Home Beauty Straightening irons: For Frizz Free Hair at Home

Straightening irons: For Frizz Free Hair at Home

how to use straightening irons

Straightening irons. How to use it?

In 1906, people learned about hair straightening for the first time. More than one hundred years ago a certain Simon Monroe developed and patented the first straightening iron. Today, thanks to the electronic straightening irons, you can straighten the most unruly curls and make them straight and smooth.

The principle of hair straightening is based on eliminating the moisture from the hair through heating. When there is a lot of moisture in the air around us, our hair becomes flyaway and unmanageable. This is corrected by straightening the hair with the help of heated straightening irons. Today straightening irons help us to create the perfect look.

How to choose straightening irons?

When choosing straightening irons, pay attention to the following characteristics:

Professional and economy class

Professional irons are heated in several seconds. While economy irons, take more time to heat and it comes with a lower price point.

Temperature controller

Straightening ironsThe temperature controllers allow you to choose the temperature that is right for your situation. As a rule, the maximum heat these irons reach is 200 degrees. The low temperatures are not as harmful to the structure of the hair, but you will spend more time straightening your hair. If you have thin or damaged hair, you want to use the iron at the lower setting.

Type of surface

The first straightening irons used metal plates. Unfortunately, metal distributes the heat unevenly, which can result in your hair being burnt. Today’s irons use ceramic plates and differ in even heat conduction and steadiness; it slides along your hair. This is the most popular type today. Professionals also use ionic-ceramic and tourmaline plates. An ionic ceramic plate consists of charged particles that benefit your hair with regenerative benefits. It helps your hair look shinier. A tourmaline plate is a mix of crystals, which produce negative ions, improving your overall hair structure. Other straightening irons combine 2 types of plates: ceramic and marble. The ceramic plate provides the perfect straightening of hair; while the marble one absorbs the rest of heat cooling it off at simultaneously. This helps keep your hair from becoming severely damaged.

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The width and shape

If the shape of the iron is wide, you are able to take a thick lock and straighten it all at once. An iron with a rounded plate allows you to add a little curl to the hair (inside or outside).using straightening irons

Heads to change

Additive heads let you style hair with coffered effect.

The impact of straightening irons

The impact of using a straightening irons depends on how it is being used. How you are caring for your hair, and your overall hair structure. While some people are able to use it every day without damaging their hair, others can only use a straightening iron rarely because it is too harmful to their hair.

The high temperature of the plate dry out hair and it becomes dull and fragile.

How to use it?

Care for your hairTo keep your straight style for a long time, it is recommended to follow a set of simple rules:

Oil your hair along the full length with a thermo-protector. There are a lot of mousses, sprays and balsams with an active formula to help recover your hair. It contains extracts of plants, vitamins, and proteins, to lock in the hair’s moisture and protect it from over-drying.

To style hair, dry it and moisten it a little.

Start from the very roots, parting the hair lock by lock. The size of the lock has to match the plate size of the iron. The temperature should be enough to straighten the strands of hair with a single pass of the iron.

To help repair your hair structure, wash your hair with masks and oils.

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Prices and characteristics

The most popular and well-known producers of straightening irons are Remington and Rowenta.

Remington – straightening iron

straighten your hair at homeRemington, the US-owned company is known for the following straightening iron products:

  • Straightening irons for wet hair (2004);
  • Straightening irons to curl hair (2005);
  • Teflon plates (2006);
  • Nanodiamond plates (2007);
  • Straightening irons with nutritious gel (2009).

The approximate price is between $14 (Remington CS5002) and $45 (Remington S8102 and Remington S9000).

The collection has irons for dry and fragile hair, curly and thick hair, irons with different plates and a hand variant Remington S2880 at the price of $16. Moreover, it has automatic temperature control exactly for your type of hair.

The most popular brand of straightening irons is Ga.Ma iron for professional and personal usage as well. The prices start from $31 (Ga.Ma 220 Hp with ceramic spraying and a comb). However, it definitely has a fair market price!


  1. I will never shop for a straightener blindly again! I had no idea there was so much into picking the right tools for styling. No wonder I could only ever wear my hair like 3 different ways. I am going to give these tips a shot this weekend and see how it goes. Amazing advice right here thanks!


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