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The Body Renovation and Restoration After Giving Up Smoking

to restore after quitting smoking

Many smokers want to get rid of their bad habit. There are a lot of changes which take place in every person’s body after giving up smoking. Their lungs and other organs begin to renovate and restore. However, your body still needs your help in clearing itself from nicotine, toxins and resins.

How to Restore Your Body After Quitting Smoking

During the first day after dropping smoking your blood changes, the content of carbon oxide and nicotine is getting lower, while the oxygen level is increasing.  The man can feel weak, dizzy and lack of appetite. It can be explained by the fact that your body hasn’t got used to working in another way yet. The psychoemotional state of ex-smokers is usually elevated. They are proud of themselves and it’s quite easy for them to control their desire for smoking.

During the first days the smoker can often have a cold. It happens due to the necessity of your immune system to adapt to the new way of life.

Help yourself to restore your bodyDuring the first week the body of the smoker is actively getting rid of nicotine. That’s why he or she can have the so-called “nicotine starvation”. The mucous membrane of the bronchus begins to restore too. Defluvium takes place in the lungs. Vascular tone and blood supply of the heart, the brain and other organs are improving. The work of the stomach and pancreas is normalizing. The smoker can begin to feel food taste better. By the end of the first week the smoker usually gets rid of the physical dependence, but not of the psychological dependence.

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At this time there can be some side effects. The ex-smoker can have some skin problems. It can become dry and start to peel away. He or she can complain of cough, buzzing in the ears, dizziness and hidrosis. The person, who has just given up smoking, can become very short-tempered. At the end of the first week there’s a big chance to return to the bad habit.

In a month after quitting smoking the body will still have some positive changes in the lungs, stomach and bowels. The immune system starts to strengthen; blood cells renew; the work of the blood vessels normalizes. The ex-smoker has a healthy complexion, a good sense of smell and a little gain in weight. The desire for cigarettes is rather weak and the cigarette smoke in itself makes the body feel sick.

How to go in normal after quitting smokingIn a year after dropping smoking the ex-smoker’s lung capacity considerably increases. There are no more unpleasant feelings which have been hunting him since he started to get rid of the bad habit. There is a return to a good appetite and sleep. The ex-smoker doesn’t feel dizziness any more. On the contrary, there is much more energy and a great desire to exercise.

In nine months after the last cigarette there’s one more critical period, when the ex-smoker can return to the habit again. Try to spend more time in the fresh air to prevent it. As for positive changes, the ex-smoker’s voice isn’t hoarse any more, plaque disappears from teeth, and the cough stops.

In a year the ex-smoker’s health visibly improves. There’s less risk for a stroke, a heart attack, any kind of cancer or complications during pregnancy. The period of time which the body renovation and restoration take, depends on the number of years during which the man smokes. Years of smoking always leave their mark on your health. Ex-smokers always have a chance to give birth to a baby with genetic abnormalities.

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The woman shouldn’t give up smoking during her period. Otherwise, she will surely put on lots of undesirable weight.

How to Help Yourself to Quit Smoking and Your Body to Renovate

As nicotine destroys B and C vitamins, you should take them in pills. Also try to include a lot of fruit and vegetables into your diet. It’s necessary to drink fresh juices every day to speed up the processes of the renovation and restoration.

quitting smokingGoat’s milk can do a lot of good for the health of ex-smokers. Thus, it helps the body’s tissues restore their compliance, has an anti-inflammatory effect and cures infections in the upper air passages.

If women want to get healthy and fresh complexion, she can make a face mask based on milk, honey, sour cream and egg yolk.

Clean your flat every day. Try not to sit near household appliances for a long time, as working TVs or PCs produce positive ions, which are harmful for pulmonary epithelium. Buy an air humidifier, as the humidity less than 25 % is bad for weakened lungs.

Advices for ex-smokersSpend more time in the fresh air. Walking or cycling can increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, strengthen your immune system and help get rid of short breath.

Go to the swimming pool or sauna. This helps to restore a lot of your body’s systems and organs, to keep you fit.

To reduce your desire to smoke, find a kind of hobby and spend your free time on it. Hobbies take your mind off smoking and help to forget about the bad habit.

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Take with you fruit drops, nuts or dried fruit and eat them instead of smoking. Herb tea made of mint, ginger, and oregano is also of great help in such a situation.


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