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10 Simple Pieces of Advice for Weight Loss that Work Better Together

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Do you want lose weight fast?! “I would like choose in parts, but I need everything and now”. It is the wish of any person who has decided to get rid of excess kilograms. It ideally agrees with Ostap Bender. You may follow a strict diet and see desirable result. But, things that easily left will come back easily too. You may approach systematically to losing weight. It is necessary to honestly look at reasons which cause changes in weight and get rid of them. Everything is right now.

Order Through Chaos!

The mother of a success is intelligent planning. It can be career aspirations, a military operation or losing weight. Shopping–a list is a good start for thought-out nutrition. You will save time, power, money and get rid of a temptation to eat “accidentally” chips, making creative work.

It would seem that on a question: “How do lose weight fast?” You will get obvious answer: “Stop eating”. It is necessary get rid of thoughts about starvation, if you want live long and happily after losing of weight. Human have to eat. This biological fact can not be changed neither beauty or some others interests. It is necessary eat regularly, that organism will agree leave accrued reserves. Hormonal mechanisms are switched on at food shortage, preserving fat deposits. But, if you keep roughly and equal intervals between ingestion, weight will be reducing. The healthy menu mustn’t include empty calories of fast food, pastries and sweets. You have to control volume of portions.

Try to eat at the same time each day and for about 30-40 minutes at a time: it is better eat slowly for high-quality filling up and assimilation of food.

Begin a Diary of Meals, Movements and Weight

How does weight loss on 10 kg fast?“My dear diary! I met a rissole and ate it today. Rissole can not be returned, but I dream, that fate will help me to find someone similar.” Of course, form of information in human document is created by yourself. This diary will allow you to write down the process of losing weight and follow its dynamics. First of all, your beautiful or ordinary text must give you a full overview about daily actions of losing weight. Mistakes and achievements will become obvious, if you note them. Therefore, don’t be lazy and be honest with yourself. The positive experience with your diary might also help someone else lose weight fast.

There are many modern devices and applications allowing you to record amount of walked steps, eaten carbohydrates and lost kilos, if you don’t like an epistolary genre, but you are admirer of gadgets.

Collect Emergency Snack Kits

It is a pity that somebody hasn’t made movies in Hollywood with a name “Seduced by food”: such drama would find response in a lot of hearts. The forbidden fruit is always sweet. Idea about eating a pack of a biscuit becomes incredibly powerful, when you are hungry. The additional problem is a harmful snacks which are avoided too hard. It is possible buy food everywhere. You must have iron will to run around district to buy carrot sticks, in case if chocolate wait for you on a vending  machine behind corner.

This problem is resolved too easy: it is good idea have healthy snack with yourself, if you want weight loss fast. Apple, handful of nuts without additives (cedars nuts contain pinolenic acid, which is the best natural remedies for suppression of hunger) and carrot sticks will keep their useful features in a box of worktable and bag.

The “compliment” becomes additional ordeal: restaurants gives to you bread or snacks, which calorific value can be compared with energy value of supper. Ask waiter, that he will not bring to you fresh buns. Water will be the best variant.

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 Find Supportive Friends

Do you want to quickly lose weight? Find friends with the same interests! Group of scientists from the Vermont University (the USA) has conducted research, which showed a connection between company of friends with the same interests and fast losing weight. Science explains this effect by a number of factors: at first, people who lose weight react positively to support and approval from friends (forums have too many indifferent people). Second, the competitiveness mechanism is switched on. Third, the process becomes more structured, organized and allows friends to exchange experiences. Of course, you will make some common errors, but it will be more more fun to experience the consequences together.

How does weight loss fast?Drink and Eat More Liquid

Glass of squirted orange juice will be suitable in the morning and it will be unreasonable to avoid it. But don’t forget  to drink water each day. We get nearly 300 kcal from juices, soda waters, flavored drinks, sweet tea and coffee. It is easy to count, that we get 100 thousand excess calories in a year! The sweet cold drinks provoke strong hunger (ice is always added into soda waters in fast food restaurants). Receptors become less sensitive because of ice and sweet taste. Sugar and beverages cause sharp excretion of insulin hormone. The body thinks it is starving.

