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Natural Cosmetic 5 Best Remedies to Strengthen Nails at Home

to Strengthen Nails at Home

By the end of the spring vitamin deficiencies can bring our nails to a disastrous state! We have chosen the most effective and affordable means that will help quickly strengthen your nails, to cope with their brittleness and deterioration.

Sea Salt

It contains the entire set of minerals that nails need – not by accident after a holiday spent at sea, even weak nails become strong, no longer breaking, they begin to grow rapidly. The easiest way to strengthen your nails at home is every day or at least every other day for two to three weeks do a 10-15 minute bath with sea salt. The solution must be sufficiently concentrated – 2-3 tablespoons per cup of warm water and salt should not contain artificial flavorings and colorings. After a restorative bath for nails it is necessary to put on hand cream, but if you do it before going to bed – put on thin cotton gloves after putting on the cream: it will improve the penetration of nutrients into the nail plate, and your skin becomes smooth and tender.

solt for nails


“Mask” for nails with lemon helps if they are brittle, dry, chipping, and do not grow. It also whitens the yellowed nail plate. As it slows the growth of home-mask cuticle and manicure can be done less often. Just cut the fruit and immerse the nails in each half for 10-15 minutes (this “lemon mask” convenient to do while you are watching TV). Then rinse your hands under running water and rub into the nails some oil. Make a mask with lemon 1-2 times a week. Another effective recipe for strengthening nails at home – bath of lemon juice with sea salt. Squeeze into a small bowl a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, add a few pinches of salt without colors or flavors, stir and immerse into the mixture the nails for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water (also lemon-salt mixture can be put with a small nail brush, wait until it is dry, and do their own thing – and after 15-20 minutes, rinse).

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lemon to strengthen nails

Olive Oil

Or it could be oils of apricot, grape, peach kernel, avocado….. Any oil baths, wraps and massages will be the perfect remedy for brittle and dry nails, as well as weakened after acrylic nail or polish-gel. Themselves gels and nail polishes are not harmful, but the acetone-containing liquids used for their removal, dry much nail plate. The formaldehyde which is included in some nail polish has a similar effect.

More about the harmful and useful components agents for nail care, and also about all the nuances associated with beauty and health of nails, tell the experts of the rubric “Beauty without victims”.

olive oil to strengthen nails

In order to strengthen and restore your natural nail oils you can rub oil into the nail plate and cuticles before going to sleep, also you can make an oil bath (better with warm oil). For maximum effect, essential oil can be added (at the rate of 1-2 drops for 2 tablespoons of the oil base). The essential oils of lavender, lemon, ylang-ylang, rosemary, patchouli, tea tree, bergamot, thyme, myrrh, sandalwood are suitable for strengthening the nails. Furthermore lemon and bergamot bleach the yellowed nail plates and tea tree has antifungal action. If your nails are very thin, crack and they are chipping and have white spots and dots, add 1-2 drops of oil to a solution of vitamin A and E to olive oil.


Lodine also helps make your nails stronger and more flexible, the result will be noticeable especially if the body lacks iodine (by the way, according to statistics from the World Health Organization, iodine deficiency affects about 75% of the population). To strengthen nails at home 1-2 times a week you can make a 15-minute bath with sea salt and iodine (in a glass of warm water one tablespoon of salt and 4-5 drops of iodine). If nails are very weak, do not grow well and are chipping. Also, 1-2 times a week iodine can be applied to them (only on nail plate, avoiding the cuticles, so as not to burn it). Do not worry: Iodine is quickly absorbed, and after 4-5 hours the normal color will return to the nails.strengthen nails

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The simplest version of a Japanese medical wax manicure can be done at home. Simply melt a small amount of beeswax in a water bath, and when it will be warm and pliable – rub it in turn to each nail, massaging and polishing the nail plate. You can also make a mixture for a nail massage. Take equal parts of wax, honey and any vegetable oil, and then melt the wax in a water bath, and stirring,drop by drop, add oil, then continue stirring for only one or two minutes. Then turn off the stove burner without ceasing to stir slowly and when the mixture cools to 60-70 C – add honey. The mixture is ready for a massage! Every evening, rub it into your nails, and very quickly they become stronger, shinier, and will cease to chip.


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