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False Eyelashes: Pump up the Volume

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Fluffy long eyelashes – it’s always the splendor of sight. The eyes become expressive and look charming.
But not all women have naturally gorgeous lashes. This pushes them to try and create beautiful lashes with the help of false eyelashes.

Why use false eyelashes

False eyelashes look great, but you have to make sure you are purchasing the right length lashes for your features. When applying false eyelashes, you have to use glue. But you need to be careful when applying the glue as not to get any on the eyelids or eyes.
After applying the false eyelashes, it is best to use to help detract from the glue, and mask glue if you ended up applying too much. Using liquid eyeliner can also protect your newly glued lashes from becoming displaced or coming unstuck altogether. It is also important to apply any mascara before gluing the false eyelashes.
Classic black lashes are ideal for evening make-up. They effectively highlight the depth of look, visually enlarge the eyes, beneficially shade their color and give the eyes expressiveness. False eyelashes are made with natural hair. Consequently differing in quality, softness, and ease of application.

False eyelashes


You can also find a variety of false eyelashes of different density, different color, with rhinestones and other decorations at your local cosmetic shop. And if you choose the right lashes and glue them correctly – it is simply impossible to distinguish from the real ones.
False eyelashes in the form of bushes are very thin and delicate, it is impossible to distinguish them from the natural ones. The special adhesive becomes clear when dry. Lashes can be removed without damage to natural lashes. False eyelashes are sold with adhesive.

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 Which eyelashes to use 

 How to glue false eyelashesMod Lash Adhesive is perfect. Used mainly for fixing false eyelashes. A latex-based glue that holds your eyelashes in place. It comes in transparent and dark colors. The transparent glue completely dries and becomes invisible. It is universal and frequently used. The dark colored adhesive has the same composition as the transparent, but when it dries, it becomes almost black as a result. That makes the base (ribbon) of the artificial eyelashes almost invisible on the eyelid and it helps to merge with the natural lashes.

Beauticians recommend glue for eyelashes as follow:
Glue for eyelashes black “Navy”, adhesive (resin) for eyelashes Lash’s (10 ml), eyelash glue with brush “Seven Star”.

How to glue eyelashes?

How to glue false eyelashes

  • Using tweezers carefully lift the lashes from one side. Try on to ensure that you have the right length for your eyelids (if they are too long, cut the excess part)
  • Carefully take the tape from the eyelashes and apply the adhesive composition. It is especially relevant to wait 30 seconds while the glue becomes tacky.
  • Attach a strip of false lashes as close as possible to natural and stick to the skin neat light touches.
  • Glue the lashes close to the roots of your natural lashes. After a few minutes, you can apply makeup as usual.
  • As we have recommended above, it is desirable to use liquid eyeliner for eyes. The lashes are reusable.


Whats next

Attention! Never apply glue directly to the eyelids.

  • Eyelashes are glued after applying makeup
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Gently apply the lashes to the eyelid and check to make sure you have the correct length – Eyelashes should start at the inner corner of the eye and do not go beyond the external. Cut them to obtain a suitable length if they are to long.


  1. So I will admit that I have never done these before but I have been curious. The way you explain how to do it is by far the easiest I have read! I may buy some when I am out later. As mentioned, I never used them and part of the reason is because they sounded so hard to put on!


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