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Tutorial by PinkyCloud: How to Tie a Scarf

how to tie a scarf

Everybody knows that well chosen accessories can be the key to success of the whole wardrobe. A ladies’ scarf (whether it is a warm pashmina, a small silk scarf or a kitsch desert scarf) plays an important role in creation of the whole look. Designers have tried everything and then some to present new and original forms and color schemes for this accessory each season. However it is essential to not just own a scarf, but to be able to tie it beautifully. It will help to add new emphasis or new meaning to the chosen set of clothes.

Here we have for you some of the most popular ways of tying a scarf around a graceful ladies’ neck.

The Simple Knot

It’s a classic way to adorn your dress with a bright accent.

A suitable type of scarf: any narrow cable knit or a fine knit scarf, pashmina or a silk scarf.
Step 1: wrap the scarf around your neck leaving it’s ends on the front.
Step 2: loosely tie the ends of the scarf.

A European Loop

Nowadays this is the most popular way to tie a scarf, filling your look with a bit of a Paris romantic feel.

A suitable type of scarf: any long cable knit or a fine knit scarf and/or a pashmina.

scarf into European LoopStep 1: Fold the long scarf in half.
Step 2: Wrap the scarf around your neck, weaving both ends through the loop, formed by the folded scarf.
Step 3: Tighten the loop.

An Ascot Knot

This is a coquettish knot, which can an add both a formal and a romantic style to your look within seconds.

A suitable type of scarf: square neck scarf.

Step 1: fold the square scarf into a triangle.
Step 2: wrap tightly around your neck with it’s pointy ends on your back.
Step 3: wrap the pointy ends again around your neck so that they come to the front.
Step 4: tie them into a neat bow.

A Running Knot

scarf into a running knotThis knot is suitable for underlining your classic office style. It looks like a man’s tie.

A suitable type of scarf: square silk scarf.

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Step 1: folding equal parts from each side, make your scarf into a narrow line.
Step 2: weave the right end of the scarf around the left end on the front.
Step 3: Pull the right end through the loop at the base of the scarf, forming a knot.
Step 4: adjust the knot so that it is in the middle.

A Bandana Knot

scarf into bandana knotThis knot is suitable for a carefree sport style. It also efficiently accentuate your shoulder line.

A suitable type of scarf: square or triangle silk scarf, pashmina.

Step 1: fold the scarf into a triangle.
Step 2: take the wide end (A) and start rolling it towards the pointy end (B).
Step 3: roll the A end up to the half of the scarf.
Step 4: hang the folded scarf over your shoulders.
Step 5: tie a simple knot to complete the look.

How to Tie a Scarf to Wear Under Your Coat

This is comfortable way to make yourself warm in case your coat has a deep opening and simultaneously add a splash of bright color to your solid colored coat.

A suitable type of scarf: any oblong woolen or cashmere scarf, pashmina.

Step 1: fold the scarf along in half (or fourfold if it’s wide).
Step 2: wrap the scarf around your neck.
Step 3: tuck the scarf ends under your coat, spreading the scarf equally along the coat collar.

How to Tie a Scarf Around a Lady’s Head

There are the three most popular ways to tie a scarf around your head: the so-called “retro style,” “bohemian style” and “twisted crown.” We should not also forget about the way to braid with a scarf, that would be very good for those of you who have gorgeous long plaits.

  • retro style

headscarf in retro style“Retro style” is the most popular way of wearing a headscarf. It can perfectly save our hairdo from the weather and add a bit of romantic and feminine feel to your look. It is no surprise that you can find it in the Hollywood classics of the last century.

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A suitable type of scarf: square silk or chiffon scarf.

Step 1: Fold the scarf into a triangle.
Step 2: cover your head with the folded scarf.
Step 3: cross the scarf ends in the front under your chin.
Step 4: wrap the the scarf ends around your neck and tie a basic knot at the back.

  • bohemian style

“bohemian style” means that the scarf covers your head with it’s long ends falling freely down your back. It might be rather popular among the middle-aged women, but it can be turned into a fashionable thing with the right choice of accessories and styling.
This is a perfect and trendy way to style your headscarf for a summer holiday or festival.

A suitable type of scarf: thin and stretchy. A silk stole 90 x 180 cm would do nicely.

Step 1: throw the scarf over your head.
Step 2: draw it tightly together on the back of your neck.
Step 3: twist the scarf tightly into a cable.
Step 4: tie the twisted scarf at your nape.
Step 5: Loosen the scarf ends to make it look more lush.

  • twisted crown

scarf into a «twisted crown»A “twisted crown” (a scarf tied into a turban by twisting it’s ends) is the more refined style, suitable for an evening cocktail or a walk along the shore at sunset.

A suitable type of scarf: a silk or cotton scarf with 90 x180 cm or 90 x 240 cm measurements.

Step 1: Fold the scarf in two along its length and throw over your head as you did for the bohemian style.
Step 2: twist the scarf into a cable at the back of your head.
Step 3: wrap the twisted scarf around your head going from the nape to the front and back.
Step 4: fix the scarf end at your nape by tucking it under the twisted cable.

A Braided Scarf

Braiding with a scarf can be seen as a way of styling ones hair. It has a strong requirement: lush and tightly woven plait. Choose more juicy colors for dark hair and pastels for blond.

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A suitable type of scarf: narrow silk or chiffon scarf up to 200 cm long.

Step 1: part your ponytail into two locks.
Step 2: fold your scarf in the middle.
Step 3: tie the scarf at the base of your ponytail and let the ends loose.
Step 4: wrap each scarf end equally along each lock.
Step 5: fix the hairdo: tie the scarf at the end of the braid into an ordinary bow.

A Belt on Your Waist

Many girls start wearing silk scarves instead of a belt with their jeans or summer sports trousers. This is a very effective way of adding a unique and playful spring feeling.

A suitable type of scarf: narrow silk or jersey scarf.

scarf as a beltStep 1: Place the scarf with its seam towards the middle.
Step 2: thread its ends into the trousers loops like you do with a belt.
Step 3: tie the scarf into a bow or a simple knot. You can make it asymmetrically towards one side.

Under Your Belt

This is an extraordinary way to liven up your solid-colored business dress or a regular trousers outfit, adding uniqueness and a lively color splash. Such scarf should be worn under a wide multi-layered belt that would keep the knot fixed.

A suitable type of scarf: a square silk scarf with bright patterns.

Step 1: fold the scarf threefold. You would turn it into a wide ribbon.
Step 2: hold it so that it would drape symmetrically around your waist and wrap its ends on your back.
Step 3: tie a single knot.
Step 4: tuck the ends under the main belt.

There are a large variety of other ways to tie your scarf besides these popular ones. You can find hundreds of them including the most extravagant styles if you search well. Just remember that a scarf can be tied not only on your neck, but on your head, around your waist, wrist or on your bag.


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