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Causes of Profuse and Excessive Sweating.

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Sweating. Methods to Get Rid of Perspiration

Perspiration is a natural reflex reaction of one’s body to increased air temperature. It happens due to irritation of skin receptors which perceive our body. Perspiration allows the regulating of our body temperature by cooling it in order to save the body from overheating. The most intensive sweat falls in the summer. Perspiration is necessary for successful performance of a body in order to get rid of unnecessary agents.

Excessive sweating usually appears during physical activity. In case it occurs in your general condition, it testifies to some malfunctions of internal glands. A lot of sweating is emitted from the face surface, palms, foot, inguinal and axillaries surfaces.

Causes of Profuse Sweating

Excessive sweating is also called hyperhydrosis and is a serious problem. According to statistics, about 4 million Russian people, especially women, suffer from this problem. Usually, this problem is connected with an excitable nervous system. Moreover, profuse sweating is a signal of a whole number of diseases.

Problem of excessive sweatingPerspiration is usually intensified under obesity, tuberculosis, abnormalities of cardiovascular system, kidney disease and endocrine system. Sometimes profuse sweating is a inherited disease.

There are two types of excessive sweating: general and local, when only certain zones of a body perspire. For example: palms, feet, axillary creases. The other after effects of hyperhidrosis are prickly heat, propensity for colds, callosity of skin and frequent fungous or pustular skin diseases.

Excessive sweating is considered to be a real disease, thus, it is necessary to visit a specialist. If there are no health problems, then the reason of perspiration are external factors, or some drugs one may use.

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Moreover, people who suffer from hyperhidrosis should know simple rules of hygiene and which cloth to put on in hot weather. Such advice will definitely reduce the sweating.

The Smell of Sweat

Sweat is secreted by endocrine glands which are placed along the entire human’s body. It consists of 90% of water and has no smell. It evaporates quite slowly from the skin surface. The sweat contains microelements and salts to provide needed conditions for various microorganisms’ development, including funguses which emit an unpleasant smell. Apocrine glands also take part in the process of perspiration. Most of these glands are located in a hairy zone: pubis, under one’s arm. They start functioning at sexual maturity, for example, in case a person is nervous; a smell of sweat depends on our diet, products we eat. Thus, over eating spices also worsens the smell.causes of profuse sweating

How to Get Rid of Perspiration?

First of all, use deodorants and antiperspirants. Do not apply them on a sweaty body! It is not recommended to wear slinky synthetic clothes. It is better to put on cotton, flax or silk materials. Your footwear should be comfortable and ventilated. Buy hygroscopic (socks) so that they can pick up moisture. It is not advisable to drink a lot of soda water. It is better to drink mineral water. Other products to increase perspiration are coffee, spicy and hot foot.

If you need to lessen the unpleasant smell of sweat, you can take vitamins-antioxidants (E vitamin). It is very important to follow hygiene. Take a shower as much as possible in hot weather. One needs to shave hair under arms regularly as far as such hairy locations are a perfect place for bacterial growth. It’s better to conduct this procedure at night to let possible wounds heal. Then you won’t feel any discomfort when applying deodorant. At present, there are special all-inclusive series of cosmetics to provide people with maximal body care: shower gels, powders, creams, antiperspirants in a cream form and so on. The last one should be applied only once a week at night. Use them carefully as far as regular repression of natural microflora may harm your body. You can use a decoction of a simple cooking soda. Apply it on the skin for some seconds. Do not wash it off.

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How to get rid of an excessive sweatingContrast sprays are very useful methods against excessive sweat. It is also helpful to walk barefoot. You can put your legs in cold or hot water by turns for 30-60 seconds. We recommend taking baths with strong solution of tea, heat baths with needle, sage, oak bark; one can also try cold rub-downs.  After a shower it is desirable to rub armpits, neck, creases under mammary glands with toilet vinegar. Never use cologne or Formidronum in this case.

If you have executive sweating of legs, it is recommended to put them in warm water with manganese solution, chamomile tincture or oak bar for 10-15 minutes. One can use diluted solution of formalin (1 teaspoon of formalin and 1-2 l of water). Apply “Hygiene lotion” or “Formidronum”. To avoid overdried skin, apply a cream on your feet.

In case of a natural disposition to sweating take baths and rub your skin with salicylic and camphor spirit. Try “Finish” lotion or toilet vinegar to rub your face.


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