But this is not the only advantage of water: you have to change your lifestyle and diet again, which cause psychological and purely physiological changes. Water helps purify intestine from products of greases and contributes to creation of new healthy muscle cells. Therefore, the best advice is to drink more waters than beverages to lose weight fast.

Don’t forget about liquid-rich food: vegetables, soups, smoothies and purees: which give a high-quality sensation of satiety for a long time with minimum calories.

10 simple advice, which don't work individuallyGo to the Other End of Town to Clean Something

This advice sounds silly, but it is a fact of life for a modern person who relied on help of contemporary machines at work and home. The modern human needs muscular load to waste calories. You don’t want to waste time and money for a gym, do you? It is possible to lose nearly 150 kcal thanks to hand washing and window or shower stall cleaning. The cleanest dwelling has dirty places. Therefore, you will be able to do your “work out” at any time. You will get the sense of satisfaction after physical work and clean room.

Simple walking is aerobic exercise for people who don’t want to visit a gym. Employees of Duke (the USA) University found out that it is possible to lose weight fast without significant changes in menu, increasing of walk duration from thirty to forty-five minutes a day. You have to alternate energetic step with slower one, according researches of American specialists. Such exercise before a meal will reduce calories in two ways: spend energy stock of body and reduce appetite. The latter is not a mistake. Employees from university of Glasgow partly refuted a stereotype about the old saying “work up an appetite,” studying behavior and senses of a group of women after treatment for obesity. They feel fuller quickly after 20 minutes of walking. In addition, the medical tests had shown that food metabolized better.

How do lose weight fast? Become the Princess of Spices

The chile pepper contains capsaicin enzyme, which takes part in oxidation of greases. Capsaicin also balances content of sugar in the blood  (which gives a possibility to avoid outbreaks of hunger) and causes sensation of satiety in a natural way. Add into shopping-list flakes of hot pepper or Tabasco sauce allowing to comfortably adjust food spiciness acceptable for you. But red hot pepper is not recommended to those who suffer from diseases of gastrointestinal tract.

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Cinnamon may be a substitute for red pepper in fruit and milk additive, which will be a useful metabolism additive for rapid weight lose: tart powder replaces sugar as well, giving fruit salads and yogurts a pleasant aroma and smack. By the way, cinnamon is a famous tool for improvement of digestion. Erfan is popular in east countries. It is cinnamon decoctionб which is used as natural digestif, tool for an effective appetite suppression and control of portions.

Rest From Food

Some diets have a certain moment after which you aren’t to eat. Nutritionists recommend to lock a kitchen in literal sense from eight in the evening till eight in the morning. This idea agrees wonderfully with an idea of rapidly losing weight: you will be able to lose from 100 to 300 of extra calories a day refusing food in the evening!

What must you eat to lose weight fast?It may cause fatal implications sharply increasing and gives «cheap» energy. This energy can’t be used for something and food doesn’t influence well on sleep. Result: permanent lack of sleep causes increasing of stress hormone cortisol (as we remember, it doesn’t allow to an organism spend greasy reserves) and the nightly ejections of insulin cause real hunger in the morning.

Ignore Fat-Free Food

Does fat-free food allow you to lose weight faster? It is a controversially! The minimum of fat is not always a low calorie option. The marketing specialists equate the word fat-free to word diet, using images of health and slimness in advertising of industrial products with a decreased per cent of fat content. Because fat is a universal ingredient of tasty and satiety for people, as well as a natural tool for preservation. Producers add sweeteners, flavorings, and starch thickeners into food without fat. The cows’ milk of low fat content is exception: according to data of nutritionists such milk really has smaller amount of calories because non-fat milk is watered down to a required per cent.

