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How do Detect Pregnancy? The Small Secrets

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Women worry that they are pregnant when their period is late. The total absence of sex may give you warranty of pregnancy absence. Every woman knows date of menstruation, but sometimes menstrual cycles change. Worries are inevitable in this case.

Must you worry in case of a late period? Is it possible to know early if you are pregnant?

The main sign of pregnancy is absence of menstruation (menstrual cycle must be regular). First of all, it is necessary consider if your period is late. First, it can be an irregular period. Such phenomenon is conditioned by nature. It also depends on a number of reasons: hormone failure, various complaints, influence of environment and various medicines on the body.

Periods can even be delayed because of sexual activity. Therefore, it is better to wait for several days, especially­, if condoms were used during sex. It is possible, that menstruation will appear in a couple of days.

You may buy a test for pregnancy in any pharmacy, if you didn’t use contraception. Such tool is convenient and inexpensive. It helps discover pregnancy at home already after the first day of menses delaying. How does it work? The body of a woman produces a number of hormones, which can be detected in their urine by a pregnancy test.

It is very important to follow the manual of a test. Test for pregnancy doesn’t give final result because its accuracy is from 40 to 85%. Producers of such tests estimate reliability of results at approximately 99%. But test of pregnancy may show wrong information because of certain medicines.

pregnancy testGynecologist will be able to determine a woman’s condition and define an objective diagnosis on a base of an inspection or analysis. A doctor may also give you an ultrasound. It is appointed at any point in a pregnancy where it is deemed safe for the possible fetus. The extrauterine pregnancy can be determined by an ultrasound.

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You may determine pregnancy at early stage by yourself, especially, if you have been pregnant before. These signs depend on peculiarities of a woman’s body. You may be pregnant if you notice that you have become more irritable, emotional, want more sleep and you have some changes in your breasts.

How can you know that you are pregnant in the first days after fertilization?

Indications of pregnancy: disgust or contrary attitude to food, nausea or vomiting, preferences to particular food product, digestion disorders or constipation appears, head aches, swelling of legs. These symptoms can amplify or disappear: poor sleep, backache, pigmentation of skin, increasing of body temperature, increasing of pulse frequency and others.

Sometimes the body indicates about conceiving at early stages of ­ pregnancy. The majority of women may feel changes in their own body and associate these changes with pregnancy. These premonitions can be provoked by doubts and fears. Therefore, try to estimate the facts of conceiving, pay attention to delaying of menstrual excretions and don’t panic.

How do you determine pregnancy without a test? Is it real?

It is quite real. There are some ways, which were tested by many generations of women: measurement of basal temperature and correct decoding of information.

It doesn’t work to determine pregnancy with 100% of probability, but for detection of possible changes in hormonal balance. Measure basal temperature as your menstrual cycle starts and write in information into a special table which will be consisting from X and Y columns daily .

But, if you want to measure basal temperature for determining pregnancy, it is necessary to do the following acts. First, start measuring your temperature for two days before menses. It is necessary because menstrual cycle divides on two periods. The first one is a period before ovulation (term is less than the second for several days).

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The second one is the period after ovulation (16-18 days). The basal temperature would increase and fluctuate in sub-febrile temperature borders, If process of ovulation occurred in the second phase. Temperature becomes lower before beginning of menses. If temperature doesn’t reduce, it means, that you are pregnant.

basal temperatureThe basal temperature can be measured in rectum, vagina and mouth. Armpit is not suitable part of body for measuring of such temperature. Keep mercury thermometer in mouth during 3 minutes and 5 minutes in vagina.

Temperature may increase because of pregnancy or many other factors. It can be a disease or an inflammatory process in genitals of women. Temperature increases because of alcohol, medicines, sex or stress. If all the above listed factors are excluded, probability of pregnancy is high. This way will really help you to determine pregnancy at home without using a test. Measure temperature from morning without standing up from bed!

The Main Indications of Pregnancy

It is necessary to know about such indications, if you want to determine pregnancy at home. So, let’s start:

  • The menstrual cycle is absent. If menses delays or is absent, it may indicate pregnancy. Continue observation of your body.
  • Sometimes menses progresses during pregnancy, but it looks like small secretions. Address a doctor immediately, if you notice bleeding during pregnancy.
  • Doctor can determine pregnancy only after 3 weeks of delaying. Uterus reaches some sizes and fetus becomes visible.
  • This symptom is the brightest sign of pregnancy. Women feel nausea in early stages.
  • Pain in mammary glands. If you haven’t ever faced with breast diseases, this symptom may become significant for you. Breast can enlarge at early stages of pregnancy up to one or two sizes. If you have sensitive nipples, colostrum can begin to excrete.
  • Pain in uterus or ovary. It is similar with menstruation pain. This symptom tells, that menstrual cycle will come in due time. Sometimes such pains are symptoms of diseases. It is necessary address a doctor in such case!first signs of pregnansy
  • If you notice colorless secretions without odor from genitals, this is a sign of pregnancy. If secretions have “curdy structure”, it may indicate on candidiasis. But, candidiasis can be in pregnant women. It is necessary to visit a doctor because such disease can harm to future baby.
  • Changes in sexual attractiveness. The pregnant woman has changes of the hormonal background, therefore libido is increasing or decreasing.
  • Change of emotions. The pregnant women becomes more irritable, capricious and weepier.
  • Urination becomes more frequent. You don’t have signs of cystitis. but you worry about frequent urination. So, this is your method to find out about pregnancy at home.
  • Temperature is increasing. Sometimes basal and body temperature increase in pregnant women.
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These are the most prevalent and frequent signs of pregnancy! It is possible to determine pregnancy, relying on them. But, it is necessary to visit a doctor regularly. It is not necessary to be shy about the test for pregnancy, because it will be probably the first “photo” of your baby!


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