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How to quickly remove a black eye – tips

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No one is immune from the appearance of bruises, because they can appear not only from severe and traumatic shock, but also from a sloppy touch. The latter is the most common characteristic of individuals with bruising. In this case, there is an increased “fragility” of vessels that leads to hemorrhage in the soft tissues (or bruising). A black eye looks most unattractive, because it draws negative attention, and it is quite problematic to hide.

It should be understood that the bruise is nothing but an interstitial hemorrhage. The most clear to us is external bleeding (e.g. epistaxis). In the case of internal bleeding the integrity of the skin is not broken, so the blood pouring from the damaged vessel remains in the thick tissue.

In the beginning a bruise is red and purple, then over time, it changes color to violet and blue. Later, when the resorption occurs, the bruise changes its color to green, then passing to yellow or pink. There are many ways you can remove a bruise, but in the beginning it is important to provide first aid correctly. This will help both to reduce future bruising and make it less severe.cold spoon to eye


First, we will tell you about what you need to do as a first aid after the injury, threatening you with a black eye. In the beginning, edema appears quickly after the tissue injury (approximately 2-3 minutes).

Put the Cold On

First we need to put something cold on the injury. Take advantage of what you have at hand (e.g., snow, ice, something out of the freezer). You can also apply a piece of metal – it may be a spoon, a coin or something else. Such a cold compress must be applied to the site of injury for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. During this time, it stops the internal bleeding and decreases the edema. In order not to make the compress too cold and not to injure the sensitive skin around the eyes, you need to put cold items wrapped in a gauze bandage or any piece of cloth.

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Relieve the Pain

Above all, a cold compress relieves pain at the site of injury, but if the pain still does not cease, you have to take an analgesic pill (it can be analgin, “no-spa”, spazmaton or paracetamol). It is not recommended to use aspirin, since in addition to its analgesic effect, it still causes blood thinning (reduces its viscosity) which is quite inappropriate for an injury of blood vessels.

Medicines for “Treating” a Black Eye

Without proper treatment of a black eye it can stay there for weeks. In order to accelerate the disappearance of bruises you need to go to the drugstore and buy a drug in the form of an ointment, gel or cream with an absorbing effect.black eye treat


This is the most popular means to guard against bruising.

In order not to flaunt the bruise on your face for a whole week, and rather make it disappear in two or three days, you need to smear it with this medicine every hour. Troxevasin has not only absorbing effects, but also causes the strengthening of vascular walls, which is a kind of prevention of the emergence of new bruises later.


Made on the basis of an extract of leeches, the medicine perfectly resolves bruises, as well as reduces inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissue. In addition, the ointment has the effect of masking, like a foundation. It is recommended to apply this tool to the bruise at least five times per day. The desired result, namely the absorption of bruises, is reached the second or third day of the application.


Heparin Ointment

This means enhances the clotting activity of the blood, reduces swelling and inflammation, which causes resorption of bruising within a few days after the beginning of its application. It should be applied at least two or three times a day. Furthermore, heparin ointment composition includes an anesthetic, which relieves pain.

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With the ability to strengthen the vascular wall, as well as the strong influence of impeding the development of inflammation, this gel has established itself very well as a remedy for bruises. Apply the product to the injured area at least three times a day.

liotonIn addition to these drugs, you may use other ointments and creams, which are composed of heparin, horse chestnut extract and arnica. It is possible to take oral medicine, as a treatment against brittleness of vessel (most effective are ascorutinum and vitamin PP).

Folk Remedies in Treating Bruises

Traditional medicine tells us of the high efficacy of a variety of masks, compresses, lotions and other means.


Dried spongy alga, ground into powder, is sold in a pharmacy. It is a long known and very effective method for the treatment of bruises. Powder from seaweed improves blood circulation in the place of injury, contributing in the resorption of bruises. However, you should be cautious when using this drug, as in contact with mucous it brings a strong burning sensation, so you should be careful, so that the drug does not get into your eye.

To make a lotion for making compresses it is necessary to dissolve one teaspoon of powder in two teaspoons of warm water. The resulting paste can be simply applied on a bruise, or put as a compress. Just like other means, it should be applied 2-3 times a day for three days (until the bruise resolves).

Concoction of Dried Herbs

Most often for this purpose people use a concoction of the following collection of herbs: coltsfoot, chamomile, linden blossom, cornflower, celandine and marsh rosemary.

quickly remove a black eyeMix one teaspoon of this chopped herb collection with one hundred milliliters of water and boil for about ten minutes. Close the lid and let the broth brew for about half an hour. Then filter the broth, and apply to the bruise with soaked cotton pads.

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Shredded or better minced cabbage leaf must be applied under the eye for twenty minutes. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a day.


Potatoes have a remarkable anti-inflammatory and absorbing effect. Grate a potato and put this mass on the bruise. After half an hour rinse your face with water.

Honey Wrap

This wrap is especially good with extensive bruising. To prepare a compress mix one egg yolk and a half tablespoon of flour, then add a tablespoon of vegetable oil and honey. After applying the mixture to a bruise you need to cover it with plastic wrap, to enhance the anti-inflammatory and resolving action. It is necessary to put a compress for 2-3 hours for at least two days.

Masking the Bruise

When you do not have an opportunity to sit at home until the bruise heals, it may be necessary to resort not only to drugs, but also to masking agents. The most effective means is theatrical makeup, which will hide the bruise completely, if it is applied correctly and if you have chosen the right color.

Masking the bruiseHowever, not everyone has theatrical make-up at hand, so you can take advantage of the most popular means of masking, such as concealer and powder. Apply a thin layer of concealer on the skin around the eyes and smear it. Then powder the area treated with the concealer. In addition, you can take advantage of a special corrector which hides circles under the eyes. In most cases, the latter will have a yellowish tint, which blocks the color of a bruise well and hides it. Once the corrector is absorbed, make a little touch-up using powder.

For your fix to look more natural and to be less visible, it is necessary to make adjustments not only on the side with a “black eye”, but also on the other one, so that your face tone is not different and does not show off all your efforts.


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