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Top 4 Ways to Get Curly Hair From the Comfort of Your Own Home

curl your hair at home

Have you been looking for a great way to curl your hair at home? Do you know the best way to avoid damaging your hair? What about the best hair care product? Which is the best to use? We’ve compiled advice from professional cosmetologists’ on the most popular questions: how to get thicker and wavy hair?


  1. Products to get impressive curly hair:
  2. Natural wavy hair:
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For hundreds of years men have admired women’s thick and wavy hair. Many women enjoy having their hair curled, but, many times we have flyaway hair, which is extremely difficult to style! We also have to deal with the style not holding for the entire day. The good news, specialists are not the only people that can style your hair – there are some ways to create a perfect hairdo at home with the help of some well-known hair care products.

Hair care products to get attractive curly hair

You will need some of them to know which one suits you the best. You can choose a casual optimum alternative depending on your head of hair.

  • Curling iron

It helps to create a needed image. Hair is heated and you can get a wave effect. A thin or a thick iron helps to create different sizes of curls. Do not use it too often as it damages the structure of the hair. If you have fragile hair, you should not use a curling iron to achieve curly hair.

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curling ironHow to use it?

Apply thermo protective spray on dry hair; then use gel or hair mousse to style it.

Take a lock and clip its end, wrap your hair around it. The thinner a lock you have, the more accurate curl you get. Start wrapping from the back of the head.

Heat the lock no more than 10 seconds, and then let it down carefully.

Do not comb the curls right away; instead, apply hair spray close to locks.

  • Straightening iron

Straightening irons are recommended for shoulder-length hair. Hair straightens are a lot like curling irons except curling irons create small, accurate curls; straightening irons will give you beautiful voluminous locks. Before wrapping a lock on the iron, spray the hair with any thermal protection product. Specialists recommend choosing a narrow and rounded form straitening iron.

How to use it?

straightening ironApply thermospray and some hair mousse and start to style it.

Part a necessary lock, clap it at the very root and wrap it around the iron. Start pulling it down slowly and carefully in order to avoid ruptures. You will learn the technique very quickly to be able to style your hair without anyone’s help.

  • Hair rollers (curlers)

hair rollersThis is a simple and proven method to curl your hair safely. It has no contraindications. However, you need to wear them for a long time. It is desirable to curl them at night to get impressive waves early in the morning. You can find a lot of different sized curlers: the thin ones are to create small curls, the thick – are for voluminous spiral locks. To be comfortable while sleeping with curlers in your hair, choose foam rubber or soft polyurethane hair rollers.

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How to use it?

Wash your hair. Dry it naturally. When it is slightly wet, start wrapping the locks: take one lock, wrap it around a roller from the end till the roots and fix it. To get the more impressive and long-term results, you need to wear the curlers for a longer amount of time.

  • 4 ways to get stylish locks

To get different-sized curls, choose methods that you can do at home.

Natural wavy hair

Apply hair care mousse and crumple it a little.

Fix finished waves and dry with a diffuser.

  • Medium vertical curls

Part wet hair into locks. Twist each curl into a plait, and go over it downward with the help of straightened iron.

  • Elastic Hollywood curls

Grab a section of hair and apply some gel or hair mousse on it. Wrap a lock around a cone-shaped iron without any clapping: go from the thickened side to the end. Heat each lock for 5-7 seconds and straighten them carefully.

Backcomb your hair a bit to create an extra volume.

  • voluminous curlsVoluminous curls

Wash your hair and dry it.

Divide your hair into the locks and wrap around 4 cm heated hair curlers. Heat it in advance. Spray your hair with some thermal protection product and leave it for 10 minutes. Take off rollers and backcomb curls to get needed volume.


Your hair length

You should choose a method to curl your hair based on your hair condition and its length.

  • Short-length hair curls

You can use a curling iron and mid-market velcro hair rollers. Also, your can take a round comb and hairdryer. Wet your hair and apply styling products, then divide into locks and wrap it one by one around the comb use the hairdryer to dry out.

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You can also style your hair by yourself: Apply some mousse on your hair and just crumple it with your hands.

  • Medium-length hair curls

Apart from hair rollers and strengtheners, you can choose a “Bunch method”.

medium-length hair curlsWet clean hair and part it into 5-7 locks. Twist each lock and fix it on your head with a hairpin. Apply a hairspray and leave it for the whole night. Untwist it in the morning and comb each curl slightly with a wide tooth comb!

  • Long-length hair curls

If you have long hair, try to use the pigtail method. It is very convenient and absolutely safe for your hair: divide clean and wet hair into 4-5 parts and plait each one. Leave plaits for the whole night and unplait it in the morning to get heavy curls at full length. If you want to get wave effect, you should have only one plait on your head.

It is clear that there are plenty of methods to curl your hair at home. Choose the most convenient one for you and enjoy impressive waves every day!


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