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red thread from jinx

Q & A: What does a red thread on one’s wrist mean?
It is important that the red thread is to be worn only on the left hand.

You can often come across people who wear a red thread or string (wristband) on the wrist. What does it mean? Why is the red thread on the left hand? What if the thread is broken or lost? Read the answers to these questions we have.

What does the red thread on the wrist mean?

Red, usually woolen thread on one’s hand is a powerful talisman against the evil eye and other troubles. It is said that if a person believes in its strength, the thread will move him in the right direction of life, cure many diseases and have a positive impact on the thoughts and actions. It is best to wear a red thread bought in the Israeli town of Netivot.
red thread on the wristWhy is the thread red?

According to the main version, the tomb of Rachel, the matriarch of the Israeli women, was bound up with a red thread. This woman, according to the Kabbalists, is considered the mother of mankind, which protects people against all evil. Also, shade selection is associated with the fact that red is the color of the planet Mars, which symbolizes strength and protection.

Why is the thread to be worn on the left wrist?

It is believed that the good comes into our body from the right side and the bad – from the left. The desire to get something is directly connected with the left hand, and the desire to share – with the right one. By the way, when you decide to wear a red string, take care of that you get it tied by the loved one, or simply a friend who you trust. There must be 7 knots, and you must pray. Do not tie the thread on your own, because then the action will be useless.

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red threadWhat if a red thread is lost or broken?

You lost your scarlet thread and got upset? You, on the contrary, are to rejoice. If something has happened to the talisman, so it has carried out its most important mission – protecting. Someone tried to restore damage or to jinx you, and all the negative energy was taken over by the thread and disappeared. And you as a result, were not affected.


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