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French Manicure at Home

how to make french manicure

French manicure is an eternal classic procedure. It looks gorgeous irrespective of the nails’ length, and it fits any event and type of clothes: from a tracksuit to the evening dress. If you don’t have enough time to visit a beauty – salon, then do your nails at home, using our recommendations.

What Do You Need For French Manicure?

Today we can buy special manicure set for the French manicure which contains white pencil, paper sticky stencils and white polish to create smile lines and base surface of a neutral shade, for example ivory and/or delicate – pink tones.

This nails set has all required agents to create French and you can perform it at home professionally.

How To Do the French Manicure?

Prepare a nail bath

Rub you nails with cotton balls as they soothe the skin and soften cuticles. Moreover, it strengthens your nails. Instead of chamomile, you can add several drops of any essential oil to the nail bath. After the procedure, rub down your hands with a clean towel.Prepare a nail bath

Treat your nails

Start treating your nails. Use a method of unedged manicure as it is less traumatic.

  • Apply a special liquid on a cuticle to soften the rests of skin around the nail plate.
  • Move the cuticle using and orange spatula with diagonal cutter in 5 minutes.
  • Use a pincer with triangle edges and remove nicks-and-burrs. Before you start applying the pincer and other instruments, it’s required to disinfect them in an alcohol solution.
  • At the end, file your nails till you get a desirable length and cover them with a protective base which gives a long – term effect.
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Stick stencils

Now you need to apply stencils, which you should stick to nails. It is important to leave a free edge no wider than 5 mm.

Besides, you can take usual sticky tape instead of these stencils. If you can draw up then you can easily draw a smile line using a thin brush.manicure

Apply the white coverage

Cover the edge of the nail to the stencil line with a white polish in two layers. First of all, you need to apply one layer and let it dry. Then apply the second one in 7 – 10 minutes. Do it properly and don’t let the polish reach under the paper stencil.

After you dry your nails, then you need to remove the stencils. If you need to reach a perfect result, then paint over the nail edge from the inner side, using a white pencil.

Cover the nails with the polish

The final stem in the French manicure is to cover the nails with a natural tone. Choose appropriate enamel, taking into account your skin tone. For example, use faintly – pink varnish if you have the same skin tone. If you have a peachy tone, then, choose beige enamel.

When the polish is dry, fix the result with a special fixing agent, which gives your manicure an additional glossy effect. If your polish went out of the borders then just rub this mistake with a cosmetic spatula, damp in a polish remover agent.french manicure

Finish the manicure with a bright smile

If you want to make your manicure more gorgeous then cover the smile line with silver sparkles using a brush. You can start decorate your nails before it dries up.  Such trick looks very interesting and festively.

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Besides, be creative and use glitter for nail decoration of different shades: from bright pink till blue and goldish. Try to do such manicure by the New Year and you will be more than attractive!

Facts About the French Manicure

  1. Men consider the French manicure to be the most sexual, that is why a lot of actresses of erotic episodes have exactly this manicure.
  2. The French manicure appeared in Paris firstly and it was a real discovery for stylists as they stopped to re-polish model’s nails after each new dress. This manicure fits any clothes and every woman likes it.
  3. Today, this type of manicure is very popular and can be performed in different tones variations from classic pink and white to the brightest shades.


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