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High Heart Rate and Low Arterial Pressure: What is the Reason?

High heart rate

Hypotension with arrhythmia or low arterial pressure and high heart rate can be caused by different things. Patient is carefully examined by a cardiologist, therapist, endocrinologist or even a doctor referral to other doctors. The further treatment tactics depend on correct diagnosis.

What Heart Rate and Arterial Pressure is Normal for a Healthy Adult?

Heart rate of a healthy adult person doesn’t exceed 75-85 beats per minute. If it is higher by 20%, it can be considered as tachycardia.

The perfect arterial pressure is 120/80. But rates of arterial pressure can be individual to each person. But, if arterial pressure remains at the level below 100 mmHg, so it can be hypertension.low arterial pressure

The Main Reasons Are High Pulse Rate and Low Arterial Pressure

Reasons of sharp drop of arterial pressure and frequent heartbeat: extensive blood loss, different genesis states of shock, vegetative-vascular dystonia, intaking of too many medicines, during functional diseases of a thyroid gland or other endocrine disorders. Reasons of low arterial pressure and frequent heart rate of pregnant women can be associated with increasing of circulating blood volume and increasing of progesterone level, which influences on tone of blood vessels.

Symptoms of Low Arterial Pressure and Increased Heart Rate

Patient feels heart pains, a headache, vertigo and fear. Sensations of stomach overflowing, nausea and vomiting may also present.

Motherwort, valerian tincture and valocordin will help normalize heart rate and arterial pressure. It is possible use such medicines only as an addition to the main complex, which were prescribed by a doctor.reasons are high pulse rate and low arterial pressure

Treatment of Low Arterial Pressure and High Heart Rate

Tactics of tachycardia and hypertension treatment depends on the reasons that provoked such condition. Medicines decreasing heart rate lower arterial pressure even more. Doctor must have great experience and high qualification to prescribe therapy which will help to normalize heart rate and arterial pressure.

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Patients with tachycardia and hypertension have to regularly measure pressure and pulse, recording results to a diary.

It is necessary also follow a daily regimen, refuse caffeine-containing beverages, alcohol, tobacco products, avoid stresses, adhere to diet, and follow to all recommendations of your doctor.


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