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How to Create Fashionable Eyebrows in the New Season

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Eyebrows decide everything. Any makeup artist, who understands that this part of our face plays extremely important role in creating a beautiful look, will tell you that. Incorrectly selected eyebrow shape can make you a well-known online character Grimly Cat or give excessive rigidity to your face. You can fight as much as necessary to create the perfect make-up, even skin tone, line eyes and lips with pencil, but if your eyebrows “live their lives” and they absolutely do not fit with the overall picture, consider that your image has not succeeded.

It’s hard to imagine a woman without eyebrows and their absence can be compared with a bald head, or nakedness, as if there is a mandatory “framework”, which is so necessary to every ideal image. Eyebrow-strings for a long time left in the past, they were replaced by wide and thick, that are now in vogue. Perhaps that is why the cosmetic market has appeared huge amount of beauty products to fill eyebrows and give them shape: fixing gels and wax pencils, shadows. Notable eyebrows with graceful curves give the face zest, make the view more expressive, and complete the look. Of course, in the pursuit of fashion you can go for months without tweezing your eyebrows, trying to be like the possessor of wide eyebrows Cara Delevingne, but nothing good will come of it. First, even bushy eyebrows “with swing” are in need of constant care, despite its somewhat rebellious appearance, they have to be careful. Second, broad and slightly shaggy eyebrows would not suit everyone’s face and some girls should stay on the classic arc – wide at the bridge of the nose and tapering towards the temples.

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So, what eyebrows are in fashion in the new season, who will they suit and most importantly is how to do them?
The wide and slightly shaggy eyebrows would not suit everyone’s face, some should stay on the classic arc.

Very Wide Eyebrows

thick eyebrowsThick, with “character”, sometimes almost straight – they broke into the fashion industry and made a real revolution. Models with eyebrows are a success, and the girls looking through glamor magazines, most of all want to be like Cara Delevingne and Canadian top model Jessica Stam. But it is not worth it for all to smear the eyebrows with coconut oil, or do special packs, to finally see in the reflection dense vegetation. This form just does not suit everyone.

  • Who Will it Suit?

Very thick eyebrows look great on girls with rather rude and large facial features. The thin eyebrows, rather, will add comicality and the broad ones complement the image. The girls with small and delicate features should avoid very wide eyebrows – they will make you dull and sloppy.

  • How to Do?

First of all they need to grow. Try not to tweeze the eyebrows too often, but when you tweeze them, do not get carried away with it. Remove only those hairs that “strayed from the group” do not touch the others. In order to get the eyebrows to quickly become thick and broad, brush them every day. You can buy a special comb or take the brush from an old mascara, the most important is, that it was quite hard. First pass along the line of hair growth and then pass against the line. This procedure helps to enhance blood flow, and removes dust and weak hairs, making room for new. In addition, you can use a variety of masks on the basis of oils, such as castor, olive or burdock. As for the shape of eyebrows, it is chosen individually. The main thing is to remember that the bending should not be too strong, and themselves eyebrows should not be too close to each other.little shaggy eyebrows

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A Little Shaggy Eyebrows

Owners of “unruly”, a little shaggy eyebrows – are Russian models “Alien” Sasha Pivovarova and top model Natalia Vodianova. These girls with character and unusual appearance could not choose another form of eyebrows, as precisely this shape – a little cocky and seemingly a little sloppy is fully in line with their image.

  • Who Will it Suit?

Courageous natures that are not afraid of comparisons with Groucho Marx. But seriously, these eyebrows tend to choose those who think the face is pretty pallid, and the features expressionless. Such a form of the eyebrows makes the image more vivid and memorable.

  • How to Do?

Shaggy eyebrows, usually are broad, and about how to do such kind of brows, we have already told. The only advice is that you could refuse the use of fixing the hairs naturally shaggy. In addition, do eyebrows a little less thick at the nose than at the temple, so they will look even more rebellious.

Naturally thick eyebrowsDo eyebrows a little less thick at the nose than at the temple, so they will look even more rebellious.

Naturally Thick Eyebrows

It is not extreme, and this option is suitable for almost all the girls. Vivid examples of stars who have chosen natural thick eyebrows are actress Emma Watson and Megan Fox. Correct form (slightly curved, repeating the line of brow ridges) and of moderate thickness make images of girls attractive and finished.

  • little shaggy eyebrowsWho Will it Suit?

Almost all. Naturally thick eyebrows are the today’s answer to the eyebrows – threads that have already been long out of fashion. So feel free to choose this form, but be aware that you have to care for it very carefully.

  • How to Do?

If your “raw material” are three hairs in two rows, then begin to grow them if, on the contrary, they are too wide bushy eyebrows, then tweeze, most importantly is to do it wisely. You can, of course, refer to a professional, but those who have decided to create perfect eyebrows alone; we’ll give a couple of tips. First, do the eyebrow a little bit thicker from the nose, slowly narrowing it down to the temples. Second, it is not worth tweezing eyebrows, in a form of a semi-circle, the curve should be natural, opening eyes. And, third, with regard to the width of the eyebrows you should be guided by the reflection in the mirror. Eyebrows should look organically on your face, do not be too thin or wide.to care eyebrows

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