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How to take L – Carnitine Fat Burner Safely! Fat burner During Fitness Training

L-Carnitine fat burner

Weight Loss and Fitness: Advantages and Disadvantages

L – carnitine fat burner, levocarnitinum, participates actively in a process of adipose tissue disintegration. Thanks to this vitamin-like agent, adipose tissue transforms into energy.

Gulevich, Russian biochemist, discovered this vitamin in 1905. In 1990, a Swiss company started producing L – carnitine as a fat burner for those who go in for sport.

L – carnitine fat burner is synthesized in liver and kidneys, and also in some products, such as, meat, milk and curds. A norm of levocarnitinum for an adult is contained in 400 gm of raw meat. However, the problem is that this agent may be destroyed due to a heat treatment. That’s why it’s impossible to get the norm of the agent without special preparations.

Advantages of L – Carnitine Fat Burner

L – carnitine intensifies the process of the weight loss as it is responsible for the adipose tissue splitting. Moreover, it increases the ability to work and effects the heart positively. It should be noted, than L – carnitine helps keep the weight loss result for a long period as far as it doesn’t let new adipose tissue develop.L-Carnitine

The Types of L – Carnitine Fat Burner

L – carnitine is produced in a form of syrup, pills (capsules), and concentrated syrup which can be diluted in water. There many opinions as to the best type to consume. Some doctors vote for syrup form as far as aminoacid can be digested sooner in this way; other people prefer pills – they claim that syrup contains a lot of dyestuff  and aromatic agents.

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However, in practice L – carnitine form is used on a base of one’s experience.

How to Take L – Carnitine?

Levocarnitinum is effective if you train your body a lot: fitness in a weight room, cardio training stimulators, running, bicycle walking or gymnastics. If don’t do any physical activity, there is no need to take this agent as it will be useless.

A course of levocarnitinum makes up  5 – 6 weeks. After it have a rest of 2 weeks. It’s allowed to repeat 4 – 6 courses after the preparation intake.

Specialists recommend taking 5 ml of L – carnitine 3 times a day within short spaces of time between meals.

fat burnerIt’s important to take this preparation after the meal as the levocarnitinum is the aminoacid, which can destroy a bowels microflora.

It’s recommended to take 250 – 500 mg 3 times a day.

Medics don’t advise abuse of coffee at this time. It would be perfectly okay to drink 1 – 2 cups of coffee or tea a day as far as you don’t need to overload your nervous system.

It is very important to follow the main rules of balanced feeding and forget about low – cal diets.


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