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Choosing Sunglasses Correctly. When Prescription Sunglasses are Needed?

to choose sunglasses

It is very important to protect sight from sun rays and avoid wrinkles round the eyes in the summer. How can you protect your eyes?

Visit oculist before you buy sunglasses. If you have poor eyesight, the doctor will help you choose correct sunglasses with lens correction. It is necessary to choose sunglasses only with high quality! The famous brands – FISCHER, DUNLOP, KANGOL, CHIARA BONI, EXENZA, NAFTA, ENIGMA, MIRAGE, ZAGATO, MISTERO, VIOLA, VALENTE. Branded glasses are durable. You may use them for ten years. Cheap sunglasses loose their color after one season. Low quality lens can be deformed and drop out of a frame under influence of a hot sun.

Qualitative and stylish sunglasses make people more fashionable. Sunglasses harmonize with your clothes and costume jewelry.  Glasses may save your eyes and add charm to yourself. At purchase, first of all, consider face contours, shape of eyes, length of hair and even their color. Light or monophonic frames are the most suitable for blondes and bright colors for brunettes.

Sunglasses must be fashionable and protect your eyes. The modern graceful design of sunglasses has to be combined with good protection against ultra-violet radiation, which is subdivided on 4 categories.

stylish sunglassesSunglasses of 0 category skip 80-100%, 1 categories – 43-80%, 2 categories – 18-43%, 3 categories – 8-18%, and 4 categories – 3-8% of visible light.

Modern sunglasses are made with various covering: antiglare, fotokhromny, strengthened, water-repellent, etc.

The demand of sunglasses and their appointment are defined by three components:

• At first, sunglasses must ensure visual comfort in sunny weather: glasses reduce a stream of visible light to a comfortable level. Such glasses must keep full value of a color rendition and contrast sensitivity clearness of sight. Optical distortions must be excluded.
• Secondly, safety: sunglasses have to absorb ultraviolet (invisible) component of a sunlight which can do harm to eyes.
• Thirdly, it is a fashionable accessory and a significant element of image. Sunglasses became a rather fashionable accessory in our times. They have to surprise and admire everybody surround you by form, color and rich view.

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You may buy cheap glasses, but consider next information:
Transparent and a specular glasses will keep the relevance in this year. If you love color glasses, keep in mind that violation of habitual color scale may decrease your attention. As a result you tire quicker.

The amount of the visible light which pass through lenses depends on density of the filter. Density depends on “darkness” and color of lenses. In city conditions it is enough to have sunglasses density from light to an average will be most suitable for city and dark filter for beach or for highlands.

Gray or green lenses don’t distort colors and you may use them everywhere. Golden-yellow block blue color therefore use them in cloudy days. Specular lenses reflect light therefore use them on mountains or at sea. Buy plastic glasses only with the special additives block ultra-violet radiation.

buy sunglassesWhich material is used for producing sunglasses? From the optical point of view, mineral glass are the best. Protective properties are maximum and objects aren’t distorted.

Plastic glasses with an acrylic covering protect from an ultraviolet. But they can be easily scratched. It is better to choose glasses from nylon or polycarbonate. Sportsmen use such lenses.

There are three main groups of sunglasses: cosmetic, usual sun-protection and glasses of a high protection.

Cosmetic glasses perform cosmetic function. But they won’t protect you from the strong sun. That is such sunglasses are most suitable at moderate climate zone. Sunglasses with high protection will be the most suitable for highlands, the Polar region, regions with ozone anomalies and both in summer and winter periods.

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CR-39 is a special absorber in lenses. Such material is practical with long service life. It is impossible to scratch out because it has been joined with lenses at the molecular level.

Choosing Sunglasses for People Who Need Prescription Glasses

The first and main advice: if your sight is less than perfect and you already use glasses (short-sightedness, farsightedness, an astigmatism) or contact lenses, consult with oculist. After this you may buy sunglasses with prescription lenses. Otherwise you may make your sight worse.correctly sunglasses

Are Glass or Plastic Lenses Better?

Both types of lenses have advantages and shortcomings.

Glass don’t skip ultraviolet rays (thanks to quartz property). It isn’t so easy to scratch glass lenses. But you will be able to break them. It will be worse if you fall with them. Splinters of the broken glass may get into eyes. By the way, it is forbidden to insert glass lenses into children’s glasses in some countries.
Plastic lenses can not be broken, but are easily scratched. Some producers don’t apply special technology which allow plastic to block ultra-violet radiation.

How To Check Quality of a Frame?

Attractiveness or originality of a frame are the most important factor for many people. The frame shouldn’t be too solid and especially with acute angles, etc.

Check cogs. Of course, try on sunglasses: they have to lay down easily on a nose bridge and earpiece shouldn’t be too strong. Glasses (especially with plastic lenses) must be light.

Which Frames Will You Choose?

Frames from (under) gold, silver, a titanic alloy will be the most suitable for blondes . Bronze, gold, copper colors will be the most suitable for redheaded. Frames with red and brown colors will be the most suitable for brown-haired and brunettes. Black or gold for burning.

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Frames from silver, platinum, the titan are suitable for platinum blondes and gray-haired.

The more the better is the general rule when you choose sunglasses . If you look like dragonfly, so it is right choice. Buy glasses with wide earpiece.

Is It Trademark Glasses or Not?

The firms with a high reputation duplicate the name (trademark) inside of earpiece or directly on lenses. Remember that falsifiers likely use self-adhesive labels.

Advice on how to purchase the best sunglasses:

  • Buy a cover for glasses or case.
  • White frames will be fashionable almost always. Consider it at purchase.
  • Always put glasses on any surface lenses up. It is less chance to scratch them. Don’t leave glasses on chairs, sofas, chairs. Somebody might sit down on them.
  • Wipe glasses with the help of suede or pure fleecy fabric.
  • If your face has a round shape, it is better to choose a bright frame which attract attention on itself but not on shape of a face.
  • Points shouldn’t skip more than 50% of light. Glass lenses were prefered in old times. Nobody wanted to buy plastic glasses because of unevenly painted lenses, which make sight worse. But now, this problem has been solved.
  • If you want buy glasses in the market, consider that these multi-colored toys will not be able to protect you from sun rays. Pupil under such lenses will expand and get harm from ultraviolet radiation. You shouldn’t hope that these sunglasses were made from high quality materials. Nickel frame often causes irritation of skin.
  • Use sunglasses at sea, because eyes suffer from patches of light on water.
  • Sunglasses with high quality aren’t cheap. At the same time you may spend a lot of money for glasses, but quality will stay low.


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