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Pigmentary Spots. Causes of Their Appearance and Treatments

Treatment of pigmentary spots

The violation of skin pigmentation is one of the most annoying diseases. Such disease doesn’t cause pain or itch, but it interferes with life! It is more complicated to get rid of pigmentary spots than get them. But ask a question to yourself: do you really know enough about violations of color of skin? And do you do everything to get rid of pigmentary spots? The women’s magazine JustLady will tell you about nature of hyperpigmentation and modern ways of elimination of its consequences.

Melanins are a group of pigments, which are formed in cells of skin, iris of an eye and human’s hair. They determine our phototype: tint of skin, eye and hair color. But, their main function is absorption of ultraviolet rays and protection of skin’s deep layers from irradiation. Melanins with brown and black color are eumelanins and the yellow ones are pheomelanins.

The constitutional pigmentation is original condition of skin, which were determined by melanins. For example, Europoids have a white skin. Thid color is determined by content of pheomelanins. But if Europoid go to resort, so his skin will become dark because of a reaction of melanin to the sun. Skin of white man may get milky spots because of such disease as vitiligo. Such spots will be noticeable even on a snow-white skin. Such changes of pigmentation are called facultative and hyperpigmentation or violation of evenness of skin’s color (as pigmentary spots).

The Pigmentary Spots are Sometimes Different…

Freckles (ephelides)Freckles (ephelides) are also type of pigmentary spots. But, they are the most harmless and with some charm. Such small marks (their size is from sharp end of a pin to a pinhead; their tint from almost brown to yellowish-beige) are appear at blondes or redheads. Such selectivity is explained by specificity of people with a white skin: it reacts to an ultraviolet more rapidly. Noses, cheeks and shoulders are covered by freckles in spring because of solar radiation which provokes production of melanin.

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Freckles are clots of tan which were not distributed well because of uneven work of pigment cells. Therefore, they pale or disappear in winter. By the way, freckles become smaller over the years. The body begins distribute sun radiation evenly.

The pigmentary spots of old people (lentigiles seniles) are called senile ripples. They appear on places of freckles: on hands, face, forearms (that body parts which were exposed by regular sun irradiation). The first lentigos may appear around age 40 and make women upset. Such spots tell about woman’s age and it is hard to hide them.

Melazma (chloasma) is large pigmented areas which appear at young women on forehead, temples, cheeks and above upper lip. Melazma has incorrect form and may form one large spot from several small spots. Sunlight provokes their appearance. Hormonal factors (including pregnancy, intake of oral contraceptives), some drugs, and cosmetic remedies (vaseline, bergamot or citrus oil) cause this violation of skin pigmentation. Melazma disappears spontaneously after pregnancy or during discontinuation of medicines intake.

pigmentary spots

Birthmarks (nevus) are small  pigmentary spots with outlined edges and can look charming, but they have potential danger. They can be congenital or appear over the years, but their appearance is caused by the same violation of skin’s development: cells with too much account of pigment turn into melanocytes (cells which produce melanin) and their accumulation becomes a spot. Good news: everybody has birthmarks. Bad news: they are benign tumors which can regenerate into malignant ones in unfavorable conditions.

The white pigmentary spots (vitiligo) is a mysterious skin disease can appear at any age. Sometimes areas with vitiligo are small and almost inconspicuous. But they may cover all body of some patients. Spots with pinkish or milky white color appear because of production of melanin which is stopped on certain areas of skin. Science doesn’t known reasons of vitiligo. Supposedly, there is a matter in violation of an endocrine system. Vitiligo has changed color of Michael Jackson’s skin. Men suffer from this disease in several times rarely than women.

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Albinism (achromia) is the severest form of congenital violation of pigmentation which can be found in fifty people of one million. Body is one pigmented spot at albinism. The necessary cells exist, but they can’t produce melanin. Therefore, skin and hair are completely white, but eyes are red. Sunlight is categorically contraindicated for them. Skin will not be able cope with it. Albinos must be under continuous medical supervision. The modern cosmetic goods, as well as the contact lenses help them attract less attention to their uniqueness.


What must we do?

Treatment of Pigmentary Spots. How to Get Rid of Pigmentary Spots?

Don’t forget that  pigmentary spots are not a cosmetic problem, but indicator of state of an body. If they appear suddenly and in a noticeable amount, so it is necessary go to hospital.

Pigmentary spots can be an indicator of diseases in internal organs (liver, kidneys, gall bladder) and appear at venereal diseases and constant stress. Hyperpigmentation is caused by incorrectly menu and improper skin care!

Sometimes, skin is not able return to usual state after determination of disease reasons and even after elimination of spots. Medicine tools and modern methods of aesthetic cosmetology can help in solving of such problem.

Protection of skin from solar radiation is extremely important for prophylaxis and therapy of pigmentary spots. It is not enough to avoid sunlight. You have to use tools of protection with a high factor of regularly and apply them evenly.

pigmentary spots: CausesRemedies for bleaching from pharmacy are good assistants too. They consist hydroquinone or zinc lactate. But it is necessary use them cautiously. Such creams possess high efficiency and delay formation of melanin in cells, but they also have a lot of side effects.

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Doctor may also prescribe course of cream with tretinoin, which stimulates regeneration reducing harm from sunbeams and help skin in updating. Tretinoin is used for treatment of acne.

If you didn’t get desired results from treatment of pigmented spots using medicines, you may choose cosmetic way. Try effect of median or deep chemical peeling (read in details about chemical peeling at JustLady.Ru), laser correction (it is completely painlessly with fast effect, but it may make lighter some areas unevenly) and phototherapies (it is the safest and effective way to get rid of pigmented spots).

How do get rid of pigmentary spots?Do not forget that each remedy has features and contraindications. First of all, consider all pros and cons to make a decision.


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