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Light Brown Shades for Your Hair. How to choose?

light broun shades

Light brown shades on your hair looks natural and beautiful. They suit lots of girls with dark and light eyes. The color makes your skin look fresh and that’s why it has become so popular among many beauties.

What shade of light brown is better to choose?

Light brown dyes can include different pigments in different proportions. For example, if there’s more purple shade, you’ll get cold blond-brown color which will be good for green or blue-eyed girls. If the dye includes a great amount of red pigment, your hair will be a very bright light brown color with a brick-red shade. It accentuates the beauty of brown or dark green eyes. And when there is a copper pigment, your locks will a beautiful chestnut shade. It suits for girls with brown, grey, dark blue or green eyes.

cold blond-brown colourThe range of brown colors are rich. There is ash, gold, mahogany, copper and coffee shades. And due to the chestnut pigment in the dye your hair will be natural and beautiful.

Light brown dyes can suit either young girls or middle-aged women. It makes your skin look fresh, doesn’t accentuate your skin blemishes as in the case with dark tints.

How to dye your hair with light brown shades in the right way?

A great number of inexperienced young beauties always make the same mistake. They want to dye their naturally dark hair in a light shade on the first try using lots of strong de-colorant. And as the result, they get dry and fragile hair with split ends and hair loss. So, dye your hair carefully and gradually if you don’t want such things to happen.

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light brown hair dyesIf your hair is black or dark brown, it’s necessary to pre-lighten it with bleach removing the basic pigment. After that, you can dye your hair in light brown shades in 1-2 weeks.

If you’ve chosen a very light shade close to blond (such colors begins with number 7 in the color range), you won’t perhaps get the right tint on the first try. In this case you’ll have to dye your hair for the second time also in 1-2 weeks. And don’t forget to give your hair a nourishing and moisturizing treat using different balms and masks to return your hair to a healthy and strong state.

Light chestnut which has lots of copper and red pigment is a very fast color. To remove such a shade from your hair is a really difficult task, as it can appear on your hair even after several colorings.

light brown coloursIf you can’t get the right color soon, you can use temporary hair dyes or coloring shampoos. They can help you to get the hair shade you’ve always wanted.


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