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How to Get Rid of Bruise During One Day?

How does get rid of bruise

Bruises, especially on a woman’s face, may spoil the mood and all plans for a day.

It is possible to get rid of such an unpleasant surprise rapidly, if you choose effective methods of traditional medicine. Put ice on a bruise after you notice swelling on your face. Wrap ice in a cloth to prevent frostbite.

You may run a stream of cold water over the bruise if you don’t have ice.

Warm up the place of a bruise after disappearance of the lump. It will help get rid of it faster.

Heat a handful of salt on a frying pan, then put it into a wool sock or any other woolen thing and keep it for 30-40 min.

Also you may warm up a bruise with help of a warming-pan.

It is recommended to apply an iodine grid on a bruise after warming up.

If you don’t have enough time, you may also apply an iodine grid and cream in an hour. It will help the iodine to soak rapidly.

But you may do it only if you have several hours for its absorption.

Pledget from cabbage will help you get rid of a bruise quickly.

Remove bruise from skin around eyesWash cabbage leaf and beat it before an appearance of juice.

Wrap piece of a cabbage leaf into a thin cloth and put it on a bruise for 20-30 min.

Also you may use such a remedy as “badyaga”, which sales in a pharmacy in form of powder or gel. It gets rid of a bruise fast.

Apply such substance on place of a bruise.

Powder is a more effective. It must be diluted with water in proportion 2:1 before using.

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Remove bruise from skin around eyes carefully, because this zone of face is very sensitive.

This remedy mustn’t get into eyes. Don’t leave it on your face for more than 5-10 min.


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