How can you lose weight rapidly eating food of normal fat content? Control size of portion and composition of fats, choosing natural and unsaturated food products. The general recommendation for a healthy diet is 60 g. of animal and 30 g. of plant fats per day. It is necessary reduce such volume till 30% to lose weight faster (in a stage of active losing weight). Meat contains hidden grease, therefore chose lean pieces: meat without visible fat streaks is not the same as commercially degreased food.

losing weightThrow Away “Fat” Clothes

We want lose weight fast to have a good appearance: for surrounding people and for yourself. But nobody wakes up slim in one day. Losing weight is a smooth process.

But you may increase self-concept and create motivation for losing of weight. Make an “audit” of your wardrobe to emphasize the first successes. It is a good idea to make rags for a car from thick shapeless garments and change them for bright and fashionable ones. You haven’t use fitting clothes to emphasize your figure. Such advice will be relevant for home clothes: it is important to look fresh and slim and among own carpets.

Doctor Oz is Answering!

The popular nutritionists always has an answer to the question: “How to lose weight fast?” – probably this question is the most frequent.

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Mehmet Oze is an American cardiologist of Turkish origin. He was quite a famous specialist on thoracic surgery (operation on rib cage). But he got true glory after appearance as a health expert on the legendary show of Oprah Winfrey. Oz received his own program with the name “Doctor Oz” in 2009, because of his charm, erudition and practical orientation in 2009. This show become a real speaker of how to lose weight.

fast losing weightDoctor Oz was famous because he was choosing the hottest questions. Guests of his show argue about genetically modified food, arsenic with apple juice and real utility of superfoods. Of course, the main topic was “How to lose weight quickly?”

Mehmet Oze pleases his admirers with a help of new diets from his name. “Rapid diet of Doctor Oz” has become one of the most famous: low calorific and low-carb plan of nutrition which must be kept for two weeks. Bloggers tell rapturously, that it is possible lose 5-7 kg. rapidly.

What Must You Eat to Lose Weight Fast?

  • Each morning

Drink a cup of warm water with half of lemon juice, “oz–smoothies” in 15 minutes.

Recipe of Doctor Oz’s fast losing weight diet: 2 teaspoons of protein powder (powder protein of brown rice), 2 teaspoons flour from seeds of flax, 60 g. of any frozen berries, flour, 220 ml. of unsweetened almond milk (or non-fatty soy). Mix all ingredients in a blender to consistency that you prefer.

  • During the day

Without restrictions:

  • usual water and organic green tea without sugar and other additives;
  • vegetables with low glycemic index (doctor Oz approves lentil, beans and green haricot), vegetable bouillon with sea salt.

Follow by permitted volume and composition:

  • animal protein (180 g. of any non-fatty meat or fish);
  • carbohydrates (portion of cooked brown rice in comparison of 60 g. of a dry cereal);
  • dairy products (200 ml. of fresh yogurt without additives and with fat content of 2%).

It is extremely moderate, although without particular limitations:

  • fats useful for losing weight (olive oil of the first cold spin cycle, avocado);
  • snacks (nuts, hummus, marinated cucumbers and peppers).

to lose weight What Must You Avoid?

  • food from wheat, carbohydrates at all and cereals (with an exception of a rice daily portion);
  • food with artificial sweeteners;
  • white sugar;
  • alcohols;
  • beverages with caffeine (with the exception of green tea);
  • diary products (with an exception of a glass of non-fatty yogurt);
  • intense and prolonged sport exercises (on a stage “of rapid diet of Doctor Oz”);
  • food intakes later than 8 in the evening and earlier than 8 in the morning.

What Else Can You Do?

  • add probiotics into morning smoothies;
  • take multivitamins;
  • take detox bath in the evening for 20 minutes during all term of Doctor Oz diets (240 g of the salt Epsom and 120 g of baking soda).

Epsom salt is used in physiotherapy for muscle relaxation and treatment, also it helps solve problems with cellulite, signs of ageing and inflammations. It got name because of place Epsom (England), where it were found at first. Such salt is not got only from Britain today. This unique composition is produced in laboratories (Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate). Therefore, it has different trade names: English salt, bitter salt and magnesia.

You will from good food habits in these two weeks. It is possible keep positive result if you are serious in a question of losing weight and you do not indulge in treats too much in the future.


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