

Food products contain B6 group vitamins: beef, offals, eggs, milk, green pepper, cabbage.

  • B9 vitamin (folic acid)

It participates in formation of hemoglobin and erythrocytes, regulates process of cell division. B9 vitamin necessary for usual hematopoiesis, metabolism grease and strengthening of immunity. In addition, folic acid slows processes of an organism ageing and contributes to strong recovery of strengths. It is destroyed by thermal processing, cooked or fried food loses more than 60 % of this vitamin.

Food products contain B9 group vitamins: liver, mushrooms, yolks of eggs, cauliflower, yeast, onion, carrot, parsley.

  • B group vitaminsB12 vitamin (cobalamin)

The body needs it for reprocessing of greases, proteins and carbohydrates, synthesis of amino acids, also for supporting of usual operation of a nervous and immune system. Vitamin decreases concentration of cholesterol in blood, provides usual hematopoiesis and prevents anemia. It is heat resistant and retains its properties after boiling.

Food products contain B12 group vitamins: offals, cheese, seafood, bird meat, eggs and soy.

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Eat tasty and healthy food to care for your body!


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