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10 Fun Ways to Use Mirrors as Decor

Mirrors in the décor

Here are some fun tricks and tips for using mirrors as decoration.

Mirrors have been our devoted friends throughout the centuries: people have used them to admire themselves; they have asked them for advice, and used them to demonstrate their position in the society as mirrors used to be a luxury only the rich could afford. Nowadays, you can find mirrors in every house, and a good job done with the reflection can dramatically change the impression produced by the interior – it can make the space look bigger, make it visually deeper, and even fill it with light. We  have become used to using mirrors for their intended purpose, upon a versatile thing, a thing, with the help of which we can carefully apply lipstick. It’s high time we look upon it as a decorative element, as posters, pictures, or even textile for drapers. Let’s get inspired by some photos from a magazine dedicated to décor. Don’t get confused by the fact that everything looks very luxurious in the photo. As psychologists say, actually, there is no definite connection between our perception and the prices of the things in photos. In most cases, when the interior seems to us to be terribly expensive, it can be just a correct composition and a set of designer’s decisions, but not the price of separate things.

mirrors in interior

Instead of an Art Gallery

Eternal trend of mirror fashion is a collection of small mirrors that sometimes substitutes for pictures in an interior. A few interesting models on the whole wall or a score of small mirrors on the shelf is entirely your decision. To create a successful composition you should try it out on the floor, and then carefully mark the position of the future gallery on the wall. If you don’t want to drill the wall in thousands of places, try out adhesive hooks: they can carry up to several pounds or kilos.

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From the Floor Up to the Ceiling

A sliding door wardrobe can hardly be called an innovative finding, but from year to year mirrors are occupying larger and larger surfaces. Nowadays the tendency is the whole mirror coating of a wardrobe. If to admire yourself at full length.

mirror sliding door wardrobe


Fisheye mirrors are not suitable for admiring oneself, but it is an effective tool to gather the whole interior into one composition, to give accent to the centreline. This self-sufficient element requires a laconic company – a few large posters or other mirrors, but, on the whole, it’s better not to overload the wall with décor.


Non-conventional view upon the framing topic – it is the substitution of the usual tile with the mirror analogue. This trick looks especially effective when paired with multicolour bricks or subway tile: such mirror mosaics can be used to decorate a  back splash or the whole wall in the kitchen or bathroom.

mirror mosaic

With a Touch of Antique

Patina on the mirror surface is another design trend : a slight darkening adds a hint of ancient times to the interior, without going deep into retro.  Especially picturesque are patina looks on a large scale: for example, on the mirror hung on the accent wall. If you want to get such an accessory there is no need to hunt for a mirror that is a couple thousand years old : you can put years on any reflecting surface even without leaving your home – to do so you’ll need a special solution from a craft store and a little bit of patience.

Ceiling with No Limits

A mirror surface is one of the most extravagant materials for facing the ceiling: first off, this can’t be called a thrifty decision, secondly, the room should be kept ideally tidy, as the reflection will double not only the interior but also accidental chaos. But all these difficulties are fully paid off with the visual effect. The mirror will expressively support classical elements of the décor and significantly enlarge feel of the room – to say nothing of the aristocratic atmosphere that is going to set in the room due to this design trick.

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A Window Looking Inside

Mirrors visually help to make a room look bigger not only because they reflect everything happening in that room, but also because they create an effect of additional windows. Have bad luck with the size of the window? Then don’t  confine yourself to only one window – a composition of several mirrors makes you forget about lack of space and light.

window looking inside

Two in One

A mirror clock face of the wall-size not only produces a wow-impression, but also helps to solve an important household task: when a big hand has such a size, you cannot help but be on time.


When choosing a mirror for your décor, pay attention to its size and orientation. Thin horizontal stripes make the room visually wider, at the same time tall mirror elements will ‘stretch’ it upwards.

Impressive Shapes

Rectangle, square, oval… the choice of shape of a mirror isn’t limited to the standard geometrical shapes any more, as nowadays mirror surfaces can acquire any desirable shape. For a romantic bedroom a mirror in the shape of a heart would suit perfectly. For a nursery room try a sun or a flower. For a living room it’s better to choose abstract compositions or décor in letters.


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